Ben Affleck Back Tattoo:

Ben Affleck Back Tattoo:

Ben Affleck Back Tattoo:

We Finally Know the Story of the Ben Affleck Phoenix Tattoo on His Back

For those of you who’ve been following the Great Ben Affleck Tattoo Mystery of 2015 (as in, whether or not the enormous back piece that paparazzi surreptitiously snapped on Affleck that year was real or faux), we’ve got the news: the sprawling phoenix covering the expanse of his back is real and Affleck doesn’t really care if people think it’s hideous. (Source: thekit.ca)

Ben Affleck Finally Speaks Out About the Massive Back Tattoo He Said Was Fake Is Still Very Much on His Back

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Ben Affleck Loves His Giant Phoenix Back Tattoo, Thank You Very Much

“It’s meaningful to me,” the actor told Ellen DeGeneres. “I like it . . . Luckily, I’m the one who has it.”

The annals of Amusing Celebrity Tattoos run very, very deep. Misspellings and foreign-language screwups abound, as does ink that comes to represent the darker sides of some celebrities’ narratives. But apart from all these, there is one tat to rule them all. Soon after its debut, it became the subject of controversy and conspiracy theories—and, most importantly, the cornerstone of the biggest mood ever photographed. I’m speaking, of course, about Ben Affleck’s back tattoo, a giant design depicting a phoenix rising from the ashes—or is it rising from his ass?

That’s what Ellen DeGeneres wanted to know during the actor’s appearance on her talk show Thursday, where the actor discussed his new film, Triple Frontier, as well as his charity work with the Eastern Congo Initiative. But the most important topic of conversation was the ink that shook the world. The tattoo made its first appearance in 2015, in a paparazzi shot taken on the set of Affleck’s passion project, Live by Night. At first, Affleck denied that the tattoo—which covered his whole back—was real, claiming instead that it was a temporary piece of back art he was sporting for the movie. But the tat never appeared in the film and has been spotted on Affleck since—so soon enough, the actor had to admit that backffleck was, indeed, forever. The initial reaction to that first photo, the actor admitted to DeGeneres, was “not so much positive.” But Affleck has decided to take the jokes in stride.

Ben Affleck Explains Why He Lied About His Back Tattoo Being Fake

The “Way Back” star opened up to The New York Times about why he'd felt compelled to hide the truth. (Source: www.huffpost.com)

www.huffpost.com)“I resented that somebody got a picture of it by spying on me,” Affleck told the Times in a candid interview published Tuesday. The “Way Back” actor was referring to the instantly famous paparazzi shot of his colorful back ink ― a phoenix taking flight ― which the actor obtained during his divorce from Jennifer Garner. (Source:


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