aquarius tattoo small

aquarius tattoo small

Aquarius tattoo

“When the time has come to walk the path less traveled, you know you have to go with the flow”.Aquarius means water. It is the 11th sign of the zodiac and has water and air as its associated element. Anyone born between January 20th and February 18th may be called an "Aquarian". They live in a world of change and are the original free spirits. For Aquarians, water is seen as the most sacred person. Choose the perfect tattoo design for this sign with our Aquarius tattoo gallery.


Here a tattoo that is unmistakably symbolic of Aquarius. In this instance, these telltale zigzag lines are inked in a large, bold format near the bicep area on the man’s arm. True to their simple but specific design, these lines are tattooed parallel to each other. The bold black line fill of this piece makes it stand out nicely against the subject’s skin. In a similar way, the size and shape of this tattoo fit the man’s arm quite well.

Pictured here is another interesting take on the Aquarius symbol. This one displays a rather casually drawn portrayal of the meaningful image. Applied in what looks like streaks of paint, a circular blue design surrounds this version of the common Aquarius zigzags. It is always good to see new styles and takes on otherwise well-known designs, whether it be in the tattooing world or even the general art world. New looks at old design often has the potential of unearthing new meanings and approaches to what we think we already know all too well. (Source: nextluxury.com)


If you clicked on this story, I’m going to go ahead and take a wild guess that you’re an Aquarius looking for tattoo ideas. And that's totally on brand for you—you’re the slightly edgy sign of the zodiac. But the thing is, you’re not down with just any regular ol' tattoo idea. You need something that totally vibes with your personality while checking off all the boxes. It needs to be quirky, unpredictable, a little mysterious, and most importantly, not basic. Thankfully, you don’t have to think of ideas on your own. I already stalked Insta to get you the 40 best Aquarius tattoo ideas out there. Seriously, these tattoos are so cool, I almost want them too.

If you are looking for a pattern that is distinguished and yet simple here is something that you may try. For beginners, the wrist tattoo is the simplest and easiest option to get. The design will showcase your indulgence in fashion and complement well with the outfits that you put on. The sharp wave design is made to portray the level of determination the Aquarians showcase in their ventures and decisions. The decisive nature of the Aquarians is what is resembled by the tattoo. They are free-spirited and their thoughts are not bound by any constraints of the world. They share the ability to come up with new ideas and freely share them among their peers. The tattoo is a means to attract the positivity and firmness of opinion that the Aquarians harbour in their heart. The black colour of the tattoo will match almost all the modern trends and blend with the fashion sense portrayed by the bearer. (Source: www.ecstasycoffee.com)



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