Autism Tattoo

Autism Tattoo

Who Can Get an Autism Tattoo?

www.savedtattoo.com)Everyone can try out a specific and fully personalized autism tattoo. If you’re picky yourself and you’re someone who struggles with choosing the best kind, make sure that you give it a go with some of our recommended ideas and a huge variety of options. As long as you’re supportive and full of love and care you can wear an autism-inspired tattoo. (Source:

New Tattoo Time?

www.savedtattoo.com)Which tattoo was your favorite and which one you can’t wait to rock and try out on your own? If you’re someone who loves to show true appreciation and you’re looking for the best design for your loved ones, or for yourself; read our details and our article in-depth and find your ideal autism-inspired tattoo image here. Let us know what you end up choosing. (Source:

What Is the Symbol for Autism?

There are many symbols that represent autism, some of which are the butterfly, ribbon, and infinity symbol. The colours of the rainbow and the blue colour are also symbolic of autism awareness. However, the most common and well-known sign for those with autism spectrum disorder is the puzzle piece. More specifically, a blue puzzle piece or rainbow-coloured puzzle piece is often used to mark support and raise autism awareness. The puzzle piece represents the complexities and diversities of those with autism. However, some people find this sign to be offensive and negative as the puzzle piece might symbolise that those who are autistic are incomplete. Keeping the negative connotations aside, an autism tattoo or autism awareness tattoo can help get rid of the stigma around autism. It is also a nice way for those who are part of the autism community to own it confidently and for family members of such people to show their unconditional love and support. (Source:

12 Autism Acceptance Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos aren’t always associated with the autistic community. One of the questions I get asked most as an autistic self-advocate is, “How are you able to get tattoos sensory-wise?” For me, tattoos are a wonderful form of self-expression. I can fight through the sensory issues if it is something I really care about.

What Causes Autism?

Autism has been stated to be caused by a prenatal viral infection. This Is the factor which causes autism but is not genetic. The exposure to rubella or cytomegalovirus activates the mother’s immune response and may greatly increase the risk for autism in mice and this is the assumed case for humans too. Congenital rubella syndrome is the most convincing environmental cause of autism. (Source: optimistminds.com)



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