armband tattoo designs

armband tattoo designs

Armband tattoo

One type of self-expression is wearing a tattoo. Armband tattoos are often seen on women, and it is usually the arm under the bicep. A popular type of armband is a rosary with a cross on it. This type of rosary is sometimes the symbol of the rosary of sorrows, which is a rosary with nine decades on it.


Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are mourning, or are just looking for a minimalistic solid black armband without diving too deep into the tribal culture, a solid black armband is ideal for you. We believe we detailed everything we possibly know about these tattoos, but you’re going to love their versatility and ease of making. Because of its easier design, it is also likely to heal faster. While the black color is a common practice on these armbands, other colors are also permitted.

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Now that we’ve detailed all the secrets and origin of the armband tattoo, let’s dive into the best armband tattoo designs that may catch your attention. Understandably, everyone wants to remain as unique as possible when making their armband tattoo. That’s why we listed the best designs we found to help you find your own.

How cool is this style? It’s simple and yet bold all at the same time. If you love space, aliens, the galaxy or NASA, then you are sure to love this tattoo. We could look at it all day and that’s the best part. It’s in the perfect spot to do just that. (Source: www.inkme.tattoo)


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