aquarius leo tattoo

aquarius leo tattoo

Leo tattoo

In other news the world has found out the name of the next Disney princess, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. With the fantastic news that there is going to be a Disney princess named Rapunzel, lets enjoy the time while it lasts. Disney is always changing their story from time to time and its a good thing to enjoy what you can be a part of. This is the woman who taught us to love ourselves and love each other. Ariel is a strong woman and one who represents a message for people of all


Tell me, what’s better for an attention-seeking Leo (<3) than a bold tattoo that’ll rake in the compliments? We’re currently in the midst of Leo season, and with all that creativity and bold energy in the air, don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to get some new ink. But for the record, you don’t have to wait for July 22 to start thinking of ideas for all the Leo tattoos you’re gonna get. In case you need a reminder of the badass you are (you didn’t forget, but I know you love the praise anyway), you’re a L-E-O, the leader of the pack who makes the rules, so mix that with your impulsive nature aaand you probably already got one. But if you’re thinking of getting another tattoo that shows off how much pride you have in being a Leo, let these 39 best Leo tattoos inspire your next design. Just don’t forget to take fire Instagram photos of it afterward (we know you love those).

The research for horoscopes and astrology is for more than just fortune predictors and palm readers. If you are formidable and charitable, but at the same time perhaps a little stubborn, you may be a Leo. The stars are aligned just right to make you who you are. All of the twelve signs of the zodiac has its own ruling body and element. Leos are often sagacious, fearless and faithful people. Ruled by the sun and the component of fire, it is undeniable that Leos are a feisty bunch. It is not a matter of sensation that the stalwart lion, the King of the Jungle is the image aligned with Leo. Who wouldn’t want to have a freaking cool lion tattoo, right? Here are some of the most fashionable ink designs to show the “pride” you have in your Leo-ness. (Source: bodyartguru.com)


I met Yogi at the Goa Tattoo Convention and found his work to be incredible. I saw the work of a lot of artists but his really got me interested the most. His realm really speaks to me. I love the style he uses, the elements he uses. I love the details, in short I love what everything he does, very simple in his tattoos, but still I was skeptical. I thought these are all still huge pieces, because his work if you check on Instagram, you’re gonna see he makes full legs and I thought to myself I am not sure that I am ready to get a such huge surface tattooed. So I confess I was a bit skeptical, but I found his art so beautiful, I loved his designs so much that I told myself I would really like to get a piece from him. He took pictures of my arm, observed how I moved around, because he really has that eye to make a piece which matches your body, and I think this is very important because some artists draw splendid tattoo designs that are marvelous but don’t fit at all with the morphology of the person wearing it. Do check the tattoo tour and much love to Yogi.

Here, the tattoo artist has inked the Leo lion tattoo in thick lines. In this Leo tattoo design, we can see the Leo symbol. Lion inked on each arm of the person looks amazing. The lion represents the fire sign in the most appropriate way as they are always hoping to be the leader of the pack they are in. They always aim for the spotlight and want to show their skills and presence to people around them; they are always confident and attractive. The background of this Leo sign tattoo design is geometric figures. You can get a little creative and integrate this Leo sign tattoo design with a Leo constellation tattoo. The best place to ink this lion tattoo would be on the same spot as shown in the image or on both of your legs. (Source: outsons.com)



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