Best Tattooed Chef Stock:

Best Tattooed Chef Stock:

Blume and Kalman compare stock for this company's availability and market capitalization. At the time of this article, there was a total of 10485 shares of stock and a market capitalization of $22,159,468 for this company. This company has a P/E ratio of 36. 00, a dividend yield of 0. 00% and a beta of 0. 87. The company's MED P/E is 22. 00 and its P/S is 0. 00. In another article, we research the stock of Stratasys, Inc. (NASDAQ:SSYS).

Why Tattooed Chef Stock Jumped 19% at the Open Today

Shares of plant-based food maker Tattooed Chef (NASDAQ: TTCF) rose as much as 19% in the first hour or so on Wednesday. By 10:30 a.m. ET, that gain had been pared a little, to about 14%, but was still notable. The big news was the company's third-quarter 2021 earnings, which were released after the close on Tuesday.Tattooed Chef makes plant-based products like riced cauliflower, zucchini spirals, cauliflower pizza crusts, and a variety of "bowls." This puts the company right in the middle of an up-and-coming "healthy" food category. So it's little wonder that third-quarter 2021 sales increased 43.5% year over year.The $17.8 million revenue advance was split between branded products, where sales rose roughly $12.7 million, and private label, where sales increased around $5 million. This shows that the Tattooed Chef brand is gaining scale, which is likely why investors were excited.Continue reading (

Buy Shares of Tattooed Chef Inc Stock (ttcf)

Tattooed Chef Inc., formerly Forum Merger II Corporation, is a plant-based food company. The Company offers a portfolio of plant-based food products. The Company’s products include ready-to-cook bowls, zucchini spirals, riced cauliflower, acai and smoothie bowls, and cauliflower pizza crusts, which are available in the frozen food sections of retail food stores across the United States.

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