best finger tattoos for guys

best finger tattoos for guys


Finger tattoos men

the most common would be tattoos of initials, meaningful words or special dates. But once you start looking at the countless designs of tattoos for men in the world, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a finger tattoo for everyone. From time-honored designs like shamrocks and crosses to more modern ones like celebrities in your tattoos.


With the rising trend in finger tattoos, it’s hard to resist these fashionable and glowing tattoos. Finger tattoos originated from the ancient tribes, and now is one of the trendiest features in the fashion industry. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Clara Delavigne, and many others have some fantastic finger tattoos that have compelled their fans to get one. Finger tattoos come in different designs and sizes. You can opt for a subtle finger tattoo, including small symbols or letter, or you could go for an over the top finger tattoo that would require your whole finger getting tatted.

Finger tattoos are so versatile that they give you an option as to which finger and where you want the tattoo to appear. If you’re going for a subtle finger tattoo like two double lines or a simple cross, these usually appear on the middle finger in the middle. Some tattoos appear on the side of the fingers, such as a trail of designs or wordings. If you’re going for an over the top tattoo like a full floral design, it will cover your whole finger. And the best finger to choose for such tattoos would be your middle finger. (Source: www.wildtattooart.com)


There’s always been a discussion as to whether or not finger tattoos are a good idea. Why you ask? Finger tattoos are known to blur rather quickly when compared to other tattoos. But don’t worry they’re not going to rub off anytime soon. Your finger tattoo will still be there forever it just might start to lose its crispness before say a tattoo on your wrist or arm. But that hasn’t stopped 10’s of thousands, perhaps even 100’s of thousands of people from getting finger tattoos already so if they seem like something you can’t live without and you don’t mind if they look a little less than focused 20 years down the road, we’ve got some pretty sweet examples picked out for you today to hopefully help you narrow down a design choice. Enjoy!

As you already know finger tattoos are very popular right now and there are so many various ideas that you can repeat. But always remember that you can’t hide this kind of tattoos, so think twice before making them and choose a design wisely. You can make classic black-contour or simple black tattoos such as an anchor, a crown, animals (for example, interesting giraffe or fox ones), etc. Of course, you can repeat words tattoo idea: write one letter on each finger. If you wanna funny or unique tattoos (colored or black), you can make them according to your favorite things, for example, art inspired tattoos (tiny photo camera, painting accessories, etc.) or tattoos with images of your favorite superheroes signs. (Source: www.styleoholic.com)



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