Barbed Wire Tattoo

Barbed Wire Tattoo

You know you’re taking a risk when you tattoo that military-style barbed wire design on your arm, right? But if you know what you’re doing, the barbed wire tattoo can be your ticket to new opportunities. One woman tapped into her new ink for creative opportunities with minimal effort, now managing her own Etsy shop selling “Tattoo Inspired Clothing” made by other small businesses. Vertical Line Tattoo: You might not think of a tattoo as a starting point for a new art career.

What Does Barbed Wire Tattoo Mean?

The barbed wire tattoo is one that all tattoo enthusiasts have seen, or at least have seen on television. The barbed wire design is that of an actual barbed wire that you could see at governmental buildings, such as jails, banks, and anywhere else that needs to be protected from the outside. Developed in 1874 by a man named Joseph F. Glidden of Dekalb, Illinois, Joseph was determined to figure out a sure way of keeping his cattle in their perimeter. This was the most efficient and cheapest wire technology for such things in 1874. Since the invention of the ‘barbed wire’ it has been implemented in warfare, and a means of help securing an area that is in need of being under protection. These devices are normally seen on top of walls, chain linked fences, and in times of war, between trenches so that the enemy could not invade those trenches. Needless to say, barbed wire is a device you do not want to be playing around, it also makes for a classic and great tattoo. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

Shining Star Barbed Wire Tattoo Design:

What Do Barbed Wire Tattoos Mean?

Reminding us of a fence that’s painful to cross, a barbed wire tattoo represents the strength of people who have overcome traumatic experiences in life. It’s a perfect representation of courage, as barbed wire is dangerous—it can break your skin, cause bleeding and even death. Many soldiers choose to wear the tattoo to symbolize their bravery and strength. (Source: symbolsage.com)

Distinguished Barbed Wire Tattoo Design:

Never going out of fashion is this awesome looking tattoo for both men and women. This tattoo design displays the wearer affection towards nature, and the eagle tattoo depicts the strength and power of the person bearing the tattoo.

Cool Barbed Wire Tattoo Design:

Another sparkling and cool looking tattoo for young girls. The butterfly tattoo is one of the popular picks for women’s as the butterfly symbolises love; beauty, same are females. This tattoo design of a butterfly with twisted barbed wire would appear excellent when portrayed on the lower back portion of the body.

Incredible Tribal Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo:

Nowadays, people are designing tattoos on their armbands as they can easily be visible, and you can easily express yourself with those designs engraved on the arms. These tribal tattoos look very remarkable and are very easy to carve. These slant lines represent bold, masculine feelings and a cool way to decorate.

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