Atomic Tattoo:

Atomic Tattoo:

Atomic Tattoo

Atomic Tattoo™- a genuine Austin original! We are a tried and true traditional tattoo shop. Opened in 1992 in its original location on Burnet Road. With multiple locations all over the Austin area, we service all of the greater Austin area. Our top quality artists and piercers ensure that you will receive the best tattoo or piercing possible. In the early 1950s, teenage students in Lake County, Indiana, got up from their desks, marched down the halls and lined up at stations. There, fingers were pricked, blood was tested and the teenagers were sent on to the library, where they waited to get a special tattoo. Each one was in the same place on the torso, just under the left arm, and spelled out the blood type of the student.

Working at Atomic Tattoos: Employee Reviews

Great experience for front desk in a healthcare invironment setting. Also shipping and handling. Great for learning as a apprentice. Everyday is a learning experience for customer service skills and experience. I enjoyed my team they were like family. I miss working for Atomic. Unfortunately, they had to close due to ownership of Atomic. We have fun and exciting memories. Thank you for having me Atomic Tattoo. (Source: www.indeed.com)

Atomic Tattoos at the Florida Mall

Atomic Tattoos and Piercing operates Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Milwaukee's premier tattoo and piercing studios. Atomic Tattoos has convenient locations around Tampa Bay in Brooksville, Brandon, Lakeland, Largo, New Port Richey, North Tampa, Palm Harbor, South Tampa, St. Pete, and West Tampa. Atomic Tattoos also has convenient locations in the Milwaukee Area on both the East Side and North Side of Milwaukee. Atomic Tattoos has a new location in Orlando, FL by the University of Central Florida, and a brand new location inside the Westfield Brandon Mall to serve all of your tattoo and piercing needs. Atomic Tattoos exceeds industry standards in quality, cleanliness, safety, service, price, and excellence. Atomic Tattoos employs only the most experienced and advanced tattoo artists and piercing technicians. Atomic Tattoos stocks the latest and widest selection of body jewelry and tattoo designs. Atomic Tattoos artists are accomplished in a variety of mediums and capable of creating custom designs. (Source: www.simon.com)


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