anime tattoo design

anime tattoo design


anime tattoo

The ultimate fan of Goku and Dragon Ball Z would love to have a twin of this anime tattoos. It is one of the coolest full back tattoos in terms of composition, color and style. Tattoo artist captures the energy, vibrancy and the exaggeration of the facial features of an anime character particularly the large round eyes, thick dark brows, button nose and with a large ear to complement the big hair. The closed fist raised up in the air looks larger than life because of dragon details at the background which matches its color tones perfectly. Tattoo artist filled in negative space with Dragon Ball Z popular details. What is really striking is the composition, how the content was placed to fit the canvas and focus on the subject matter to make everything look cohesive. Then the play of colors all throughout to make the piece balance, aesthetic wise. Realism was also used by artist with the shading and contouring to add depth without losing the comic book appeal of the tattoo. (Source: nextluxury.com)

nextluxury.com)This anime tattoos feature the Dragon Ball universe with Super Saiyan at the center. This is one the most successful series from the comic book to TV series, films the video games. Goku is endeared to his millions of fans so it’s not surprising that he is one of the favorites among tattoo pieces. This full back tattoo has the beginnings of a great masterpiece. This will definitely look awesome once all the characters are shaded, negative spaces filled in at the background. This is a great ink creation of Goku, he looks powerful, energetic and determined to do what needs to be done. The detail work for his hair is amazing. Contoured to add depth and look more realistic, the same style is applied to the rest of his structure. (Source:

There was a social media chatter sometime 2015, when a twitter account posted a link headlining an article declaring anime tattoos as illegal. The article further cited “unsavoury gangster links” and “unlicensed IP [intellectual property] exploitation,” a group comprising every major anime studio (except Gainax) has warned fans that body-art is no longer permissible. Posted on April 1, 2015, fans declared it as hoax shrugging it off as a prank since it was posted on April Fools Day. However, in some other parts of the globe wherein April Fool’s is not part of any tradition, gained traction in some other social media sites but was never taken seriously by the anime fandom. (Source: nextluxury.com)

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Here is the laid back but highly skilled, Kakashi Hatake, featured on this calf tattoo using the water color style of tattooing. This is more subdued design of this ultra-popular anime. The main character is outlined in fine lines but shaded to provide contrast so there will be more depth to make him look realistic. The background is subtle with no outlines, just the shading and some shadows. Kakashi is easily recognized due to certain characteristics which are uniquely his: face mask, hair- its color, texture and style. (Source: nextluxury.com)

In this article, we will find out all about the different tattoo designs, how to get inspired to get one of them, and what to expect afterward. I believe that it is extremely important for us to be informed about any tattoo design as well as the appropriate artist beforehand. It is not just us who can excel in the designs we choose, but also the artists as well. So, when you are looking at this list, you will find all the designs we have gathered. (Source: bodyartguru.com)

From popular American traditional style tattoos, the New School tattoo style combines a bold, 3D aesthetic with modern, bold, and flowing designs. It also possesses a large color palette, very similar to anime cartoons, which instantly connected these two worlds. Anime-style tattoos are also very illustrative in their own right, taking a more imaginative approach to elements, with a focus on details that is reminiscent of New School artwork. Having said that, you can maintain the color, the detail, or the depth of the artwork in these two options. It is well-known that anime cartoons also use bright colors and details to tell a story, so it would be perfect to combine these two for a tattoo. (Source: bodyartguru.com) They can portray your beliefs. You may have learned that Buddhism is about peace, love, meditation, and serenity. An


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