Badass Tattoos:

Badass Tattoos:


Badass Tattoos:

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43 Badass Tattoo Ideas for Wome

Looking for a tattoo that isn’t cute and pretty? Then you are in the right place. We have put together 43 of the best badass tattoo ideas for women. There is something for everyone from fierce tigers to skulls to unique ink like head tattoos. These are perfect for the women looking to add a bold and edgy tattoo to their look. (Source: stayglam.com)

11 Soccer Players With Badass Tattoos

Thanks to the convenient lack of a salary cap, soccer, the world’s most popular sport, is packed with filthy rich players. It means that yes, Cristiano Ronaldo really does earn $52.6 million per season in salary alone from Spanish powerhouse, Real Madrid, which is double LeBron's current contract. (Including endorsements, CR7 makes roughly $80 million each year.) So, it seems fair to ask the question: What the hell do these athletes do with their mountains of cash? (Source: www.gq.com)

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Badass Tattoos [frightened Design Ideas]

This It has become more of a fashion and style statement these days for men and women to sport tattoos on their body. Among the different tattoos that are in vogue, the one that is most popular is badass tattoos. To craft such tattoos on the body does require you to be confident, courageous and possess the right attitude towards it. They are sensual, bold with plenty of intricacies involved in it. The term expresses itself very clearly, is unforgetful and unimaginable. (Source: www.way2info.com)

1. Angry Wolf Design:

www.way2info.com)The wolf is an animal that is feared by others. This modern badass wolf tattoos are etched on the entire chest or back region. The very look and growl of the wolf is sure to make others to give side to the person having this tattoo. There are axes kept on both sides of the wolf with beautifully drawn background images. (Source:

2. Aggressive Bull Face Large Tattoo:

This badass shoulder tattoos design has been done quite intricately. It covers the entire chest from one shoulder to the other. The badass tattoos design is of the face of a raging bull with beautiful decorations. The very look of the design is aggressive and can represent better the individual’s personality. (Source: www.way2info.com)

3. Catchy Small Hand Tattoo Design:

These badass hand tattoos are small designs of skull and bones of some prehistoric animal that is quite unique and beautifully tattooed. It has blue color as its background to enhance its design. Badass skull tattoos is quite visible. This design is definitely eye catchy and a favorite among men. (Source: www.way2info.com)


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