10 Best Sites to Sell Tattoo Designs Online

10 Best Sites to Sell Tattoo Designs Online

10 Best Sites to Sell Tattoo Designs Online- Start Your Business as A Tattoo Artist


Not so Long ago, tattoos were very trendy, people welcomed tattoo as part of their culture and tradition. A tattoo can have artistic people cultivated. It helps tell stories about you and your struggles by carving the body with the living piece of art.


Did you know: Rihanna has a tattoo about failure?

By the passage of time, the internet has untied the long-ago piece of art. You can choose your favorite piece of art, your favorite sketch, your favorite tattoo design, and draw it on your body.


Having a Tattoo design on your body and to sell tattoo design online are two different things. It isn’t always easy to start your business as a tattoo artist. Nowadays, tattoo artist’s careers and starting a job being a tattoo artist is hard and challenging as well. It depends on where you live, what is the demand of people, Tattoo shops in your area and especially you can also go to any nearest school where they are offering certificates in Tattooing.


Although we are familiar with the fact that tattoo is a one-time job, if someone has a tattoo, they wouldn’t come to you next time however, if someone had a small tattoo they might come for a body tattoo. So the right thing to do is to sell your tattoo designs online. Yes, you can search on the web for different Guides where you can find about how to sell my tattoo designs online. In this article, we’ll give you a pathway to Top 10 websites where you can sell tattoo designs and get paid. In this field finding customers and selling your tattoo artist can be a daunting task. So, without bragging too much about Tattoo and its essentials let us tell you about10 Best Sites to Sell Tattoo Designs Online.


1.    ArtFire


ArtFire is the best source, where you can share your products like Tattoo designs for people. Artfire ensures that your creation is reached to the majority of the audience.


2.    Pixapp 


This platform is similar to Instagram whereby gathering your audience by followers you can showcase your work to people in an effective way. Artists get 90% for the things they sell on this platform.


3.    Redbubble


With a very simple layout, this website connects you with reliable international clients. You can set your own profit margin on this platform.


4.    Society6


How about seeing your artwork on different products, this website is the best fit for the artists? If you have great artwork, your work will be featured on the front page.


5.    Amazon

From 2013 the world’s biggest e-commerce site opened its Amazon Art section in 2013, it’s a legitimate way for artists of every genre to showcase their work to the world.