behind the ear tattoos designs

behind the ear tattoos designs

Ear tattoos

Tattoos are easily obtainable to anyone wishing to bring ink to the back of their ear. Of course, it's not just any tattoo that's allowed, you’re going to want to go the extra mile. And the extra mile leads to a whole lot of the actually painful areas of the body. One of the most common with the ear tattoo is working with your artist to create an ear tattoo that is small and manageable, considering the area is already small and quite sensitive.


We get it, deciding on a tattoo isn't exactly easy, but choosing a design to place on a canvas that's really small with a bunch of odd angles? Borderline impossible. Plus, there's the fact that it's an obviously visible place, so finding a design you'll love for life can be a serious challenge. However, these delicate tattoos can double as a piercing (without the risk of ever closing up), which makes them a pretty, damn good investment. So click on through for some of our favorite inner ear tattoo ideas, and get ready to book an appointment. They're so cute, we can't imagine you not wanting to.

Ear tattoos are delicate and often intricate designs that are small in scale, like micro tattoos. For tattoo artists, tattooing on or around the ear is particularly challenging. Not only are ears funny in shape, but they are also harder in parts due to the cartilage that forms them. For a person getting tattooed, ear tattoos are also a challenge because our ears have more nerve endings than other parts of the body. That means that getting an ear tattoo can be an extremely painful experience. Have you ever heard a tattoo gun? When it gets very close to the ear the sound can be unnerving. Imagine being at the dentist’s office and how horrible the drills sound. A tattoo gun is similar, but with the loud buzzing directed right into your ear canal. Many tattoo artists and patrons instead opt for alternative methods of tattooing like stick-and-poke which utilizes the needles without the mechanics of a gun. These make the tattoos more manageable for the person being tattooed and gives the artist the opportunity to achieve a more precise design. Ear tattoos are a playful form of self-expression and people are getting some truly fun ear tattoos these days. Here are our 25 favorite ear tattoos. (Source: mamasuncut.com)


As is suggestive from the surface area of an antihelix and concha, small ear tattoos make a real cute embellishment. This cute little paw is a sweet reminder of your best buddy. Bold black ink focuses attention on the piece and is sure to get you loads of compliments! These small tattoos are specifically for those who need to keep them hidden for whatever may be the reason. You can add a tiny heart, a flower, music notes, or anything alike for such more discreet tattoo ideas.

This cool double-headed snake extends from behind the ear over into it and then there’s an optical illusion that makes it look like the snake is going through the ear. This tattoo was achieved by using a technique called dot work. Do you see all the little, tiny dots? How long do you think this took? (Source: mamasuncut.com)



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