Ankh Tattoo

Ankh Tattoo

What Is an Ankh Tattoo?

At first glance, the ankh looks like a modified cross with a loop at the top. In tomb paintings and on Egyptian works of art, the ankh may be held by a powerful official such as Pharaoh or a member of the royal family. The ankh can also be interpreted as symbolic of the union of man and woman, and the blessing of life found in the children of that union. It is often depicted as being held or bestowed by the Egyptian gods, which is thought to symbolize birth and rebirth. It is often combined with other hieroglyphic characters as a part of a message or theme. (Source: tattooglee.com)

Egyptian Art Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos, like many other tattoo designs from mythology or ancient cultures, are growing in popularity. They are tasteful, socially acceptable, and a great way of exploring and utilizing art imagery from all over the world. Egyptian tattoos are beautiful and striking images from the ancient past. (Source:

Meaning and Design Ideas for Egyptian Ankh Tattoo

Egyptian symbols, with their profound meaning and deep symbolism, sure make one of the best options in meaningful tattoo designs. The Egyptian ankh, the hieroglyphic for life, is definitely one of them. Read this ThoughtfulTattoos write-up to know the meaning, and check out some cool design ideas. (Source: thoughtfultattoos.com)

What Does an Ankh Tattoo Mea

The idea of life and rebirth can be symbolized with an Egyptian Ankh tattoo. This hieroglyphic symbol was used by the ancient Egyptians to represent eternal life, rebirth and the union of male and female. It is a theme which is repeated throughout centuries of Egyptian art. (Source:

Can a Christian Have an Ankh Tattoo?

If you are going to wear an ankh symbol, you should be aware that it is steeped in religious controversy. Many Christians do not embrace the symbol. They think of it as a “pagan cross,” and distance themselves from it as a result. The truth is, the ankh is not a cross symbol. (Source:



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