Africa Tattoo

Africa Tattoo

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Want a Powerful Afrocentric Piece? Learn More About African Tattoo Traditions and See Top African Tattoo Ideas!

The African continent is considered to be the “cradle of humankind”, but a lesser known fact is that it is also the birthplace of tattooing! The oldest known evidence of symbolic tattooing was discovered on the bodies of two Egyptian mummies, believed to be over 5,000 years old. For thousands of years the African people adorned their bodies with permanent symbols as a method of curing illness, providing protection, showing loyalty to their tribe, and denoting social status. Tattoos were also used to demonstrate specific personality traits amongst ancient people, bearing a marked resemblance to tattooing’s culture today of self-expression and story-telling.

42 Best African Tattoo Designs and Their Big Meanings

African Tattoo Designs are one of the most beautiful tattoos and many African natives decorate themselves with these tattoos. Many different tribes in Africa have different art. The African tattoos show humanity, a beautiful environment, and wildlife. This tattoo can be styled in different shades and came in many designs variations. African tattoos have a beautiful deeply meaning also. African tribes believe that tattoos protect them from disease and spirits. These are the most attractive and amazing designs of all time. People express their love for the country by map tattoos. (Source: www.brainyreaders.com)

What Does African Tattoo Mean?

There are literally thousands of African tattoos that people can get, each with its own specific design style and meanings. Some people will get these tattoos because they represent where they or their families came from, while others get the tats that hold significant meanings to them. Below you will find information on African tattoos, including some of the most popular types of tattoos and the meanings that can be used with these designs.

Africa Tatto

With so many designs and styles of tattoos in the world, you have to wonder if it would be possible to find a design of Africa tattoo that would suit your personality. There are many people who have been drawn towards tribal tattoo designs and some people choose tribal art for their ink because of this. If you do not want a tribal style tattoo but want something that is a little different, there are still several great designs out there that you can consider and have your tattoo done by an artist in the African continent. These designs may seem to be a little more out of the ordinary, but they can be perfect for those that love the natural look and feel of this part of the world. (Source: www.bodytattooart.com)

9 Traditional African Tattoo Designs and Meanings

In today’s era most of us wants to get a tattoo design on our body part so as to appear distinct and fascinating from others. There are many exclusive tattoo designs and but among all African tattoos designs are the ones which tempts and attracts tattoo lovers. The African tattoo speaks about humanity, depicts courage and beautiful intensifying landscape and wildlife. Thus because of these entire diversified yet unique heritages, the African tattoo are loved by tattoo lovers and is gaining popularity among men and women of all age group. (Source: stylesatlife.com)



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