Back of Arm Tattoo

Back of Arm Tattoo

Back Arm Tattoos Which Will Make You Look Unique and Exclusive

A back of the Arm tattoo might not be the first thing that people notices when they meet you but it will surely me something that will make you look different and unique. Back of the Arm tattoo is not common and many people think that it is a very sensitive spot to get a tattoo. And, they are not wrong. (Source: www.ecstasycoffee.com)

Captivating Back of Arm Tattoo Ideas With the Sun and Moon Designs

Tattoo designs with the sun and moon motif are one of the most popular ideas for tattoo on back of arm or the sleeve. These dainty and delicate back of arm tattoo designs look very graceful on the forearm. These tattoos are quite minimal and are drawn in full or half strokes or lines. The full cross pattern along with the lines creates a beautiful and elegant effect. (Source: outsons.com)

Where on Your Body Should You Get Your Tattoo?

Before getting tattooed, it’s important to consider how the areas of the body behave during and after the tattoo process. Some body parts hurt more, take ink differently, are more difficult to cover for work, or wear away faster than other parts. We’ve compiled a list of commonly tattooed areas of the body and important things to know about each of these areas of the body. If you’re still unsure of where to get a tattoo on your body, we will be happy to consult you about your best options. (Source: majestictattoonyc.com)

Detailed Tattoo Pain Chart – Saniderm Knowledge Base

The rumors are true… tattoos hurt. But how much do they hurt? Well, that varies pretty drastically depending on a few things. In this tattoo pain chart article, we will address all of them! Typically, tattoo pain factors include your respective pain tolerance, where on your body you get the tattoo, the style of tattoo, as well as the artist doing the tattooing. Some people will argue that tattoos really don’t hurt as much as you’d think, and most people we speak with actually find that to be true — but that’s not always the case.

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