Black Ink Crew Season 7 - How Many Episodes 2023 Will There Be?

Black Ink Crew Season 7 - How Many Episodes 2023 Will There Be?


black ink crew chicago season 7 how many episodes 2023

There are many things to keep in mind if you're planning to watch the upcoming Black Ink Crew season 7 episodes. One thing is to know how long you'll need to wait between seasons. Fortunately, we have some information for you here.

Season 7 premiere date

The VH1 series Black Ink Crew has been documenting the lives of a group of Chicago tattoo artists. They're constantly pushing the boundaries of their careers and relationships. Now, they're preparing to return to the show for Season 7!

This new season will focus on the crew as they enter a new phase in the Chicago franchise. A new tattoo shop, 9MAG, is about to open in the city. But before it does, the crew will have to get used to their new surroundings.

Besides focusing on the business, the seventh season will also cover personal issues. For instance, Ryan is severing old ties, considering a new business venture, and exploring the effect of his choices on his relationships. He's also dealing with an unexpected health scare.

While the cast members have been teased about their future on the show, it's unclear whether they'll be officially renewed for an eighth season. Nonetheless, fans are hopeful.

With the show's success, the crew has started their own businesses. In fact, in Season 6, Rachel Leigh and Ryan Henry were co-parenting their son. Meanwhile, Charmaine Walker took maternity leave, giving birth to a daughter. She's now back, but not everyone is interested in catching up with her team.

During the sixth season, the crew was worried about the fate of their businesses and trade. Ryan Henry is working towards expanding his business and bringing back his family. However, when a member of the 2nd City Ink crew demonstrates dysfunction at a tattoo convention, the entire crew is forced to look to support systems.

After a long break, Black Ink Crew is returning to VH1 on October 30. But before the new season arrives, the crew will be holding a watch party on August 2. At the event, the cast and special guests will discuss their memorable moments from the show.

Season 8 release date

Black Ink Crew Chicago will return for a new season soon. The show follows the lives of a group of tattoo artists in Chicago, Illinois. This season, the crew will face challenges as they adjust to their new surroundings and extended staff. Several members of the group are preparing to leave the show, but don't expect the show to end anytime soon.

Season 8 is scheduled to begin in 2022. While the show has been rumored to be cancelled, it has not been officially canceled. However, fans of the show have begun to wonder what will happen when the show is finished.

The series focuses on the daily operations of a tattoo shop owned by an African-American. It features flirtatious event planner Charmaine, ladies' man Phor, and British import Jessica.

The crew has to contend with issues surrounding family, relationships, and friendships. The show also includes intense sexual situations and strong coarse language.

Black Ink Chicago has been one of the most popular shows on the network. Fans have been wondering when the show will be ending, and some cast members have teased that it will be the last season of the show. Ryan Henry has said that he might not be able to do it on his own without the show.

But before the season ends, the show will be bringing back a few familiar faces. The cast will be joined by special guests, and they'll talk about memorable moments from the show.

Aside from the cast, viewers will also be able to see some of the behind-the-scenes action of the show. VH1's Black Ink Crew Chicago will feature a "Watch Party" on Tuesday, August 2 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Season 7B watch party

The upcoming Black Ink Crew Chicago season is a great time to catch up with the gang. Fans can expect to see some familiar faces, along with a few new ones. You can catch the season premiere on Tuesday, August 9, at 8pm ET/PT. Plus, the crew will be getting together for a special 9MAG bash. We'll also see a few special guest surprises.

Black Ink Crew is a franchise that boasts a bevy of talent. From the ladies' man Phor to the hunky tattator aficionado, the crew is ready to roll. However, the team has some challenges ahead of them. Aside from co-parenting a newborn, the crew is looking to expand their business ventures. Moreover, the team is attempting to rekindle a romance that was briefly forged.

For example, the show has a cult following amongst hip hop heads, celebrities and athletes. Similarly, it is no secret that the Chicago branch of the famous 9Mag tattoo shop is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in the city. Among other things, the crew is responsible for a handful of celebrity tattoos, such as Rihanna's ink. Considering the popularity of the 9Mag brand, it is not a surprise that the show reaches a larger audience than usual.

As you can imagine, there are some obvious differences between the show and its predecessor. Nevertheless, fans can expect to witness an exciting and uplifting episode. To make matters even better, you can catch the series on demand via the Philo app. This app will allow you to stream over 60 channels for only $25 a month. With a bit of patience, you should be able to catch the gang in action.

COVID-19 pandemic

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a spinoff of "Black Ink Crew" that follows the lives of a group of tattoo artists in Windy City. The show is based on the popular 9Mag Tattoo Shop in Chicago.

There are plenty of twists and turns on the show. From the crew's growing concern about the state of the trade, to the arrival of a baby from Charmaine and Neek, it's clear that the show's stars have a lot on their plate.

On season seven, the crew will take the plunge into the next phase of the Chicago franchise. It will follow them as they face the challenges of this new era, and reach a higher level of success.

The show's main characters will be returning. Ryan Henry will be at the forefront, with the cast of 9Mag including a new face. Phor, a ladies' man, will also be featured.

Although not officially renewed, the seventh season of Black Ink Crew will be released on VH1 in October. With the success of the show, the cast members have ventured off into other businesses. And with the popularity of the franchise, they aren't afraid to share their personal lives with viewers.

One of the highlights of the seventh season is a special guest appearance. Nicki Swift, the pop singer, will be joining the crew for a "watch party" episode. This will feature the entire crew as well as some surprise guests.

Another highlight is Ryan's plan to expand his company. He plans to hire an artist to help him build up the brand and expand his business. While it's not yet known what the episode will include, fans have been speculating on the plot of the upcoming episode.

Watch party on social media

Black Ink Crew Chicago is the latest installment of the popular reality series. It follows a crew of tattoo artists in the Windy City.

The series is the new series of the popular "Black Ink Crew" franchise, which is based on the popular tattoo shop 9 MAG in Chicago. This season will focus on the crew as they usher in a new era for the Chicago franchise. Previously, the team was based in New York.

As the franchise continues to grow, the cast of the show focuses on starting their own businesses. The season will also explore the rise and fall of the industry.

The show also features cameos from former cast members and fans. Fans will also get to see iconic moments from each season. They will also get to hear unfiltered opinions from their fellow cast members. There will be a watch party for the series, so be sure to come out!

If you want to watch the show, be sure to check it out on FuboTV, Vudu and iTunes. You can also watch it on VH1. However, if you're looking for a way to stream it live, you can do so with Philo. This service allows users to watch over 60 channels on demand.

With the new season, the show will follow the Chicago crew as they work to reach their goals and succeed in an ever-changing landscape. This will include dealing with rival tattoo shop 9 MAG.

The series will also feature new faces. For example, one of the cast members, Katrina "Kat Tat" Jackson will return to the franchise after four years.

The crew will also have to deal with baby mama drama and coparenting issues. Also, Don's wife has a health scare. That may become a huge distraction, but he must prioritize his acting career.

How Many Seasons of Black Ink Crew Chicago Are There 2023?

how many seasons of black ink crew chicago are there 2023

If you've been watching Black Ink Crew, you may have wondered how many seasons the show has in the works. While this is something that may be difficult to answer, there are some things that you can do to help you find out the exact number. It's not a very complicated process and you don't have to wait until the end of the season to find out.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a reality show starring a group of tattoo artists, their work and their personal lives. It follows them in their pursuit of success.

As the crew's success increases, they begin to expand their work. They have to learn to deal with a larger crew in their hometown of Windy City. This season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago will focus on how they navigate the new landscape. The show will also feature a couple of special guests.

The seventh season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago will premiere on VH1 on October 4. The show will feature new cast members, including Jadah Blue, Persuasion, Alex, and Don Brumfield.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago follows a group of Chicago tattoo artists. Their success has led them to start their own businesses. One of them, Don Brumfield, plans to open his own gym. But he's also dealing with an unexpected health scare.

Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh are the main cast of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago." However, they will face some tough situations. For example, Ryan will have to decide whether or not to stay with the crew. He will also explore the impact of his choices on his relationships.

One of the things that Black Ink Crew: Chicago will showcase is Ryan's quest to expand his business. He has the ambition to open a franchise in Chicago. His success has brought about a new wave of artists that are looking to start their own ventures.

The 9Mag Tattoo Shop is a Chicago landmark that has attracted top tattoo artists. It is a reminder of Ryan's past, but is also a symbol of his future.

Season 8 premiere date

A new installment of the Black Ink Crew franchise will soon be on our screens. This time, we're headed to the Windy City.

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a reality series that follows the lives of a group of tattoo artists in Chicago. The show has been around for seven seasons. Although not officially renewed, it has been getting a lot of attention on social media.

Season 8 is set to start in just a few weeks. With the arrival of several new faces to the 9Mag family, Ryan Henry is learning how to navigate the new territory. He will also try to win the heart of his sister, Ashley, and make sure that she does not leave 9Mag for good.

Among the cast is a lady's man in Phor. She will be taking on a new role as a tattoo apprentice. As an added bonus, she is also the winner of the Tri-City Tattoo Battle.

There's also Miss Kitty, a former receptionist who is returning to the fold. She was a part of Black Ink Crew's original New York franchise. She dated Ceaser and Ryan, and will be making her way back to Chicago this season.

Other cast members include a British import named Jessica, and a flirtatious event planner named Charmaine. The series will also feature some unexpected guests.

The Black Ink crew has received a lot of attention over the years. They have made it to the top of the tattoo world, and are now trying to maintain their success. But, with the rise of the Chicago franchise, they're now trying to adapt and survive in a changed landscape.

Season 9 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago, the spin-off of the original New York franchise, will return to VH1 on Tuesday, August 9. The new season follows Ryan Henry, owner of the 9Mag tattoo shop, as he learns to navigate the complexities of running a business in his hometown.

The cast is also growing and changing. This season, Miss Kitty will be returning to her old stomping grounds in Chicago as a tattoo apprentice. Throughout the season, the show will show the dynamics of family life.

As the Black Ink franchise continues to grow and expand, the crew must find ways to work together. This season will be a big one for the team. They will have to deal with issues involving their personal lives and the company.

Also this season, the crew will have to face new rivals and battle old betrayals. They will be hosting an event to benefit victims of violent crimes.

Despite the changes in the cast, the original Black Ink crew will still be involved in this season. Euna Ruks and Crystal Torres will guest star. Don and Sky are also set to make a big move in this season.

There are other big names in this season. Kevin Emanuel has been a guest star in previous seasons. Phor Robinson is also a cast member, as well as Miss Kitty.

Other cast members have also been rotating between guest roles. Dutchess, for example, was a regular for the first five seasons of the series.

Some other notable characters will be present in this season, including Draya and Prince. While both are set to be romantically involved with their partners, both are looking for more family connections.

Season 10 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a reality television show that centers on the operations of a tattoo shop in Chicago, Illinois. The show follows a group of tattoo artists and their friends. As the show progresses, the team of artists will undergo a series of trials and tribulations as they deal with the challenges of life after being thrown into a different environment.

The show has captivated viewers for seven seasons, and it has had a few twists and turns along the way. Season eight premiered on August 14, 2019, and fans are wondering what will happen to the show when it comes to season nine and ten.

In the ninth season, fans got to see the workplace drama that went on between the members of the crew. After a falling out with the shop, Alex and Donna's relationship began to unravel.

Meanwhile, Ted is trying to find his place in the world outside of Black Ink. He also rekindles his relationship with his family. However, Ted is putting a lot of his time into his music career, and he has neglected his personal life.

In season ten, the crew will be forced to adapt to the new world they are entering. As national unrest and racial tensions take their toll on the United States, the crew will be forced to face their personal and professional lives with a new sense of awareness.

In the past, the Black Ink Crew team has shown a strong ability to survive storms. However, the show may have reached a point where it will no longer be able to continue without Ryan Henry.

Several cast members have hinted that the show's future is uncertain. Teddy Ruks, Ceaser's cousin, has shared that the future of the show is not clear.

Season 11 premiere date

If you haven't seen "Black Ink Crew" yet, you have plenty of time to catch up. It's a reality show that follows the staff at a busy tattoo shop in Harlem. They deal with complex family issues, personal problems and professional challenges.

A new chapter in the franchise begins when the crew heads to Chicago. The Black Ink Chicago crew must adjust to the city's changing landscape. There will also be special guests.

In addition to a new cast, the upcoming season will also feature a new host. Phor will host the season premiere.

This season of "Black Ink" will follow the team as they get ready to leave behind losses. They may experience intense violence, suggestive dialogue and sexual situations.

Whether they can keep the show going is up for debate. After all, one member of the group, Spyder, recently underwent an extreme health scare. That's not to mention all the changes that have happened to the Black Ink family.

Ryan Henry, one of the show's stars, has said that he might have to quit if the series doesn't find a way to keep him a part of the production. Teddy Ruks, a cousin of Ceaser Emanuel and his right-hand man, shares that the future of the "Black Ink" crew is unclear.

Other cast members have teased the future of the series. Ryan has hinted that he wants to leave Chicago. He's also thinking about moving to Atlanta, where he knows he can find love. However, he's still thinking about his family and legacy.

While the future of "Black Ink" is not clear, fans know that they will get to see the crew as they face social unrest and a change in the city.

Black Ink Crew Chicago - Season 7

how many seasons does black ink crew chicago have 2023

The Black Ink Crew Chicago will be back for a fourth season. It's been a while since we've seen the crew, and the new episode will bring some fresh faces to the scene. Some of the main characters are returning, including Miss Kitty and Prince, who have been apprentices under Don's tutelage. We also get to see some of the cast's personal lives, with Spyder being hit with a serious health scare and Don's personal life taking a turn for the worse.

Ryan Ryan's focus on the new season

Ryan is focused on building his brand. He's also looking to expand his crew, as well as his tattoo shop.

The new season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago will bring back the cast and special guests, as well as the newest talent on the block. As the show moves from New York to Chicago, the crew will have to learn to work with each other in their new surroundings.

This season is expected to last for about 20 episodes. It will also showcase the growth of the 9MAG crew and the real-life issues they face. Among them is the fact that the tattoo industry is becoming increasingly competitive.

There are also several interesting characters on the cast. Among them are Van, Phor, Lily, and JR. Also, fans will get to see the families of some of the main cast members. These include Charmaine and her parents, Ceaser and his girlfriend, and Draya and her family.

On the other hand, a new apprentice joins the ranks of 9Mag. Ryan is in for the big surprise.

Aside from the big reveal, Ryan will be hitting a roadblock of his own. His relationship with Lily is beginning to deteriorate.

He's also bringing in some new talent from California. However, he's got a long way to go.

Luckily for him, the stars aligned for the most part. He's able to hire a great tattoo artist, Young Bae, and he's also able to reconnect with an old friend.

All in all, this season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is sure to deliver. Look for new tattoos, a new apprentice, a new crew member, and a few new tidbits about the show's past.

Spyder's health scare

Black Ink Crew Chicago season 7 will begin airing on VH1 on Tuesday, August 9th. After an eight month hiatus, fans are curious about the future of the show. Although the cast has not yet been confirmed for a cancellation announcement, Ryan Henry has hinted on social media that the show will be ending.

The cast has been subject to change throughout the years. Some of the biggest players have left the show while others have stayed. As the storyline moves from New York to Chicago, the cast will face new challenges. This season will also introduce viewers to some unexpected guests.

As the show enters its 10th year, it's hard to ignore the fact that it is preparing to leave behind some big losses. And the team needs to re-examine how they should handle everything now that Ceaser has left the show.

The rest of the cast has also changed over the years. Most of them have rotated between guest roles. For instance, Euni Ruks guest-starred on Season 9. However, some of the most memorable characters have included Alex, Sky Days, Dutchess, and Phor.

Although the cast has been changing over the years, Black Ink Crew: Chicago has maintained a balance between drama and tattoo artistry. Aside from the characters' tattoo-related career, the show also focuses on the relationships among the cast. Several of the cast members are known for being good friends.

Last season, Spyder dealt with a health crisis. However, he overcame it and now has a strong focus on his career, family, and legacy.

The next episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago will also feature new cast members. Miss Kitty will make her return to the show this season. She was a receptionist at the shop in seasons one and two, and later took on a managerial role.

Prince and Miss Kitty's return as tattoo apprentices

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a reality show that follows the lives of a group of tattoo artists in Chicago. The crew includes Ryan Henry, owner of the shop, as well as the other members of the team.

One of the characters that is returning to the show is Prince Spencer. He is a painter, cartoonist, and uncle to two young men.

His return to the series comes after he appeared on the show in seasons four and six. His role was a support to both the young men and to the family as a whole.

Another character that is making a return is Miss Kitty. She worked on the original New York franchise of Black Ink, but has since moved to Chicago. Her job was to promote the shop's new business. However, she was fired. Now, she is trying to make the most of her time in Chicago.

This season also features a new addition to the crew: Don Brumfield. While this may not sound like a big deal, it actually causes a split within the shop. Draya is unsure about whether she wants to work for her Uncle, and Ryan is not sure about the prospect of letting her become an apprentice again.

When the crew arrives in Chicago for the Chicago Tattoo Convention, they begin to dig into their old rivalries. Neek is upset with Don for a past rumor. Also, the crew begins to learn about the true identity of 9Mag.

A love child is also revealed. Although the show has been a hit for viewers, it has also depicted a lot of drama.

Ceaser's perspective on the show

Ceaser's time honoured reign as head of the Chicago Black Ink crew is coming to an end. Not to be outdone, the crew in New York will have to reinvent themselves to keep the golden goose on their laurels. One of the most important tasks on the docket is figuring out how to best monetize the franchise's vast resources. Amongst the challenges are learning how to juggle their personal lives and business interests. Luckily for them, they have some help. Amongst the aforementioned triumvirate is a pair of jack-of-all-trades: Don and a former BIC stalwart, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Despite the pitfalls, the crew still manages to churn out a decent amount of quality work. It's not all bad news, as aforementioned triumvirate Ryan, Don, and the aforementioned aforementioned stalwart will all be featured in upcoming episodes. The Chicago Black Ink crew is also a hotbed of innovation, with a recent spate of ingenious marketing and social media campaigns to the nth degree. Several of the more enlightened of the group are now residing in the Windy City as they continue to spread their proverbial wings. Besides the obvious question of where to stay and what to eat, the crew also finds themselves in the unfortunate position of having to figure out how to fend off a horde of would-be competitors. Thankfully for them, the city has a bounty of industrious entrepreneurs.

Is There a Black Ink in Chicago 2023?

is there a black ink in chicago 2023

If you're a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you may be wondering if there's still a Chicago ink shop in 2023. The answer is yes, unless you haven't noticed. As you read on, you'll learn about the departure of Ceaser and Draya, as well as Prince's transfer of his skills from 2nd City Ink to 9MAG.

Draya's departure

A recent episode of NBC's Black Ink Crew: Chicago gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of this venerable blacksmith. But that's not all. We also got to experience the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned, namely Draya Michele's personal life. While we won't get into the nitty gritty of a messy breakup, the star of the show decided to take the next best step by partnering with her brother to launch the world's largest tattoo studio in the suburbs of Chicago. Obviously, there were some teething problems to get things on track.

On a more positive note, the crew got to show off a few blingy diamonds during a dinner date with NFL star Corey Coleman. Not to mention, they get to experience the olfactory in the flesh. And of course, the aforementioned entourage awaited. The duo is in the good graces of a number of high profile philanthropists. So, who knows, maybe they'll make a big splash on the silver screen one day. Of course, that's not a bad thing, as long as their respective entourages aren't overbearing. Having said that, it's probably not a given that we'll see a lot of kinks uncovered.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy the rest of your evening and have a chance to see some of the other notables on display. For now, we'll take a cue from the likes of Bella and Phor and try to keep the etiquette in check.

Prince's transfer of skills from 2nd City Ink to 9MAG

Prince Spencer is a tattoo artist in Chicago. He has been working professionally for six years and combines artistic passion with a deep knowledge of black culture. His artistic skills are evident in his work, and he is considered one of the Starred artists at 9MAG Tattoo Shop.

Prince is now in the process of transferring his skills from 2nd City Ink to 9MAG. He is putting his talents to good use, as his skills and knowledge are being used to help young men make the right decisions in life.

However, Prince is a bit upset. For the last two months, he hasn't been paying his booth rent. It's unclear if he'll remain at 9MAG after he transfers his skills there.

As a new mother, Char is having a hard time balancing her shop and maternity leave. She's also dealing with a lot of drama at the shop. This is especially true since a couple guys are talking behind her back.

The crew is dealing with the aftermath of the convention. They're trying to fix the problem. But the coronavirus is making its way around Chicago, and the future of the shop is in jeopardy.

In the meantime, Don is faced with a health scare. He's also dealing with his old college fling's claim that he's the father of a baby. That makes him question his move to New York City.

Meanwhile, Ryan is working overtime. It's becoming apparent that he needs to step up his game and get the morale of the 9MAG team back up. To do that, he hires a new manager.

Charmaine is still grieving the death of her father. She doesn't want to make a big announcement about her pregnancy until she's sure it's a good idea. On the other hand, she's dealing with a lot of drama at the tattoo shop.

Charmaine is getting frustrated with the lack of artists at her shop. In fact, she's losing artists by the day. When her friend Miriah shows up at the shop, she gets a look at the situation and suspects that Prince is collaborating with Draya.

Watch party

Black Ink is back with its latest installment, "Black Ink: Chicago" on VH1. This series follows a group of African-American tattoo artists in Chicago. They strive to improve the community and to be successful. However, they face challenges.

The cast includes new and returning members of the Black Ink family. One of the new faces is the ladies' man, Phor. He is a tattoo artist and a father. When he returns to the franchise after four years, he brings with him a lot of new faces. Among them are Charmaine, the flirty event planner, and Don, the tattoo artist's younger brother.

Another notable addition is Katrina "Kat Tat" Jackson, the first BIPOC woman to own a tattoo shop in Beverly Hills. She is determined to be a part of the family.

There are also plenty of familiar faces. Prince, who is the son of a Black Ink stalwart, will be helping guide young men in the right direction. As well, Miss Kitty will be making her way back to Chicago this season. Also, she will be taking on a new passion, as a tattoo apprentice.

Aside from the crew, there are also a variety of guests. They include fan favorites and cameos from past seasons of the show. And of course, there will be a chance to win an autographed item. These giveaways are open to the first 100 fans who attend. So get ready to party!

Stream "Black Ink: Chicago" on FuboTV, Philo, and the VH1 app! Get started with a free trial. Visit the website for more information. You can also follow the show on Twitter.

On August 2, VH1 will premiere "Black Ink: Chicago" with a watch party. During the event, the cast of the show will come together to share their favorite moments from the series and discuss behind-the-scenes information. The night will also feature surprises and surprise guests.

"Black Ink: Chicago" is on TV Tuesdays at 8pm ET. For more info, visit VH1.com. You can also watch the series on Philo, which allows users to stream over 60 channels live.

How Much Do Black Ink Crew Chicago Make Per Episode 2023?

how much do black ink crew chicago make per episode  2023

Do you ever wonder how much do the Black Ink Crew chicago make per episode? If you do, you are not alone. As the show continues to grow, the cost to produce each episode will increase. This is the reason why some people will decide to stop watching the show. However, there are also many fans who will continue to watch. Despite the high price tag, Black Ink Crew is an entertaining show. With the right combination of talented cast members, you can get some great entertainment. The cast includes Sassy Bermudez, Sky, Teddy Ruxpin, Dutchess Lattimore, and Ceaser Emanuel. These cast members will bring you the best and the worst of Chicago.

Sassy Bermudez

Sassy Bermudez is a prominent member of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. She is also a renowned tattoo artist, model and entrepreneur. Currently, she serves as manager of Art2Ink.

Although her net worth has not yet been officially disclosed, it is estimated that she is worth around one million dollars. She is the fourth richest cast member of the show.

Another cast member, Sky, is said to have a net worth of approximately one hundred thousand dollars. She is a social media influencer. The rest of the cast members have no information on their earnings.

As for Alex Robinson, he has an undetermined amount of money. He has earned it through modelling. He also had a stint in the reality show Sacred Famous.

Teddy Ruks is Ceaser's cousin and assistant manager. He is also a former employee of Ceaser and Dutchess. Before joining the crew, he was an apprentice. With the success of his job, he has accumulated a net worth of $350,000.

Dutchess Lattimore is the former girlfriend of Ceaser. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Visual Arts. Previously, she worked as a tattoo artist and as a manager at an art shop.

David "Ceaser" Emanuel is the owner of Black Ink. He is also a philanthropist. Earlier, he was in a relationship with fellow cast member Dutchess Lattimore. But their relationship ended permanently in season nine. Moreover, he is rumored to have a relationship with an Asian woman.

Walt is a funnyman. He is known for his skills in photography. Currently, he is in a relationship with Jessica. He is also an assistant manager of Black Ink 113th.

Dutchess Lattimore

Dutchess Lattimore is an American reality star and tattoo artist. She gained fame as a cast member of the VH1 reality television show Black Ink Crew. Her appearance on the show earned her a sizable fortune. Now, she has her own tattoo shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Currently, Dutchess has an estimated net worth of $800,000. However, she may be reaching a million dollar mark in the near future. Despite her wealth, she believes that shows like Black Ink Crew are just made to hurt people. That said, she has also tried her hand at modeling and music.

Earlier, Dutchess studied business management and visual arts. She graduated from North Carolina A&T State University. After graduating, she pursued a career as a tattoo artist.

During her years on Black Ink Crew, she appeared on numerous episodes. She is also a social media influencer. Since her departure, she has struggled with depression. However, she is now dating Zack Sanchez, a player for the Carolina Panthers. Eventually, she opened a tattoo parlor, called Pretty N Ink.

Before becoming a reality star, Lattimore was a paid model for publications. She even competed in the Boston Tattoo Convention Beauty Pageant. And, after her stint on Black Ink Crew, she has a radio show.

According to her bio, Dutchess has a degree in Business Management and Visual Art. Her parents are displeased with the proposed marriage between her and Ceaser. They claim they have receipts that she is paying child support.

Throughout her career, she has starred in several reality shows, including Inked, Urban Ink, and Black Ink Crew.

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruks has been a part of Black Ink Crew since Season 4. He started as a member of the crew, and he has become the star of the show. The reality star is also a talented musician and entrepreneur. His net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Teddy Ruks has also been in multiple relationships with other members of the cast. One of them was with his co-star Krystal. Another relationship has been with his wife, Euni.

He has also been involved in various controversies. A video of him hitting his dog went viral. This has cost him his job on the show.

It is believed that Teddy is a very powerful businessman. His new album features twelve singles. You can find his music on iTunes and SoundCloud. As a celebrity, he has a fan base that continues to grow.

He has also had numerous controversial love affairs with other cast members. Some of the names mentioned are: Jadah, Tatiana, Dutchess, and Krystal. However, he has been married to Euni since December of 2019.

His income is high because of his reality television role. He makes about $91,000 per season.

Although there are no specifics on his net worth, his salary is comparable to Walt Miller. Walter Miller is also a member of the Black Ink crew. Since his first season, he has been earning about $7,000.

Sky Days is another Black Ink cast member. He is a social media influencer. Though there are no exact details on his net worth, his salary is said to be in the range of $100,000 to $1 million.


Black Ink Crew is a reality television show that has aired 174 episodes on VH1 over the past decade. The cast consists of dozens of people, and has evolved from a small shop in Harlem, New York to a franchise with spinoffs in Chicago and Compton. Many of these people are earning a good sum of money. But how much does the cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago make per episode?

One of the key figures in the success of the show is Ceaser Emanuel. He's been with the crew from the beginning and has a large net worth. Despite his success, he's had a few problems along the way. Those include a messy relationship with Dutchess Lattimore and a video clip that went viral, leading to him being fired by VH1.

Another Black Ink cast member with a high salary is Sky. She earns between $500 and $1,500 per episode. Her income is attributed to her reality TV role. Aside from her tattoo shop job, she also has an athleisure brand and social media influence.

Walt Miller has also been a regular on the show. His career as a photojournalist has made him a fixture in the New York City scene. He currently works as an assistant manager for Black Ink 113th.

Teddy Ruks Homer is a former apprentice of Ceaser and Dutchess. Teddy had a series of relationships on the show, including one with Jadah Blue. However, he was removed from the show for inefficiency.

Donna Dawson, who is a body piercer, has been on the show for a few seasons. Her income includes social media influence and hosting.

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel is a member of the Black Ink Crew. He owns a tattoo shop in New York, and three more in other cities. But his career took a turn when a video of him hitting a dog went viral. And TMZ was the first to report that he had been fired from VH1's reality show.

Initially, he claimed the video was a security camera. His lawyer claims the clip isn't a fake. Then, he began to receive a number of calls from people who believed the video showed him hitting his dog.

In fact, the dog that was hit was actually pushed down a hill. In the video, he says he was breaking up a fight between two dogs. At the time, he was using his security camera to document the incident.

However, he later turned himself into police in South Fulton, Georgia on misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. A separate complaint was filed against him for physical abuse.

The restraining order that he has received blocks all communication with his daughter. He has also reportedly had his daughter's phone number removed from his social media profiles.

The news of the restraining order came to light shortly after he was fired from the show. He was in a relationship with Suzette Samuel, a real estate agent in Atlanta. She became upset with him because Samuel's children started calling him "dad".

In addition to being a member of the Black Ink Crew, he has earned serious coins. For example, he owns a number of studios in Atlanta, Orlando, Houston and New York.

Draya From Black Ink Crew: Chicago 2022

draya from black ink crew chicago 2023

Draya from Black Ink Crew is one of the most successful female rappers in the music industry. Her songs are extremely popular among listeners, and she has won numerous awards and nominations. With the release of her latest album, Queen Of The Underground, she's ready to take the world by storm.

Corey Coleman

The Black Ink Crew Chicago has a star in its midst. The name is Corey Coleman. He is a former first-round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns. However, he has not played in the NFL since last year.

Corey Coleman is a home run hitter. As a college player, he was a big time returner, and a great receiver. Although he has not played in the NFL since, Coleman is still active, and is in the process of re-building his career.

While Corey Coleman didn't have a perfect rookie season, he came up big at the right times. His stats are impressive, but he doesn't run a complete route tree, which can be a drawback.

Corey Coleman was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He's a good candidate for an IR-designated-to-return designation. This will cost him eight weeks of play, but he's considered a candidate to make it to the end of the season.

Corey Coleman is a first-round talent, but he has had a tough time establishing himself on the field. Coleman's biggest weakness is that he doesn't have the size to play slot receiver.

He also had some problems with drops in the middle of the field. A lack of explosiveness and an unsteady arm prevented Coleman from being an all-around superstar in his rookie season. But, in his second year, he had a breakout campaign.

During his senior season, he totaled over 1,600 yards on the ground and over 1,000 yards receiving. He also won the Biletnikoff Award as the country's top receiver.

He finished his career with a total of 38 touchdowns. He had 10 touchdowns on 91 rushing attempts. And he earned All-Big 12 Second-team honors as a receiver, which is no small feat.

Prince Spencer

In the upcoming TV series Black Ink Crew: Chicago (2022), Prince Spencer will be starring as one of the cast members. The show focuses on the lives of tattoo artists in Chicago.

He is currently the head artist at the 2nd City Ink Tattoo Shop. He has worked professionally for six years.

As of now, he has not revealed how many children he has. However, Prince has said that he will be starting his own shop in the future.

Prince Spencer was born on the West Side of Chicago. He is the middle child of seven siblings. From an early age, Prince started working in the entertainment industry. His work is known for blending black culture and art. He has collaborated with comedian Redd Foxx.

Prince has also appeared in Harlem Nights with Eddie Murphy. Prince has a passion for tattooing and believes that every tattoo should tell a story.

When the new season of Black Ink Crew Chicago premieres on VH1 on August 9, we'll learn more about what happened to Draya, Don, Phor, and Miss Kitty. They face personal and professional challenges, and the crew tries to salvage their identities.

For fans, this season is the most anticipated yet. There's no word if the show will be renewed or canceled, but there's a lot of buzz around the cast.

It seems like it's time for a change. Draya is considering leaving Chicago for good. She's trying to move on from a difficult past. And she's hoping to reborn as the best version of herself.

Draya is a self-taught artist who learned how to do tattoos by watching YouTube videos. She also believes in a cycle of rebirth.


Charmaine Bey was a fan favorite on Black Ink Crew Chicago. She is a Louisiana native who has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur, actor and radio host. Throughout her career, she has managed to combine a magnetic personality with an undeniable drive.

Previously, Charmaine worked as a tattoo artist and manager at 9Mag Tattoo Shop. After years of rejection, she eventually managed to open her own business, which she named 2nd City Ink. Known as a hotspot for celebrities and athletes alike, this shop is a must visit for seasoned ink enthusiasts.

The show has been around for seven seasons. During this time, Charmaine and her fellow cast members have experienced some drama. One incident was especially jarring. When one of the girls cried about protecting Black women, a crew member clapped back, proving that this was the best of times and the worst of times.

Amongst the cast members, the most popular and exciting is Charmaine Walker. The Louisiana native is a radio host and entrepreneur who has been a staple on VH1 for several years. Aside from her successful career, she has a family. Her husband, Nick Bey, and son are part of her family. Currently, she is pregnant with her second child.

Other notable cast members include Ryan Henry, Danielle Jamison, Don Brumfield, and Phor Robinson. As a fan, you can't miss the colorful characters on the show. If you haven't yet seen the series, make sure to catch up on all the action this week!

On Monday, March 29, Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked will air. This homage to the art of tattooing will feature a plethora of famous faces from the Big Apple.

Prince's tattoo shop

If you're a fan of Black Ink Crew, you might have wondered what happens to Draya when she leaves Chicago for New York. The self-taught tattoo artist is thinking about leaving 9 MAG for good, and she may even consider moving to Virginia.

She's planning to take a trip to New York to meet with her father. After all, she's been searching for family she never knew she had.

But when she arrives in New York, she's shocked to discover that her biological father is also in town. While she initially believes that her dad has no interest in meeting her, he reaches out to her.

Prince is also in town, and he wants to help Draya find her way in this new city. They're both thinking big. He's thinking of opening his own tattoo shop.

But before they can get there, they have to deal with some other issues. Don's marriage is struggling. His wife is having health problems. Plus, he has bills to pay.

Meanwhile, Jessica's ex has moved to Chicago. He just got out of prison for drug dealing. She's eager to rekindle their relationship.

Besides, there's a lot of drama at the shop. Plug wants to give a fresh start to his career, and he has a complex relationship with the mother of his 4-year-old son.

Prince is also thinking about his future. He wants to leave a legacy for his son. It's a difficult decision, but he has the support of his brother. Hopefully, he'll be able to open a tattoo shop with his brother without causing any issues with Ryan.

So how will it all turn out? Will they find a middle ground?

Miss Kitty

Draya Penzo first appeared on Black Ink Crew Chicago in season 6. She is a tattoo artist at 2nd City Ink. Although, she left the show last season, she has returned. Besides being a cast member, she is also an entrepreneur, with her own company called Sovain Cosmetics.

Her Instagram account has more than 32K followers. Among her other interests are food, music, and photography.

Miss Kitty's presence on the Black Ink Crew Chicago team is a great move. Previously, she has dated Ceaser Emanuel. Now, she is focusing on her new passion: tattoo apprenticeship.

The new season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is on its way. VH1 announced that the series will return on August 9. You can catch the premiere on Tuesday, August 9 at 8PM ET/PT. During the episode, we will see how the crew deals with family, romance, and new business ventures.

Aside from her work as a tattoo artist, Miss Kitty has also been romantically linked to Ryan Henry, who was a member of the original Black Ink franchise. Interestingly, Ryan is no longer with the cast. However, he's open to love, as long as it doesn't interfere with his work.

Meanwhile, the crew is dealing with some major family drama. Prince is struggling to find balance between his work and being a father. Similarly, Phor is trying to figure out how to make his new role as a father work. Also, Don is dealing with a lot of responsibilities as an entrepreneur, including his family.

This season, the crew faces an unexpected change. Several of their artists are not showing up. As a result, Ryan complains about the lack of talent at Draya's booth.

Where to Watch Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023

where to watch black ink crew chicago 2023

If you're a fan of Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023 and want to know where to watch the latest episodes, you've come to the right place. Check out this article for the Season 7 recap and the premiere date for Seasons 8 and 9.

Season 7 recap

Black Ink Crew Chicago season 7 is set to hit the airwaves in October. The show will feature new goodies and old favorites that are sure to satisfy any fans of the crew.

Last week, the show took a closer look at the relationship between Phor and Nina. This week, it looks like the two are still working out their issues.

The cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago continues to grow from past mistakes. As they are about to embark on a new journey, the crew will make a few surprising decisions.

Charmaine has made some progress in terms of her career. She has been trying to recruit former members of her crew back into the fold. But she has also been dealing with a loss in her life.

In other news, Prince is preparing for the launch of his new shop. He has been getting advice from his brother on how to make the shop successful.

Another thing to watch out for this season is the relationship between Phor and Nina. It will take some time before the two figure out their issues.

In addition to the obvious, the crew will also be looking into the best way to handle the loss of their father. They also plan a trip to Las Vegas for a tattoo convention. While this is the biggest event of the season, the crew has a few other surprises in store.

One of the best parts of this season is the way the cast is interacting with each other. Although it's always fun to see the crew together, there's plenty of drama to go around.

The biggest surprise of the season, however, is the return of Charmaine's husband, Neek. During one of their conversations, Charmaine is informed that her father is deteriorating. Her response is heartbreaking.

Season 8 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a reality TV show that follows a group of friends as they venture into new territory. They have started a tattoo shop and are trying to establish themselves as a successful franchise.

The first season of the show debuted on VH1 on October 26, 2015. Currently, the series has a 4.3 out of 10 IMDb rating. However, it is rumored that the show is set to end. This is likely due to the departure of some of the cast members. Moreover, the show's most recent episode aired on October 11, 2022.

Some of the main players include Ryan Henry, Don, Phor, Prince and Draya. These characters have been in the show for many years. They've been through their share of ups and downs. A few of them have even branched out into other businesses. For instance, Draya is considering moving out of Chicago.

Another star of the show is Miss Kitty. She started out as a receptionist on the original Black Ink Crew franchise in New York. Now she's making her way back to Chicago.

Other stars include Jessica, a British import, Charmaine, and Phor. Despite their differences, the crew isn't afraid to help each other out. It's a family affair.

The show has received a lot of social media attention over the years. In addition to its many ups and downs, there have also been a few surprise moments. There have been multiple fan theories regarding the show's ending. Several artists have been mentioned as being interested in other endeavors.

While fans have hoped that the show will continue, it seems that the series may be cancelled. Nonetheless, there is a chance that it will be renewed.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a spin-off of the original Black Ink franchise. It follows the lives of a tattoo crew in their hometown of Chicago. As their business grows, the crew must adapt to new surroundings and a changing landscape.

The show stars Van Johnson, Katrina Jackson, and Danielle Jamison. They all have personal relationships with one another. However, they also have a history.

While the original Black Ink franchise was filmed in New York, the crew decided to relocate to Chicago, where it is based. Over the years, there have been many twists and turns.

Season 9 will follow a new crew as they enter the next phase of the franchise. With their new shop, they're able to expand their brand and achieve success. But as the crew tries to find balance, they begin to wonder if the move was the right decision.

In the upcoming season, the crew will tackle a number of real-life issues, including:

Prince is struggling with finding balance between being a father and being an uncle. He tries to guide his son and nephew to the right path. His brother is dealing with challenges of co-parenting. Meanwhile, Ryan Henry is learning to navigate his new Chicago franchise.

The Black Ink: Chicago season 9 premiere date is unknown. Fans are curious about the future of the popular reality show. After the episode 20 premiered on October 11, 2022, social media users began to speculate about the show's fate.

The cast has been working on projects outside of the show, and no official announcement has been made regarding a season 10 release. Hopefully, they will be back to celebrate their wins!

Season 10 premiere date

If you've been watching the popular VH1 show, "Black Ink Crew", you'll be excited to learn that the tenth season is set to premiere next month. This time around, the reality TV show will follow the crew as they try to adapt to a new world. Luckily, there's plenty of action to keep you entertained!

Before the season begins, VH1 announced a special watch party, which will feature the Chicago crew. The event will air on Tuesday, August 2 at 9 PM ET/PT. During the event, there will be guest surprises and much more!

In addition to watching the special event, you can also catch the series on various platforms. You can find it on FuboTV, VH1, and many other channels. Some channels offer free trial periods.

Black Ink Crew: New York has been a favorite on television for nine years. As the cast prepares to start Season 10, the future of the show isn't certain. However, the cast is working hard to come up with new projects.

A new member, Jadah Blue, is joining the Black Ink family. Meanwhile, Alex is struggling with the future of her career at the shop. She's getting over her relationship with Tatti, and is feeling a bit of a rebirth.

Despite their personal problems, the crew has a good amount of work to do. With an increase in clientele and a desire to make an impact, the crew will need to adjust to their new status as part of a bigger tattoo empire.

It's clear that the crew will have to put their best foot forward as they face the challenges of the post-Ceaser world. Hopefully, the team can come together to celebrate their successes and leave behind their losses.

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a reality show that follows the crew at the Chicago branch of the tattoo parlor. As they adjust to the new city and surroundings, they reach new heights of success. However, a few unexpected things happen along the way.

The cast is made up of a handful of talented and driven tattoo artists. These people include owner Ryan Henry, a ladies' man named Phor, and his younger brother Don.

The shop is a favorite among hip-hop artists and athletes. It also attracts celebrities. When a new artist arrives at the shop, he's welcomed with strippers and a butt-lift.

The shop has been growing, and new members are adding to the crew. While there are several notable changes at the shop, the main focus remains on the family.

While the new cast is adjusting to their new surroundings, they also have to deal with some old ties. This season's premiere will feature guests including Phor, Charmaine, Kitty, and Don. Their appearance will be a special hour-long event.

As the new season begins, the cast will continue to explore new adventures. Spyder's health crisis last year has reshaped his priorities. He wants to get back on track, but he's also focused on a legacy for his family.

The new season of Black Ink Crew will follow the crew as they navigate a shifting landscape and try to stay afloat. They'll learn how to adapt to their new location, as well as learn how to keep each other safe.

The premiere of Black Ink Crew Chicago will air on Tuesday, August 9 at 8PM ET/PT. Fans can watch the episode on VH1, fuboTV, and BET+.

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