Black Ink Crew: Chicago Phone Number 2023

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Phone Number 2023


Black Ink Crew: Chicago Phone Number 2023

black ink crew chicago phone number 2023

If you're a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you might be wondering what's in store for Season 8 of the show. The following article contains some information about the season, including the premiere date and some green screen interviews with the cast.

Teddy Ruks

If you are a fan of Black Ink Crew, you know that Teddy Ruks is the richest member of the show. He is not only a talented tattoo artist, but also an entrepreneur. However, Teddy has also been in a number of shady relationships.

His relationship with Tatiana ended after an explosive fight. Fans have been speculating whether or not Teddy has gotten married. This is not the first time that he has had a shady affair on the show.

As of April 2020, Teddy announced that he is married to an Asian Instagram model. The couple was rumored to have a baby, but no confirmation has been made.

The reality television show has a number of recurring members. Some have become household names. Others are more of a novelty. But one member of the cast has been around since the beginning.

Teddy started off as a supporting character. He was the cousin of Ceaser Emanuel. A few seasons later, he became the main star.

As a result, he gained fame and success from the show. However, some fans think the show will end after Ceaser's departure.

He recently released a new album. In 2020, he appeared in the sequel to True to the Game.

His music is available on Spotify and Apple Music. There is a dedicated Instagram page for him. You can follow him on @rglrlvng.

He is a rapper. Teddy has also starred in a couple of movies. One of them is True to the Game 2. It was in this film that he showed off his acting skills.

According to his net worth, Teddy is estimated to earn around $4 million. He is a successful businessman and artist, but his future with the show is uncertain.

While fans have enjoyed watching Black Ink Crew, many have complained about the show's implausible events. Some people have referred to it as a "fake" TV show.

Recently, Teddy has been spotted wearing a wedding ring. He even posted a picture of it on his Instagram account.

In addition to his career as a musician and actor, he has also served as assistant manager at the Black Ink tattoo shop.


If you're a fan of VH1's "Black Ink Crew" you might have noticed a lot of chatter online about the show's star, Ceaser Emanuel. He was fired from the show last month after a video of him abusing a dog made its way online.

The video shows the tattoo mogul chasing and hitting the animal, but neither dog is injured. One dog has been sent to obedience training, while the other was given to a friend.

After the episode aired, the show's producers and VH1 responded to the controversy. They told fans they would be working to find a way to handle the situation. However, they have decided not to cut the episode from their digital platforms.

Last year, Ceaser appeared on the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop, and he was a regular on the show's sister show, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Ashely and Don went to therapy. Their lawyer said they were unaware of the video, but it was believed it was leaked by Suzette Samuel, a former girlfriend of the star.

In the wake of the video, Ceaser had a hard time getting back into the show, and he eventually quit. However, he's already been working with VH1 for eight years.

Since then, the "Black Ink Crew" franchise has gone through some major changes. It's been a commercial success for the channel, and the show has been a hit. However, the franchise was hit by a huge scandal last summer.

When the footage surfaced, Ceaser was battling with the City of South Fulton PD in Georgia. At one point, he was arrested, but he was released the next day.

However, he was later charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty. He was also charged with one felony for aggravated cruelty to animals. His attorney, Walter Mosley, told PEOPLE that the incident happened during a COVID lockdown.

VH1 has announced that they will not be re-airing the episode. That doesn't mean the series will end, though. Several cast members are working on new projects outside of the 9MAG brand. While Ceaser is no longer with the show, he is still building his tattoo empire.

Season 8 premiere date

If you're watching Black Ink Crew: Chicago, then you've likely already noticed that the show is a big hit. It follows a group of friends as they attempt to launch a new tattoo shop.

The cast of Black Ink Crew: Chicago includes some familiar faces. These include Alex Estevez, who is known as the receptionist of the shop. There's also JaKeita Days, who is Teddy Emanuel's ex-fiance.

Meanwhile, Walt Miller is Black Ink's assistant manager. He's not very good at stand-up comedy, but he wants to prove himself.

Other cast members include Paul Robinson, who is best known as "Puma" in the series' earlier seasons. His son Des is a rising star, as is Sky.

Another key character is Ryan Henry. As owner of 9Mag, he's looking to become the best tattoo shop around. But he faces a few challenges along the way.

Among the other things the crew has to deal with is family drama. Donna is worried about Alex's marriage, and she's also dealing with a sex tape scandal.

The crew also has to deal with some high-profile clients. A lot of the drama stems from the fact that many of them are African-American.

The show also has some heavy sexual situations and suggestive dialogue. Depending on how the writers choose to develop these topics, this could be a show that is genuinely entertaining. However, it may also have some very serious violence.

So what is the Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 8 release date? We don't have a confirmed one, but we do know that it's scheduled to premiere in 2022. That's when we should be seeing the return of Miss Kitty as a tattoo apprentice.

Until then, you can check out previous seasons of the show on Paramount+. For only a $4.99 add-on, you'll be able to watch up to five episodes of the series. You can also get a free trial. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to watch the series online and on demand.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago's eighth season is set to premiere in 2022. The show has a 4.3 out of 10 IMDb rating.

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Where to Watch 2023 Black Ink Crew Chicago Episodes Online

black ink crew chicago where to watch  2023

If you are a fan of the popular series Black Ink Crew, then you'll be thrilled to know that the show's second season is set to premiere on NBC in the coming months. If you want to watch the episodes, though, you'll need to make sure that you subscribe to the right streaming service. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Season 2 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago is the latest addition to the VH1 franchise. It follows the lives of the tattoo crew at the popular 9Mag tattoo shop. As they navigate the changes in their world, they have to keep their personal life out of their work.

This spinoff of the popular series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, along with Steve Kaufman, Treiva Williams, Phakiso Collins, Melanie C Lodge, Daniel Blau Rogge, and Aderemi Abioye. The cast includes Don Brumfield, Phor Robinson, Katrina Jackson, Danielle Jamison, Van Johnson, and more.

The newest installment of the franchise will follow the lives of Ryan Henry and his team at 9Mag. They face a host of challenges, including a love child, a new business, a secret family member, and more.

The show also stars Charmaine Walker, Phor Robinson, Don Brumfield, Katrina Jackson, and more. Throughout the season, the crew is forced to deal with the consequences of their own decisions.

The franchise is being renewed by VH1 for another year. This new season will feature a few special guests. Also, the crew will have to adjust to life in the Chicago area.

This new edition of the franchise will usher in a new era for the Chicago-based franchise. The crew is ready to move on from past mistakes. There will be new additions to the team, along with some old faces.

While the team struggles with their personal lives, they continue to be a force in the ink business. After all, the "Black Ink" name has been around for years. Besides being a tattoo parlor, the 9Mag name represents a promise of brighter days ahead.

The cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago is not only talented, but also very real. With their history and relationships, viewers will be able to learn about what makes them tick.

The cast will be kicking off the new season on Monday, October 4 at 8PM ET/PT. On that day, they'll take the stage in an hour-long special event to discuss memorable moments in the show. During this episode, the crew will also demonstrate their most impressive tattoos.

Season 2 cast

Black Ink Crew Chicago season 2 cast members include Don Brumfield, Prince Spencer, Phor Robinson, Miss Kitty, and Ryan Henry. The crew has to deal with personal issues that could affect their success. However, they do not allow these to distract them from their work.

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Draya Penzo is a newcomer to the show. She has a rough background. But she is looking for a place to belong. Her search will lead her to a family she didn't know she had. When she joins 9MAG, she considers working under Ryan's leadership.

Ryan Henry is the owner of 9MAG and a tattoo artist. He also manages the shop. His wife is named Ashley. Their net worth is $1 million.

Prince Spencer, 26, is an artist and cartoonist. He also has an Instagram account with over 20K followers. He is a new addition to the 9MAG team. He is combining his art with his black culture.

There is a secret love child involved. This causes Prince to have to juggle his artistic abilities with being a parent to two young men. While he is guiding them in the right direction, he is struggling with co-parenting.

After the release of Van Johnson, the team faces a new relationship. They have to make an unthinkable decision.

There is a lot of drama on this season. One of the main conflicts involves Ryan's inability to balance his time with his work at 9MAG. Despite this, he is trying his best to expand the business.

Aside from the main cast, there are a number of other cast members. Some of them are Reese, Nikki, Rachel, and Bella. Besides these, there are several other recurring crew members.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is executive produced by Treiva Williams, Phakiso Collins, and Melanie C Lodge. It is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios. Besides the crew, the show includes the families of some of the cast.

If you want to watch the latest episodes of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, you can visit VH1. You can also subscribe to their app for extra clips.

Season 2 premiere streaming service

A new generation of the Black Ink Crew franchise is set to blow into Chicago. The series stars a group of tattoo artists, including Charmaine, Phor, Jessica, and Ryan. It follows their lives at a Chicago tattoo parlor. Here, they face a number of challenges, including a secret love child, the changing tattoo industry, and the pressures of running a successful business.

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a VH1 web series that chronicles the day-to-day operations at 9Mag tattoo shop in Chicago. The crew of this reality show includes Ryan, Phor, Jessica, Draya, and others.

Season 2 of Black Ink Crew Chicago will be available to stream on Paramount+. You can watch episodes on Paramount+ on Android, Fire TV, and Apple TV. If you have a Roku player, you can also access the channel from there. There are two subscription options: a 'Limited Commercials' plan that costs $4.99 per month, and a 'Commercial Free' plan that is only $9.99 per month.

In addition to streaming service, "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon Video. Also, the show can be found on Philo, a live TV stream service. For a one-week trial, you can watch the show for free.

"Black Ink Crew: Chicago" will air on VH1 at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 9. Before the series' premiere, VH1 will host a Black Ink Crew Chicago Watch Party, which will feature the cast of the show as well as a surprise guest.

The new season of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" will have plenty of plotlines, so if you are looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the show for you. But before you jump in, you should know that "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is not the only VH1 reality show. Another popular show is Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, which airs on the network at 8 p.m.

Although there are no confirmed airdates for the second season of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago," you can always stay up to date with the latest news and episode information by signing up for the official website.

Season 2 recap

Black Ink Crew Chicago returns with a new season. The show follows the lives of tattoo crew in the city. They face the difficulties and challenges of running a tattoo shop.

This season features a cast with a lot of relationships and family drama. There are also some major changes as well. Don's marriage and baby mama problems will be explored, Phor moves to Dallas, Young Bae gets his first tattoo, and Draya contemplates moving to New York City.

At the end of the season, Ryan Henry wants to make 9Mag the best tattoo shop in the country. However, the staff at the shop isn't sure if this is possible. He invites 2nd City Ink to help out.

Ryan's core artists are revolting. He's getting rid of one of them, and he's still working with other members of the crew. But he worries about his employees. He's not happy with his shop's cleanliness. And he's worried about his own personal life.

Meanwhile, the crew is preparing to go on a bonding trip with the team. It's the same fate as the 2nd City Ink crew.

The crew is faced with a secret love child. They need to keep their personal problems from affecting their shop's success.

Then, Phor tries to talk to Nina about his problems. He also reaches out to Prince. He wants to make a bond with his possible daughter. Unfortunately, he's not feeling the same way.

On the other hand, there's good news. Van is out of jail. His return will bring the tattoo crew a new relationship. Also, they'll have to deal with a new tattoo artist.

There are still a few surprises, though. One is that Baby Nola Glenda Bey makes her debut. Another is that Tatti gets her first tattoo. Lastly, she is disappointed with her work.

After a season of Black Ink, the cast is ready to start a fresh journey. Season 8 will feature the following cast members: Prince, Phor, Miss Kitty, and Ryan Henry. All of them have a story to tell, but the show will come to a conclusion.

How Much Does the Black Ink Crew Chicago Make in 2023?

how much does the black ink crew chicago make  2023

The Black Ink Crew has been around since the 1980s. The members are Ryan Henry, Ceaser Emanuel, Teddy Ruks, and Young Bae. If you've been keeping up with the band you'll know that they have had a number of high-profile hits, including "Sky Days" and "Wonderful World". With the band set to release new music in 2023, I decided to find out how much they'll be earning.

Teddy Ruks

If you've ever watched the show Black Ink Crew, you've probably heard of Teddy Ruks. Known for his signature tattoos, the Bronx-born has appeared on the series as both a character and a love interest. While Teddy isn't on the cast anymore, he is still an integral part of the franchise.

During the show's first few seasons, Teddy was a shop assistant. But in Season 4, he was promoted to series regular. He's a talented tattoo artist and has a huge fan base. Despite the success of his work, Teddy has a shady history when it comes to love. Nevertheless, he's had a few notable relationships, including one with Sky.

Teddy also has a notable social media presence. He's a big fan of shopping and travel. A recent Instagram post reveals that he's recently released a new album. His new album contains twelve new singles.

As for Teddy's net worth, it's estimated to be $4 million. Most of his income comes from his reality television role. When he's not appearing on Black Ink Crew, he works as an actor and businessman.

The name "Ted" is not normally censored on the series. It is often referred to as "Richard" or "Rave" during filming. Despite his name, Teddy has earned more than his share of the fame and money.

Earlier this year, Ted made a statement about his accomplishments. He also showed off his sneaker collection. Besides his starring role on Black Ink Crew, he's also an executive producer of the Shmoove album.

Sky Days

Ceaser Emanuel is the owner of Black Ink Tattoo Studios. He's been a part of the Black Ink crew since the show began and has built a large fortune. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

O'Shit, who is also known as Richard Duncan, is a friend of Ceaser. His annual income is estimated to be $350,000.

Donna Dawson, who is a body piercer and host, has a net worth of around $2 million. She earns money from hosting the show and brand partnerships on Instagram.

The Black Ink crew has had several spin-offs to keep fans entertained. It's hard to believe that the money these stars make is not enough. Besides their paychecks, they provide body art for their clients.

Young Bae is a newcomer to the Black Ink Crew crew. He's earned a lot of fame on the social media platform Instagram and has an athleisure brand. His yearly income is estimated at $1,500 per episode.

Melody Mitchell is the manager of Black Ink. Her yearly salary is about $500,000. She was also a recurring character in the show.

Sassy Bermudez is a recurring character on the show. She's known for being a messy personality. During the first few seasons, she earned money from her blog and promotions. However, she was demoted to a guest role after she was found inefficient.

Ryan Henry

The Black Ink Crew Chicago has been a ratings juggernaut for VH1 over the past seven seasons. They show the "real" side of Chicago. Their most recent season has been a re-boot, following the daily operations at 9MAG in Chicago. This season will explore Ryan Henry's plans to expand 9Mag's brand and teach up-and-coming artists.

Ryan is a self-described teacher and artist. He's been in the business for a while. When he was laid off from his job during the recession, he decided to pursue his passion of tattooing. At one point, he even volunteered at the Pacific Garden Mission.

Having been on a mental health journey for the last couple of years, he's now looking to elevate his brand. Interestingly enough, he's been able to make a decent amount of money as a professional tattooist.

Aside from tattooing, Ryan is also a teacher. He's been known to draw whatever his mind can imagine. As a result, he's gained a ton of respect from his peers.

The real reason that Ryan is the star of this particular reality show isn't because of his skill as a tattoo artist, but because of his personality. Despite his egotistical tendencies, he is a genuine guy and takes the time to help others. His latest endeavor, launching 9Mag University, will train up-and-coming artists.

He's got a net worth of about $1 million and has a social media presence of more than 1.6 million followers.

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel was a star of VH1's Black Ink Crew. He owned a tattoo shop in Harlem, New York.

After years of working with the network, Ceaser was fired from the show. However, his firing will have no impact on the show's upcoming season. The network has been attempting to handle the situation in a way that helps both parties.

While Ceaser is known for his arrogance, he has also taken steps to help manage his mental health. He is believed to be undergoing therapy.

The controversial video of Ceaser abusing his dog went viral last month. The clip showed Ceaser chasing and kicking a dog. His attorneys claim that the video was leaked by his ex-girlfriend. They also claim that the incident occurred during a COVID lockdown.

Despite being charged with aggravated animal cruelty, Ceaser Emanuel claims that he was merely breaking up a fight between two dogs. But some fans are not convinced.

The Black Ink crew franchise has had several issues, including a child abuse scandal. As a result, the reality show has received negative attention.

Before he was a superstar, Ceaser had a troubled life. In an interview with TMZ, he admitted that he had a drunken break down at one point. This led him to go into the tattoo industry.

Before his involvement in Black Ink Crew, Ceaser owned several tattoo shops. Eventually, he opened up a new store in Milwaukee.

Walt Whitman

The "Black Ink Crew" started as a small shop in Harlem, New York in January 2013. It has grown to become one of the most prominent black-owned tattoo brands in the U.S. Since then, its stars have gone on to make a lot of money. But how much money do they actually make?

Probably the most impressive fact about the Black Ink Crew is that two members of the crew are millionaires. This is especially true if you count Prince, the show's tattoo artist, as well as Ryan Henry, the 9Mag owner.

However, the "Black Ink Crew"'s biggest money maker is Ceaser Emanuel. As the owner of the Black Ink Tattoo Studios, he has a huge net worth. He invested $20,000 in the franchise and has made it a million dollar business.

While many people may think of Eakins as a painter, he was actually an avid observer of the human body. His work is also said to be a great example of the biographical genre.

Whitman and Eakins both promoted the idea that the human body is a wonderful thing, and that democracy and democracy's roots are rooted in the body. Both artists believed that a deep understanding of the body would help to create a more democratic society.

As for Walt, he was a funny guy. But he has had a harrowing life.

Young Bae

Young Bae is a South Korean tattoo artist and entrepreneur who has appeared on the reality TV show Black Ink Crew. Her artistic talents helped her overcome the hardships she faced growing up in South Korea. Eventually, she escaped her father's violent ways and settled in New York City. Now, she has become one of the most famous tattoo artists in the city.

She currently owns a shop in Times Square. But she wants to expand her business to Long Island. Aside from her business endeavors, she has an athleisure clothing line. And she has a 4-year-old son named Nico.

Before joining the Black Ink Crew, she was a cleaning staff member at a tattoo shop. She also scrubbed floors for free. Later, she took on a higher position and became a regular crew member.

Despite her mediocre salary, Young Bae has a lot to offer to her fans. As a mother, she strives to make a better world for her son, Niko. At the same time, she hopes to one day have her work displayed in a gallery.

Her social media influence is huge. She has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram. Moreover, she has an athleisure line called 2one2. It's a clothing brand that aims to provide attire options for all occasions.

When she first joined the Black Ink Crew, she was married to a man named Rob. The couple was together for two years. They eventually divorced. However, it wasn't until she was dating someone else that she lost her job.

How Much Does Black Ink Crew Chicago Get Paid 2023?

how much black ink crew chicago get paid   2023

If you are a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you might be wondering how much they make. While it's unknown how much they get paid, the crew has put out some amazing music in the past few years. These artists include Teddy Ruks, Young Bae, Charmaine Bey, and Ceasar Emanuel.

Jo Keita Days

If you are an avid fan of the television show Black Ink Crew, you are probably wondering how much money is a member of the crew making. This series shows the everyday operation of an African American-owned tattoo shop in the borough of Harlem.

As of the present, some cast members have left the show for good. These include Corey Hawkins, who grew up in foster care and has four children. He also worked under the tutelage of Inkstatic in Brooklyn.

Another member of the team has been accused of making questionable decisions. Sky Days has also been known to make controversial comments about her own sons. She's reportedly earning a small fortune from her role in the show.

The reality show can be very draining. But it can also be a very interesting show. With a cast full of characters, you are never bored. And you can learn a lot about the tattooing industry from the show.

One of the most popular characters on the show is Sky. This lady has been referred to as the Queen of the Mixxxys. Although her name is not revealed, she is the real owner of the Black Ink.

She is a former tattoo artist who gives birth to two sons when she was only 14. She's also known for her love of diamonds. It is believed she has a net worth of at least $500,000.

Another person who has made a splash in the television show is Puma Robinson. He is a reality TV star who works as a public relations executive. His salary is estimated to be about $150,000.

Sassy Black Ink

Sassy Black Ink is one of the cast members of the Black Ink Crew. She was a part of the show for the first three seasons.

She is also famous for her social media presence. Her Instagram handle is "barbiebabie007."

She has accumulated a large amount of followers. She has 276,000 followers. Besides the show, she also runs her own brand partnerships through social media.

Sassy Bermudez has not disclosed her net worth. However, she has been earning a good amount of money through her career as a tattoo artist and body piercer.

She has a lot of fans, and she has been featured on several reality shows, including the VH1's Black Ink Crew: New York. The show has earned her a lot of fame and adoring fans.

One of her co-workers is Donna Dawson. She is a body piercer and has a social media presence as well.

Donna has a mother and a twin sister, both of whom are nurses. She worked as a tattoo artist for Art2Ink before joining the Black Ink Crew.

Another crew member is Lemeir. He is from Philadelphia, but moved to Los Angeles. His brother was killed in a car crash.

As a member of the crew, he earns a salary. According to sources, his salary is around $1,500. Aside from the television show, his income is also attributed to his work at a tattoo parlor.

Ceasar Emanuel

Ceasar Emanuel, better known as Caesar from the VH1 reality show "Black Ink Crew", is a tattoo artist who owns several Black Ink shops throughout the United States. He is also the main character and host of the show. His net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

The tattoo shop that Emanuel owns has inspired spin-offs in Houston, Milwaukee, and Compton. But, he has also had to deal with multiple lawsuits since becoming an owner.

Ceaser Emanuel has faced a lot of controversy during his career. His relationship with Suzette Samuel was a particularly contentious one. She reportedly made allegations against him that were not confirmed by him.

Before he became the star of Black Ink Crew, Emanuel owned a number of tattoo shops in the US, including Black Ink Tattoo Studios in Atlanta, New York, and Houston. This is when he began building his fortune.

After Black Ink Crew became popular, lawsuits began to arise. The first case involved Cesar's baby mama, who alleged that he did not pay alimony. Another claim involves him abusing dogs. However, these allegations were not proven and Emanuel is currently not in police custody.

Emanuel has also had to face sour beefs with other crews. He has had trouble with castmates like Ryan Henry and Van Johnson.

When he opened his own Black Ink shop in Milwaukee, his business partner Teddy Ruks encouraged him to do so. Now, he is the richest member of the cast.

Teddy Ruks

Teddy Ruks is a Black Ink Crew Chicago cast member. He is a tattoo artist and rapper. During the first two seasons of the show, he was just a supporting character. However, by season three, he was offered a more prominent role.

Teddy's love life has been complicated. He has had multiple relationships with different women. One of them was with a Korean model. Another relationship involved Tatiana. However, the couple broke up after an explosive fight.

Currently, Teddy Ruks is married to a Korean model, Euni. The pair has yet to have a baby.

Teddy Ruks is a reality star and has accumulated an impressive net worth. He is said to have a net worth of $4 million. His career as an actor and businessman also contributed to his wealth.

Teddy has appeared in several episodes of Black Ink. He has earned good salary from his job as an assistant manager at the Black Ink studio. Nevertheless, his fame and popularity have brought him in many scandalous love affairs with his fellow castmates.

Despite his many relationships, he still maintains a cordial and friendly environment in his life. This can be seen in his Instagram account, which is called @rglrlvng.

Teddy Ruks has also recently released a new album. It features twelve songs. You can stream his music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Before joining Black Ink Crew, Ruks was an assistant manager at the Black Tattoo Shop. In addition, he was an apprentice of Ceaser and Dutchess.

Young Bae

If you're a fan of the reality show Black Ink Crew, then you'll be glad to know that the crew is back for a 10th season. VH1 has announced that it will be returning to the show on October 30.

There are many reasons why you should watch this show. For one thing, you'll be able to see some of the most talented tattoo artists in the country. You can also expect to witness a lot of love and commitment from the crew. However, not everyone can make it as a reality star.

The show features a family-oriented cast. Not only do they give body art to clients, they also showcase their dedication to each other.

Young Bae is a Korean native who joined the crew in Season 5. She was a tattoo artist in New York City and has a son named Niko. But she was raised in a troubled home with a father who was abusive. Her mother was unable to provide for her. So she used her natural talent to overcome the challenges of life.

Ceaser Emanuel is the founder of the Black Ink Tattoo Studios. He owns multiple tattoo shops in the U.S. and plans to expand his brand into all 50 states. His net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Donna Dawson has been featured on the show for several seasons. She makes money from hosting and her social media influence.

Charmaine Bey

The latest news on Black Ink Crew Chicago star Charmaine Bey has been controversial. After her season 7 exit, the star revealed she wants to focus more on her family business and will film less scenes in the future.

Charmaine Bey, also known as 'Charmaine Johnise', has been featured on VH1's hit tattoo world reality show. Her stint on the show began with a guest role on Season 7, assisting in running her family's shop.

During her time on the show, she met her husband, Neek Bey. She married him in 2019 and welcomed a daughter. They have named their first child Nola Glenda Bey.

Since leaving Black Ink Crew Chicago, Charmaine has started her own organic product store, called Bey Moss. She owns a website and sells dresses, cookbooks and other merchandise.

When she isn't on the set of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago," Charmaine works as a radio host at WGCI. On her Instagram account, she has posted a photo of her 2-month-old daughter. It has gained more than 62,000 likes.

In addition to her work on the show, Charmaine has launched a YouTube channel, Talks & Tattoos. In it, she interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Charmaine Bey is a fan favorite on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Fans have praised her for her charisma and loyalty. However, she also received a lot of backlash for her colorism storyline.

Who is Pregnant on Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023?

who is pregnant on love and hip hop miami 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023 is a new show coming out in Miami, Florida. It will feature a number of celebrities, including Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, and Shay Johnson. Here are a few things you might not know about these stars.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra has announced that she's pregnant, and she's going to be a single mom. She hasn't revealed a whole lot about the pregnancy, but she has made it clear that she plans to raise the twins on her own.

Amara, a native of the Dominican Republic, started out as a child model, then transitioned into a recording artist. She has a multi-million dollar record deal with the B.M.G. label, and has appeared in several music videos and commercials.

It took her several years to build up her career, but she got her big break on Love and Hip Hop Miami. As a result of her appearances on the show, she became a household name in her homeland.

Despite her success, there have been some challenges. Specifically, she faced some difficulties with her fellow cast members. But she managed to overcome all of them, and she has gained some fans in the process.

For now, she's concentrating on her career and the kids she's already got. The actress is reportedly dating Allan Mueses, a real estate broker and realtor from the Dominican Republic. He has two daughters. However, he has had his fair share of ups and downs in his relationship.

Aside from having babies, she's also been working on her podcast, "Exactly Amara." And she has a lot to do. Her mother, Ana Maria Oleaga, has appeared on the show multiple times.

Shay Johnson

Love and Hip Hop Miami fans have been wondering if Shay Johnson is still dating her baby daddy. The former reality star, who starred on the franchise's first two seasons, confirmed she's pregnant earlier this year on Instagram.

Though it's true that Johnson has been involved in a long-distance relationship with Pleasure P, she hasn't made it clear who the father of her new baby is.

Despite the fact that she hasn't revealed who the father is, Shay Johnson's pregnancy has been on the air for months. She even hosted a baby shower last month at Bar One in Miami Beach. It was a beautiful event and Shay even revealed the name of her daughter, Shajiyah.

During the shower, Shay also revealed the most significant thing she's done in the name of motherhood. She created an Instagram account for her baby. She also revealed a photo of herself holding her daughter.

As far as the big secret goes, Shay hasn't yet pinned down who the baby's father is, but her daughter is named Shajiyah, which means "brave" in Arabic.

The Love & Hip Hop aficionados have been speculating that the child's father may be Scrappy. Although Scrappy is married to Bambi, a fellow L&HH alum, some fans believe he is the father.

Shay has been working hard to keep the pregnancy a secret. She was even seen wearing a gold velvet robe and headdress at a recent event. However, it wasn't until recently that she shared a few details about her journey.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Amara La Negra is an actress, dancer, television host, and singer. She grew up in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States in 2013. During her teenage years, she formed a girl group called Amara. She began her career as a model, and later became a recording artist. Her debut album Da Baddest Bitch in the early 2000s made her a star.

The Miami, Florida-born musician signed a record deal with BMG. Besides her role on Love & Hip Hop, she is also a co-host on FUSE's talk show Don't Cancel Me, Amara. In addition to music, she hosts an Instagram show where she educates women on various issues.

On Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she is partnered with Allan Mueses. They met through Soluciones Allan, a real estate company, and fell in love. However, they had an on-and-off relationship. When they decided to move to the Dominican Republic, Mueses' mother did not take to their move.

In August, while filming the show, Amara was diagnosed with pregnancy. She was pregnant with triplets. Later, she announced that she had a miscarriage.

She then realized she was pregnant again. She revealed her pregnancy during the November episode of the show. Soon after, she went to the Dominican Republic to undergo a gynecological test. At the time, she was still planning to raise the twins alone.

After she and Allan Mueses decided to have the twins together, they were co-parenting them. Both of them have posted pictures of their daughters on social media.

Trick Daddy

Love and Hip-Hop Miami is set to return with a fifth season. The show has several core cast members. It includes Trina, Amara La Negra, Bobby Lytes, and N.O.R.E. They will fight for fame in Miami.

Love and Hip-Hop Miami is a spin-off from MTV's original show. It follows the lives of prominent hip-hop figures.

In addition to being a star, Trick Daddy is also a member of the cast. He is the rapper and record producer of the group, Slip-n-Slide Records. His career started in 2001 with a hit song called I'm a Thug. However, Trick's criminal history goes back many years. Several weapons and drug charges are alleged.

Trick Daddy is currently touring the United States. He will be performing at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

As the cast of Love and Hip-Hop Miami prepares for the next season, they will have to deal with several new faces. One of those faces is the rapper and model Amara La Negra. She will appear in a cameo role.

Although the cast of Love and Hip-Hop: Miami is in turmoil, there are still a few core members who are staying busy. Those include Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, and Trina.

The rapper has also appeared on a number of television specials. In particular, she has been seen in 40 Great Love & Hip-Hop Moments: The Reboot.

Joy Young

The cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami includes Trina, Amara La Negra, and Bobby Lytes. Their storyline is about their personal relationships and struggles. This season will also feature shocking betrayals, long-overdue family interactions, and unexpected alliances.

Trina is one of the most recognizable faces of the show. She's been a popular rapper since the early 2000s. Her debut album Da Baddest Bitch got her a lot of attention. In fact, she's appeared on 40 Great Love & Hip Hop Moments: The Reboot.

Amane Joy Burnett Young, better known as Joy Young, is the ex-wife of Trick Daddy. The two married in 2003. But they haven't been together for the past four years.

However, Trick Daddy has a history of drug possession and a criminal record. In 2009, he was diagnosed with lupus. As a result, he decided to become a rapper. He released albums under Slip-n-Slide Records.

Trina and Trick Daddy have a history of clashes. They have a 20-year feud with Khia. At one point, he claimed that he was a side piece for Young. After Trick's comments, Joy spoke out.

Ray J is another Love and Hip Hop: Miami star. His real name is Raymond Taylor. He's 31. His weight is about 65 kilograms. Throughout his career, he's starred in numerous television specials and has been featured in s*x tapes with Kim Kardashian.

Previously, Shay Johnson was a cast member on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta series. She was also a model. When she was on the cast, she was in a relationship with Khaotic. However, they had a tumultuous relationship. Later, she was removed from the cast.


If you watch "Love and Hip Hop Miami", you've probably heard of Sukihana. She's a popular rising artist who's been releasing viral songs. As a mother of three, she's hoping to find a balance between her career and family. Having children can set you back in your music career, but it's never too late to pursue your dream.

In Season 4, Amara La Negra returns to Love and Hip Hop: Miami. A miscarriage leads to her revealing her plans for the future. It's a tough decision for the "Queen of Kompa" to make, but she's finally ready to move forward.

Meanwhile, the feud between Florence and Gaelle, her two sisters, is put on hold. Tamar Braxton mediates the tumultuous situation.

The new cast members join the Love and Hip Hop: Miami crew in Season 4. Sukhiana, Ray J and Bobby Lytes are among the first to join the show.

Other new faces include Momma Dee and Isaiah. While the group is still figuring out who they are, some of the more familiar faces have become familiar to fans.

Fans have been anxious to see the return of Amara, who had a memorable season in Season 4. However, her time on the show hasn't been entirely successful.

This season, Amara struggles with single parenthood and dealing with trauma. She's also having difficulties with her mental health. And as a result, she's struggling to keep her cool.

I Love Hip Hop Miami Cast 2023

i love hip hop miami cast 2023

There are so many things that I love about hip hop, from its music to the people involved. If you are a fan of the genre, you should check out the cast of the show "I Love Hip Hop Miami" in 2023. The actors, actresses and rappers featured in this series are some of the best and most talented in the business.

Bobby Lytes

The Love & Hip Hop franchise is a reality series that provides viewers with a behind the scenes look at the lives of musicians. It features the personal and professional lives of performers and record producers. This season, the show explores the personal and professional lives of the cast members of Love & Hip Hop Miami. In addition to the main cast members, several supporting actors and actresses also make appearances on the show.

For this season, the Love & Hip Hop franchise has added Bobby Lytes to its cast. Bobby Lytes is a rapper and social media influencer who is the first openly gay character in the franchise's history. His work has garnered both love and hate from fans.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise features the personal and professional lives of numerous hip hop stars and managers. This season, the show's leading cast members are Trina, Bobby Lytes, Amara La Negra, Neri Santiago, and Florence El Luche. The secondary cast members have the same amount of screen time as the main cast members.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise has a long history of being hostile towards the LGBTQ community. However, Bobby Brown's entry into the franchise changed this. He became the first African-American, openly gay person to appear on a major television network. During his time on the show, he was arrested multiple times for crimes.

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood includes prominent figures in Miami's social and musical scenes. Some of these celebrities include: Ray J. and Rolling Ray. They are also joined by notable hip hop figures such as T.Pain, Rico Love, Brandon Marshall, and Ace Hood.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is a celebrity television personality, singer, actress, dancer, philanthropist, and activist. She is known for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In 2019, she is starring in her fourth season of the show. Her appearance on the series will showcase more relationships and career advancements.

After Amara made her debut on the reality show, she has garnered a lot of attention. She speaks out about issues involving race and colorism, and has become a public advocate for racial equality.

Although she started her career in modeling, she eventually became a successful recording artist. With a multi-album deal with BMG, she is on track to become a major star in the music industry. Recently, she has been working on new music.

Amara La Negra is the only child of a single mother. Her mother worked several jobs to support her daughter's musical and dancing education. The family moved to the Dominican Republic to give back to the community.

When she started appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she was a newcomer. She developed a feud with another cast member, Bobby Lytes. A few months later, she announced that she was pregnant.

At the time, she had a strained relationship with Veronica Vega. Both of them were trying to work things out. Eventually, however, they fell out. During the episode, Vega tried to act as a peacemaker, but La Negra was not interested in such a role.

Soon after, she signed a multi-album deal with BMG, and she became a breakout star of the show. Following her success on the show, she also released her first single, "What a Bam Bam," which reached number eight on the Billboard Latin Pop Digital Song Sales Chart.

Trick Daddy

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast is one of the most popular editions of the show. It features a cast of prominent figures from Southern hip-hop.

One of the original cast members is Trick Daddy. He is a rapper and record producer. Aside from his music, he also has a criminal record. Some of his previous charges include drug possession and DUI. In fact, in 2020, he failed a field sobriety test in Miami.

Another original cast member is Trina. The pair are rumored to have a radio debut in the near future. They have been recording audition tapes for weeks.

Trina and Trick Daddy have long collaborated. They are said to be securing a morning show at Miami's 99 JAMZ/WEDR. On the reunion episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, they were seen trying to mend their broken relationship.

The cast also includes Amara La Negra, who is an Afro-Latina singer. She is joined by Neri Santiago, Noreaga and Florence El Luche.

In season four, the cast had several core members. In addition to the stars, they had the party promoter Prince, the party promoter Prince's girlfriend Liz Cifuentes, and Pretty Rickey bandmate Pleasure P. Also, they had Ray J and Florence El Luche, who made crossover appearances.

Trina is an icon of the show. She was the only female cast member to return for the fourth season. As a result, many fans have wondered how she is doing with Trick Daddy.

Joy Young, Trick Daddy's wife, was not part of the main cast for season 4. However, the couple still appeared together on The Bachelorette. During the episode, Trick tried to mend his relationship with his wife.


Shay Johnson is the main cast member of Love & Hip Hop Miami. She has a long history in the entertainment industry. From her role in "Flavor of Love" to her roles on reality television shows, Shay has made a name for herself.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop Miami, she was a supporting cast member on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" for two seasons. After appearing in the show, she moved to Miami to work with rapper Pleasure P.

As Shay's relationship with Amara and Trick Daddy started to fall apart, her personal life was impacted. She went on to have a brief romance with Pleasure P, which eventually became a long-distance relationship.

Despite the split, Shay is still considered one of the franchise's most popular cast members. Shay Johnson has been a reality star for over a decade. In fact, she was nominated for a Mona Award.

She has appeared in a number of reality shows and spin-offs. She's also been a model, fitness guru and social media personality. During her time on the show, Shay was known for her vivacious personality. But in recent years, she's been dealing with serious medical issues.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Shay Johnson has become a well-known personality in the entertainment world. In addition to her work on the show, she's been featured in numerous hip hop videos for rappers such as Young Dro and Fabolous.

Shay has starred in three seasons of Love & Hip Hop Miami. The fourth season of the show, aired in January, introduced new blood and revamped the cast. New cast members included Florence El Luche, N.O.R.E. and Ace Hood.


If you're a fan of Love & Hip Hop Miami, then you know Trina as one of the show's main cast members. Although she is not the biggest star on the show, Trina has been featured in several episodes over the years.

Love & Hip Hop Miami is a reality show that follows the lives of celebrities in the hip hop industry. Several of the cast members have their own individual stories. Some of the core cast members include Trina, Trick Daddy, Joy Young, N.O.R.E., Pretty Ricky, and N.O.R.E. But there are also other interesting guest stars.

As of the current time, the net worth of Trina is estimated to be at least $6 million. She has won several awards and received ten nominations at the BET Awards. This includes the Source Award and two EME Awards.

Trina started her career in the music industry by remixing many rap stars. In the early 2000s, she gained success with her debut album Da Baddest Bitch. Her first single, "69 Ways" earned her a gold certification.

Trina is now co-hosting a late night talk show with Tameka Cottle. She also works with the Florida Entertainment Summit to organize the annual Jingle Bell Toy Drive. She is a member of Rockstarr Music Group.

Trina has released 6 studio albums. She has been nominated for several awards including a BMI Award, an ASCAP Award, and the Soul Train Music Award. Besides her music, Trina has also been involved in the charity Diamond Doll Foundation. The organization aims to help young girls who are coping with life issues.

After a lengthy relationship with French Montana, Trina broke up with him in 2014. She has dated men and women throughout her career.

Who is Prince of Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023?

who is prince love and hip hop miami 2023

It is interesting to see the rise of hip hop in Miami. This is evident in the sexy singers like Amara, Trina and Tory Lanez. They are all attracting the attention of the public. One can only wonder who will be the next big hip hop star in Miami.

Tory Lanez

The name Tory Lanez is not a household name, but he's a Canadian rapper. And, he's not a stranger to legal problems. He is currently on trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, but he's also been accused of numerous other things.

In November of 2019, Tory Lanez was a guest at LIV Miami, which is a nightclub in Miami, Florida. He reportedly met with Love & Hip Hop: Miami's Prince Michael Harty at the club. They were sitting at a table when the alleged fight erupted.

According to Tory Lanez's lawyer, the incident was a "tad bit more complicated" than just hitting Prince. As evidence, his attorney pointed to a secret financial agreement between Tory and Prince.

Tory has also been accused of hitting someone backstage during a concert in September. His defense claims he did so in self-defense. But, if convicted, he could face up to 22 years in prison.

There's no word on whether or not the two will actually settle their differences, but Tory Lanez and Prince have agreed to take their case off the calendar. Their attorneys have said that the settlement was a mutual one, and it is not a formal lawsuit.

It is unlikely that the two will be able to put their differences behind them for good. However, they did agree to do the smallest possible thing, which is to take their case off the court calendar. Ultimately, this should make it much easier for Tory to move on with his life.

In other news, the Love and Hip Hop: Miami cast member, Prince, has already filed a lawsuit against Tory Lanez, alleging a battery and assault in the club.


In the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, the cast is in turmoil. The cast includes Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra and rappers Prince Michael Harty and Trick Daddy.

Both of these rappers are part of the Miami's vibrant hip hop scene. Their personal struggles and professional struggles are the backbone of the show. These two have fought the shade of their competition.

As the Season 4 trailer reveals, these two rappers are at a crossroads in their relationship. They are working on their music career and gaining financial freedom. But a violent brawl at a denim line launch sparks intense rivalry.

The series returns to VH1 on January 2 at 8 p.m. ET for another season of battles between rappers, socialites and music lovers. This time, there are new blood and a few returning cast members.

The series follows the lives of several aspiring rappers and their struggle to succeed. It is also a showcase of Miami's diverse culture. From Trick Daddy to DJ Michelle Pooch, and rappers like Gunplay and Young Hollywood, the show follows the careers of a variety of artists.

The series also features singers, producers and models, including Pleasure P and EmJay. The show is set in Miami, with scenes shot on location. Unlike some of its predecessors, the show's episodes have a much wider variety of cast members.

On the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: MIami, there are still plenty of drama to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. One of the biggest controversies involves Amara La Negra's relationship with Bobby Lytes. Currently, they are friends, but Amara has a big beef with Bobby.


Love and Hip Hop Miami is a spin off of the popular reality show, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The series follows the lives of famous rappers. It also chronicles their love lives.

This series is set in Miami, Florida. The cast is as diverse as the city itself. Although it features many of the same characters, it has more drama, mystery, and skin than its predecessor.

The main cast of "Love & Hip Hop Miami" consists of Veronica Vega, Trina, Trick Daddy, Shay Johnson, and Gunplay. But there are several other popular rappers and celebrities who appear on the show. For instance, Amara La Negra, Prince, Jojo Zarur, and T-Pain are a few of the more prominent names.

The "Love and Hip Hop Miami" cast has recently been in turmoil, however. According to reports, almost half of the cast will be cut after the series' second season is over.

Several cast members have been promoted or demoted to supporting roles. These include Bobby Lytes, who was one of the original eight cast members, and Jeffrey White. However, there are a few cast members who remain on the series.

During the first season, Trick Daddy and Trina worked on a collaborative album, but the project hit a snag. They tried to stop Trina from going down that road. Now, they are working on the project again.

Other cast members include Jojo, who is a celebrity stylist. She has family issues. And there's Jojo's father, Antonio Zarur. He has his own business.

There is also Lila Nikole, a swimsuit designer. Joy Young is Trick Daddy's estranged wife. Despite her problems, Joy is trying to find financial freedom.

Princess Love

In the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara La Negra joins the cast. It's a musical melting pot, and it's a time of new beginnings. The cast is also bolstered by a few new babies.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami will air on VH1 in August. It will premiere with back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m. (EST/PST) on Monday, August 8.

It's a hot summer in Miami. A number of up-and-coming stars are in the spotlight. New and old hip-hop friends and musicians come together in the city's sun. This is the franchise that gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry.

Season five features Amara La Negra, Florence El Luche, Trina, Sukihana, Bobby Lytes, and Neri Santiago. Ray J and Princess Love are also featured in the show. They have two children, Mia and Epik.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is part of the "Hip Hop" franchise, which focuses on the lives of record producers, managers, and other celebrities. It also features personal stories of stars and their everyday lives.

Fans have been watching Ray J and Princess Love as they deal with marital problems on the show. Despite their divorce, the couple has made a fresh start in South Florida.

There are still rumors abound about Ray J's and Princess Love's future. One rumor suggests that they'll join Franchise Miami. Another says that they're dating a promoter from Brooklyn, New York. Some fans have shown their support for the couple.

Meanwhile, Princess Love is fighting for custody of her children. She's also arguing for spousal support. Her husband, Ray, has admitted that he has been unfaithful. He's filed for divorce, and has been involved in a slew of in-law drama.

Trick Daddy

Love & Hip Hop: Miami follows the life of Trick Daddy, a Miami-based rapper. The show chronicles Trick Daddy's music projects, his relationship with his ex-wife, and his lupus diagnosis. He is also a record producer, and his career has taken off in the late 2000s.

Trick Daddy joined the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast as one of its original eight cast members. His relationship with his former wife, Joy Young, is a major storyline. While Trick Daddy has enjoyed success, he has faced numerous financial struggles.

Trick Daddy is also a record producer and rapper. He is known for his infamous I'm a Thug song. He has a criminal record for weapons charges.

Trick Daddy is set to appear in the second season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. He will be seen as a part of the main cast, but will also make a cameo appearance. In addition, Trick Daddy has been in the news for comments he made about Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Trick Daddy is a veteran of the Slip n' Slide Records era. He is a record producer, rapper, and has a long history of being involved in drug and weapons charges.

In addition to the main cast, Love & Hip Hop: Miami will feature a number of other artists. They include Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra, celebrity stylist Jojo Zarur, and DJ Michelle Pooch. Other familiar faces include Gunplay, Pretty Ricky, Prince, N.O.R.E., and Shaun Johnson.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami has been renewed for a fifth season, which will air on August 8, 2022. The show will bring in a number of new cast members in Season 4. One of those is Ace Hood.

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