America's #1 TV Network zap2it is a joint venture between Discovery Communications. It offers advertising across a national TV schedule, reaching a large audience of more than 90 million monthly users.


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Version 1.0 of Zap2it debuted on the web in May 2000. In its earliest iteration, the site was a combination of TMS-owned listings sites TVQuest and MovieQuest plus the then-recently purchased content site UltimateTV.

The site's editorial pages, including the front page, were redesigned in 2001. In early 2003, the editorial focus of Zap2it was narrowed down to television and films, and the site was again redesigned. An agreement with Fandango in 2005 allowed for the introduction of online movie ticketing for select theaters. Blogs, including It Happened Last Night, which offered show recaps, were first launched in 2006 and expanded thereafter. In 2007, the site launched "click-to-record" functionality allowing users with TiVo digital video recorders to remotely schedule recordings directly from within the Zap2it television listings.

The site launched TVOvermind, a blog dedicated to episodic recaps hosted as a subdomain on the Zap2it website, in 2008. It was later purchased by BC Media Group in 2012. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

In early 2007, Zap2it released enhanced television listings on its main site. Upgrades to the product included improved performance, better customization capabilities and the introduction of sharing tools and a user rating system. Following a testing period, the television-listings product was made available to affiliates. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

"The End". Zap2it. January 31, 2020. Archived from the original on February 1, 2020. Retrieved February 27, 2020.

A few years back, Zap2It decided to go with a new "bells-and-whistles" TV grid that was positively awful. After tons of complaints, they went back to the previous format, which was great. Guess what -- they're going "bells-and-whistles" again and it's awful. I can't log into it, can't open a new account, can't do anything with it. It is, as other posters are saying, awful.

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