Where Can I Fly on a Boeing 747?

Where Can I Fly on a Boeing 747?


where can i fly on a boeing 747

If you are considering flying on a 747, there are a few things you should know. Among them is the length of the aircraft, the undercarriage, and the safety. In addition, you should take into consideration the longevity of the aircraft.

Airframe and undercarriage design

The Boeing 747 is the largest passenger airliner in use today. Its design was a response to the 1960s air travel explosion. It was designed with multiple structural redundancies to withstand the heavy weight and vibrations of flying.

Airframe and undercarriage are two major components that are critical to the performance of the airplane. Depending on the aircraft, the landing gear may include wheels, wheels, and a steering mechanism. Landing gears also incorporate brakes and structural members, which support the aircraft's weight during takeoff and landing.

The undercarriage of a Boeing 747 consists of sixteen main landing gear wheels, each of which is mounted on a pair of bogies. In addition, the landing gear includes four hydraulic systems, which can be used for landing and takeoff.

Typical wheels for aircraft are made of aluminum alloy and are lightweight. Generally, the undercarriage is concealed in the fuselage. However, if a plane is fitted with an auxiliary power unit, the undercarriage is hidden by a vertical stabilizer.

The vertical stabilizer is installed on the tail of the aircraft and is specially designed to minimize side slip. It is also known as the rudder.

The wing of a Boeing 747 is swept back at a high angle to reduce wing span. The nacelles contain 700 lb of depleted uranium, which helps to prevent flutter.

During the flight certification phase, Boeing built an unusual training device called "Waddell's Wagon," named after test pilot Jack Waddell. This mock cockpit was mounted on a truck and aimed at training pilots on taxiing from a high upper deck position.

A new model, the 747-8, is due to enter service in 2007. It is an enlarged derivative of the 747-400ERF. As of 2006, 44 firm orders have been placed, and it has been in production since November 2006.

The 747 Advanced, a modified version of the original, was launched in November 2005. The 747-8 retains many of the key characteristics of the 747-400ERF. But, it includes many of the innovations and technology found in the 787. Moreover, the 747-8 has a redesigned cockpit, new engines, and a smaller wingspan.

Tail towers as tall as a six-story building

The Boeing 747 has been around for a while now, but it hasn't slowed down in a big way. In fact, it has just as many passengers as it did when it first entered service in January of 1970. Its four engines and two aisles have paved the way for newer and better jumbo jets. With some of the best customer service in the industry, it's no wonder why it's the flagship of the Boeing family.

As the airline industry evolves and the consumer grows older, it's no wonder the 747 has a long list of successors. One of the more notable is the Boeing 747-8, which has been selected by the US Air Force as the next president's official Air Force One aircraft. This model boasts the oh so enticing and highly touted "smart suite" features including integrated satellite and network connectivity. Among other benefits, the 787-8 will allow for quicker and more accurate flight planning and boarding.

Whether it's the actual flight or one of the numerous maintenance and repair jobs, the Boeing 747 is on the frontlines of Seattle aviation. After a recent pandemic scare, the city has started to recover. Westbank, the developer behind the WB1200 complex in downtown Seattle, is not the only one with an eye on the future of the Emerald City. A recent study revealed that there are more people living in the city than there were ten years ago. Despite a number of recent setbacks, the movers and shakes are in full swing, and Westbank hopes to complete their project in the summer of 2022.


The Boeing 747 is known for its longevity. Although its lifespan has shortened, it still flies around the world, carrying passengers and cargo alike.

Boeing 747s have been in production for almost fifty years. Among the variants of the iconic jet, the only ones in production today are the 747-400 and the 747-300. During this time, Boeing has made major advancements in internal technology, structural durability and safety.

Boeing's durability analysis standard was developed in the early 1970s to ensure that an aircraft's structure would not suffer significant fatigue cracking during the first 20 years of service. Boeing's goal was to have no fatigue related maintenance problems within 30 years.

When Boeing first rolled out the 747, it was considered to be the next generation of aircraft. It was intended to be a revolutionary travel tool that would enable passengers to fly from many cities to destinations all over the world.

As the number of flights increased, the 747's range grew. Passengers could also visit Hawaii, which was not possible with previous aircraft.

For many years, Boeing enjoyed a monopoly on the large passenger aircraft industry. Several other airlines entered the market. These included Pan Am, which introduced the 747 to Hawaii in 1970, and Continental Airlines, which followed suit in 1982. In the early 1980s, there was a short-lived airline called Hawaii Express.

By the late 1970s, Boeing had begun to modify the 747 to make it more fuel efficient. Later, it also offered a stretched upper deck modification. However, the stretch was useless in a freighter configuration.

Boeing 747 variants have been used for military and cargo flying. They have flown to destinations such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Moreover, the 747's design has become the basis for a variety of aircraft such as the E-4 Emergency Airborne Command Post, and the Space Shuttle.

There are numerous variations of the 747, with the 747-100 being the original model. The aircraft has a MTOW of 735,000 pounds. This type of aircraft is favored by parcel carriers, as well as cargo airlines.

Boeing has also produced other variants of the 747, including the 747-8 and 747-8F. Both of these models are capable of carrying 132 tons of cargo.


Safety on a Boeing 747 is an important consideration. The plane is among the safest in the world. However, accidents have occurred with it, and its fatality rate is higher than most other airplanes.

A study done by Dr. Arnold Barnett of Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that the death risk per flight was one in seven million. Since then, airlines have started flying the airplane again.

Many in the aviation industry blame foreign pilots, lack of experience, and insufficient training. However, these accidents could also be due to flaws in the aircraft's design.

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, oversees the safety of commercial air travel. They regulate and inspect both airplanes and pilots. If they find problems, they can fix them. Some of the money reportedly goes to the families of victims.

Other factors have also been cited as contributing to the high accident rates on Boeing 747s. The 737's MCAS (Manoeuvring Characteristics Associated with Stalls) is a flight control system that is designed to warn the pilots when they are about to stall. It is supposed to help them recover without activating.

Boeing has been criticized for its failure to inform pilots of potential problems with the 737 MAX. According to a Final Committee Report, Boeing failed to educate its pilots about potential hazards that could lead to crashes.

Another issue with the plane is its engine. Many say that the two extra engines on the B747 raise the chance of a crash. This may be true. However, the failure rate of the plane's engines is actually higher than that of the 777.

The Safety Guiding Principles of Boeing emphasize the importance of keeping employees safe. These principles are intended to ensure that no one gets hurt at work or in their home. Currently, they exceed government regulations.

While Boeing's safety record has improved in recent years, it is not as rosy as it once was. As a result, the company has been forced to pay out $2.5 billion to settle criminal charges.

Several companies have also retired their 747 fleets in the coming years. Airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have already done so.

What Does a Boeing 747 Look Like?

what does a boeing 747 look like


The Boeing 747 is an iconic United States plane. It is one of the most widely recognized aircraft in the world, and was originally developed as a military transport plane. However, when the military failed to purchase a new heavy-lift military transport, Boeing changed focus to the commercial market. Today, the 747 is used for freight deliveries, and is in the process of retiring from passenger service. But, its freighter models are still in production, and will continue to be for some time to come.

When the aircraft first came out, Boeing decided to build two different freighter versions, one a little larger than the other. The -8 was the first to be built, but the -8F is the one that has been sold the most. Now, with the 747-8F, there is more fuel efficiency and a more flexible wing. In addition, the 747-8F's engines are more efficient and its noise footprint is smaller.

The 747-8F was designed with more powerful engines, but it also features a more flexible wing, and a greater payload. According to Boeing, the 747 8F can hold up to 46 containers in its climate-controlled cargo holds. Additionally, the 747-8F offers a range of 4,120 nautical miles, compared to 3,500 nautical miles for the -747 -400. Besides the engine improvements, the 747-8 has a broader fuselage and a larger wingspan.

The 747-8 has a redesigned wing, featuring raked wingtips, a shortened second-level "hump," and a gapped leading-edge Krueger flap. This design includes ailerons that are optimised for span-load in cruise flight. Also, the ailerons have been redesigned to include a droop.

While Boeing is preparing to retire the 747-8, its freighter models are still in production, ensuring that the airplane will be built through at least 2022. Several airlines have already ordered the freighter, including Air Belgium, Arik Airlines, Air China, and Lufthansa.

Air Belgium and Arik Airlines, however, are not sure where they are going to get the 747-8s. Kuehne+Nagel, a major air freight company, has put into operation the first 747-8 freighter. Moreover, the company has a long-term charter agreement with Atlas Air. The company has ordered nine 747-8Is, and hasn't been able to finalize a deal for four of them.

The Boeing 747-8 is a large four-engine jet that is equipped with General Electric GEnx engines. In addition, it is equipped with an advanced bleed system for air conditioning. It also features an alternative extend mechanism, and features modified doors, tyres, and landing gear geometry.

The 747-8F has two cargo decks. One is located below the main deck, and the other is located on top. These are two features that make the 747 8F more attractive to cargo operators. The 747-8F's two-level design allows for easy access to its cargo bays.

Boeing aims to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency through the 747 -8F's revised engines. Its GEnx-2B67 engines, which share a common core, incorporate digital bleed control and a 2.67m fan. They also feature high-pressure water separation, which dries the air within the air cycle machine upstream of the turbine section input.


Boeing's 747-8I made its international debut on Monday, 28 February, 2011. It was the first passenger 747 to be delivered in seven years. Previously, deliveries have often been an odyssey.

With four General Electric GEnx engines and a new wing, the 747-8 offers passengers a premium experience. It is also designed to be more fuel-efficient than the current-generation -400. In addition to reducing carbon emissions by up to 16%, it has a 30% smaller noise footprint than its predecessor. The 747-8 also uses new technologies including a more efficient bleed system, subfreezing packs and a new air system controller.

Among other innovations, the 747-8 has a larger cabin than the previous generation. It features a larger overhead bin, more arched ceilings and higher window bevel treatments. While it isn't yet ready for airline customers, Lufthansa is one of the launch customers.

In addition to being an impressive aircraft, the 747-8 has the potential for premium revenue. According to Boeing, a 10% reduction in seat-mile costs is possible. This is largely due to the ailerons being optimised for span-load in cruise flights. Other efficiencies being developed include rigging improvements around the aft end of the aircraft, an improved nacelle leakage system, and a weight-saving programme.

Boeing has dubbed the 747-8 as the "Advanced". It is the successor to the 747-400, which was launched in 2006. There are three engine options, including two General Electric GEnx-2B67s. Each of these engines produces 66,500 pounds of thrust. They have a redesigned leading edge Krueger flap that incorporates a gapped configuration. Additionally, a new central maintenance computer has been introduced.

The 747-8 is a massive improvement on the 747-400. However, the program suffered from development issues. Some of these problems were largely related to the introduction of a new 777-style electronic flight-deck checklist. These issues have contributed to a lengthy production delay, but eventually Boeing was able to bring the 747-8 to market.

The first 747-8I was delivered to an undisclosed VIP customer in February. After the delivery, the aircraft entered the flight-test programme. The aircraft was subsequently delayed for the door-buffet issue. At the time, the 747-8I was in the middle of a two-year interior conversion.

During the test phase, the 747-8I was operated by an unnamed airline. Boeing's marketing team billed the new jumbo as 2% cheaper to fly, but a recent interview with Lufthansa's Nico Buchholz suggested that the aircraft may be a bit overweight. Nevertheless, he says he was impressed with the performance of the aircraft.

Since then, a number of airlines have expressed interest in the 747-8. Arik Air, for instance, ordered two of the jumbos, but the company has not formally confirmed the order. Korean Airlines is expected to receive the first 747-8I within the next year. The aircraft is being evaluated by the US Air Force for use as Air Force One. Meanwhile, Transaero has signed a preliminary agreement to purchase four 747-8Is from Boeing.

In December 2011, the 747-8I was certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration. As the first of the 747-8 line, it has been approved for quota count of two take-offs.

When Did Luka Doncic Play For Real Madrid?

when did luka doncic play for real madrid

Have you ever wondered when did Luka Doncic play for Real Madrid? If so, then you are in luck! This article is going to cover all the details you need to know. Learn about his early life, his career in the NBA and his time at Real Madrid. In addition, you will learn about his net worth.

Early life

Luka Doncic is a Slovenian basketball player who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The son of former player and basketball coach Sasa Doncic, Luka was born in Ljubljana on February 28, 1999. He has Serbian, Slovenian, and Kosovo ancestry.

Doncic started his basketball career at age eight. He played for the youth teams of Olimpija, which is the top basketball team in his country. During his time with Olimpija, he was coached by his father, who is also a former professional basketball player.

When he was thirteen years old, he signed a five-year contract with Real Madrid. It was the first of many professional contracts. In fact, he was the youngest player to ever play for Real Madrid.

After he had joined Real Madrid, he played with their under-18 and reserve teams. He also played for their youth academy. This allowed him to get to know players of higher ages.

As a teenager, Luka developed a reoccurring interest in sports. He was a fan of Vassilis Spanoulis and LeBron James. But his real love was for basketball. His IQ and passion for the sport soon led him to become the star player he is today.

After leaving Union Olimpija, Doncic signed with the Real Madrid youth academy. At the age of sixteen, he made his senior team debut. During this time, he was a part of the team that won the Minicopa Endesa tournament. During this tournament, he was named the MVP.

At the age of seventeen, he was selected as the FIBA Europe Under-18 championship gold medalist. In addition, he won the MVP of the Latvian League. And in 2011, he was named the MVP of the under-14 Vasas Intesa Sanpaolo Cup in Budapest.

Doncic is a member of the Slovenian national team. He is a EuroLeague rising star and was named the league's MVP in the 2015/16 season.

In December, he signed a mega sponsorship contract with Air Jordan. Before becoming an NBA player, Doncic played for the Slovenian U-18 national team. His mother, Mirjam Poterbin, is also a Slovenian beauty salon owner.

Career at Real Madrid

It's hard to deny that Luka Modric's career in Madrid has been one for the ages. The three-time All-Star and four-time MLS All-Star has earned a plethora of accolades over his illustrious tenure in Spain. As well as the aforementioned MVP, Modric has won three straight Champions League titles, four La Liga titles, and a whopping four trophies in the UEFA Champions League. Indeed, he's been a real presence in the league since 2012. A plethora of accolades isn't the only reason to keep an eye on the 22-year-old point guard. With a contract extension in the offing, there's a lot to look forward to in the next few months. Whether that includes a trip to the big leagues remains to be seen.

In the words of an All-Star, you'll never know until you're there. But, if you're not already a fan, here's a look at some of the best that a player in this class can offer. From the likes of Sergio Llanas to Luka Modric to Cristiano Ronaldo, you're in good hands. And, with a new coach in place and a refurbished locker room, the team's confidence is sky high. Adding to the buzz is that former first-round draft pick and aforementioned MVP Sergio Llanas has signed a two-year deal worth some serious coin. Of course, if the contract isn't renewed, expect some revolving door action to take place.

Career in the NBA

The NBA's newest superstar Luka Doncic has quickly developed into a name to be reckoned with in the league. His European flair and international appeal have paved the way for his rapid rise in the NBA. He began playing at a very young age and quickly raised the bar for future basketball stars.

After only four seasons in the NBA, Luka Doncic has already established himself as one of the most successful players in league history. In addition to being selected to three All-NBA First Teams and being named MVP of the NBA's Final Four, he has also won numerous individual awards.

As a teenager, Doncic set numerous records. He became the youngest player to ever make at least seven three-pointers, the youngest player to score at least 40 points, and the first teenager to record a triple-double. He finished with the second-highest scoring average in the league when he was just 19 years old.

At just 16 years old, Doncic became the youngest player to score at least 30 points and 20 rebounds in the same game. During the same time, he joined Michael Jordan and Jason Kidd in the list of players to record at least two triple-doubles in the same season.

On August 17, Doncic made his postseason debut. It was in Game 3 of the Western Conference First Round against the Los Angeles Clippers. He posted 46 points, and he surpassed LeBron James's NBA Playoffs record with 42 points. However, his Mavericks lost to the Clippers 126-111.

Doncic earned two consecutive All-NBA First Team selections. He was named Western Conference Player of the Month in November. He was also voted to the World Team in the 2019 Rising Stars Challenge.

By the time he was 18 years old, Doncic was considered to be one of the best prospects in the draft. He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks with the third overall pick. He had an impressive rookie season, averaging 20 points, five rebounds, and five assists per game.

He finished sixth in the MVP voting for the season. A trade to Dallas in the offseason allowed him to secure a lucrative multi-year endorsement deal with Air Jordan.

Net worth

Luka Doncic is a basketball player who plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association. He is a Slovenian national who is considered one of the best young players in the world.

As a professional athlete, Doncic earns millions of dollars per year. Some of his endorsement deals include Nike, Air Jordan and BioSteel. In the next couple of years, he is likely to sign a few more major deals. His current contract with the Mavericks is worth over seven figures.

During his first three years in the NBA, Doncic amassed a very impressive $25 million. This figure is expected to grow to over $45 million in 2025. Although he is only 23 years old, Doncic has already shown exceptional talent in this season.

Since joining the Mavericks, Luka Doncic has earned several accolades, including two All-Star selections and the MVP award of the Final Four in 2018. He also set several records during the 2017 EuroBasket tournament, earning a gold medal.

After a successful season in the NBA, Doncic signed a five-year deal with Nike's Air Jordan line. The deal includes a number of branded vehicles, including the Jordan React Elevation.

Luka Doncic has also signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with BioSteel. He has also been endorsed by Panini. These partnerships have helped raise his earnings, as well.

As a youth player, Doncic was recruited to Union Olimpija. Eventually, he joined the Real Madrid youth academy, where he gained professional experience.

During his time in the league, Luka Doncic has already set a number of records, including the NBA record for most points in a game and the Euro League record for most points in a single game. Additionally, he has earned several awards, such as the NBA Rookie of the Year and the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Though Doncic has not yet reached the level of earnings he deserves, he has already gained massive fandom. Many people have followed him on Instagram, and his social media followers have increased dramatically over the years.

Doncic's net worth is expected to increase over the coming years, as his popularity continues to grow.

When is Luka Doncic a Free Agent?

when is luka doncic a free agent

If you are a basketball fan, you might be curious about when is luka doncic a free agent. While this is a great question, there are a few different factors that you need to consider. One of these factors is his career path. A quick glance at his NBA playoff performances and net worth will give you a good idea of how he's progressed.

luka doncic's contract

Luka Doncic is a 22-year-old basketball player who is currently with the Dallas Mavericks. After a promising rookie season, he is set to earn around $37.1 million in the upcoming season. In addition, Doncic will be given a player option in the final year of his contract. He has the opportunity to get a maximum salary extension.

Doncic was selected to the All-NBA first team in two of his first three seasons. He also won EuroLeague MVP. His first season with the Mavericks saw him lead them to a seven-game series win over the Phoenix Suns. Then, he led them to the Western Conference Finals. This was the first playoff appearance for the Mavericks in ten years.

As a rookie, Luka Doncic averaged 25.7 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. He is the only NBA player to hit 5,000 career points sooner than LeBron James.

With Doncic's recent extension, the Mavericks are now expected to pay their star player $207 million over the next five years. It's a contract that would make him the fourth highest-paid player in the NBA when it becomes official.

Before joining the Mavericks, Doncic played in Europe with Union Olimpija. He also served as the cover athlete for the NBA 2k22 video game. And, last December, he signed a multi-year deal with Jordan Brand.

Although he is only 23 years old, Luka Doncic is already considered the future face of the NBA. He has two All-Star honors and is a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award this season.

If Luka Doncic is able to continue playing at this high level, it is possible he will become the best player in the league by the end of this season. That would be an incredible feat.

luka doncic's career path

One of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA is Luka Doncic. The Slovenian star is only 20 years old and has already made a huge impression in his rookie season.

He was drafted third overall by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2018 draft. His five-year contract is worth $215 million. He is expected to take his game to the next level in his fifth season.

In his first three seasons in the NBA, Doncic has been named to the All-NBA First team. He also earned three Western Conference Player of the Week awards. Among his other accolades, he finished fourth in MVP voting in the 2019-20 season.

During his time with the Mavs, Doncic has been an absolute force. He leads the league in points per game and in win shares. In fact, he has scored more than 30 points in each of his first seven games.

During his time in Dallas, Doncic has shown an improved grasp of the game. Not only has he racked up impressive statistics in his rookie season, but he has also displayed a team-first mindset. That is especially important when playing in a tough defense like the one he has seen in the Mavs' rotation.

Luka Doncic is averaging over 22 points and 6 rebounds a game, both career highs. He has shot over 55 percent from the field and over 60 percent from three-point range. Additionally, he has been averaging over seven assists a game.

He has also been a master of the step-back three-point shot. After shooting 36.1 percent from behind the arc last year, he has shaved nearly a full percentage point.

luka doncic's net worth

Luka Doncic is a young basketball player who has made a splash in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 20-year-old Slovenian is a member of the Dallas Mavericks. He was the third overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft and has made an impression in his rookie season.

Doncic has been a stalwart for the Slovenian national team. His teammates have won numerous tournaments, including the EuroBasket. In the last tournament, the Slovenian team won gold. They also earned an All-Tournament team designation. During the championship game, Doncic scored a career-high 42 points, and he added 11 assists.

Luka Doncic's net worth is expected to increase significantly in the future. Although his total earnings are still unknown, his salary is estimated to reach $35 million in the upcoming season. It's also possible that he could become the first NBA player to earn $50 million.

Despite his youth, Doncic has a large fan base and is a rising star in the league. As a result, he is able to earn millions of dollars from endorsement deals.

Doncic is affiliated with many brands, including Air Jordan, Panini, WME Sports, and BioSteel. His house in Preston Hollow, Texas, features floor-to-ceiling windows and a pool. At a price of around $2.7 million, it's not a small investment.

On a more personal level, Doncic's family includes his mother, Mirjam, and Pomeranian dog. After his parents divorced in 2008, his mother was awarded custody. She has tried to register her son's name as a trademark, but so far, it hasn't worked.

Several years ago, Doncic attended charity tennis matches organized by Dirk Nowitzki. In addition to the money he makes from playing in the NBA, he is a huge star in Slovenia, where he plays for the national team.

luka doncic's father is an assistant coach for the Knicks

The New York Knicks have hired the father of Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson as an assistant coach. In a recent interview, Brunson said he was "excited to be back on the East Coast."

The Knicks are in need of a new point guard, and that's why they've been looking into the possibility of hiring Brunson's father. He's a former NBA player and assistant coach, and has been working under Tom Thibodeau in Chicago and Minnesota.

The Knicks are expected to offer Brunson a four-year contract that's in the neighborhood of $110 million. However, fans have mixed feelings about the deal. Some are worried about the Knicks' cap space. Other people think Brunson's performance has been good enough to make him a high-priced signing.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks are expected to retain Brunson, who has had an exceptional season in the reserve role. He's averaging 20.8 points and 3.5 assists, shooting 46% from the field and 39% from three-point range.

As an unrestricted free agent this summer, Brunson has been the subject of intense interest from the Knicks, but the team hasn't been able to close a deal. After all, the team hasn't made a postseason appearance in nine years, and it's also trying to find a new offensive coordinator.

If the Knicks are able to get a top-notch player, they might be able to build a successful team. But as long as they can't sign the player they want, they might have to go in a different direction.

Whether it's Jalen Brunson or another point guard, the Knicks are expected to get an offense that's both versatile and effective. And if the front office can free up more money, the Knicks will be able to pursue the star player they want.

luka doncic's NBA playoff performances

The young star of the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, has been performing at a high level in the NBA playoffs. Even with the franchise having not advanced past the conference finals in over a decade, Doncic has delivered in a big way.

Doncic, who is 22 years old, has been listed among the league's three best players of this age. Two of the other names on the list are Kobe Bryant and Wilt Chamberlain. He has also been awarded two All-NBA honors.

If he's able to play at a high level in the finals, Doncic could deliver a championship for the franchise. But first, the Mavericks must get past the Phoenix Suns. They're the odds-on favorites for the West, but they've lost six of their last eight games.

Doncic has also demonstrated a surgeon-like approach to dissecting defenses. His offensive creation rate is over 40%. That's the highest in the history of a player with 10 or more postseason games.

Luka Doncic's postseason production also ranks him fifth in the history of the NBA for points per game in elimination contests. His average of 39.0 points is the second-highest in the history of the tournament.

In addition to his scoring numbers, Luka Doncic is also averaging 8.7 assists and 8.8 rebounds in the playoffs. For comparison, Jordan averaged 8.5 assists and 8.8 rebounds during the same period.

Whether he wins or loses this series, Doncic will be a major star in the future. As a matter of fact, he may already have a shot at the NBA title. However, Doncic still has some work to do to get his name on the prestigious trophy.

Las Vegas Golf Courses

wynn las vegas golf course green fees

If you are looking for a golf course in Las Vegas, there are some excellent choices. The Wynn and The Summit Club are two popular destinations for golfers. There are also options such as Shadow Creek and Southern Highlands.

The Wynn

The Wynn Las Vegas golf course is located in the heart of Las Vegas' famous strip. You will find it just a short walk from the Encore Hotel. It is designed by Tom Fazio and was first opened in 2005. Since then, it has undergone a complete reconstruction.

If you're looking for a unique and exciting golf experience, you'll want to make the trip to Las Vegas. In fact, you'll find three of the top 100 courses in the world right here. So how much does it cost to play?

Prices vary depending on the time of year and whether you are playing in the morning or afternoon. During the summer months, rates are lower. However, you'll still pay a greens fee of around $350 per round.

Getting a tee time is easy at The Wynn. Just make a reservation 30 days in advance. Guests can also get discounted tee times for half off. And the hotel's pro shop is just a quick walk from the course.

The practice area is surrounded by sturdy nets and artificial turf. There's also a locker room, which is small but elegant.

The golf course is a short drive from both MGM Resorts International properties and the Wynn. You'll need to book your trip to The Wynn through an MGM Resorts International property.

In addition to the golf course, Wynn features a luxury hotel and an impressive nightclub. These two properties were recently named the best resorts in Nevada by Conde Nast Traveler.

The Wynn Las Vegas golf course is a must-play on your next trip to Sin City. But, be warned: it's expensive. Depending on your skill level, it can cost you an arm and a leg.

Fortunately, you can avoid some of the expensive greens fees by playing in the afternoon or during twilight. You can find discounted tee times, as well as professional caddies to help you along the way.

Despite the fact that the Wynn Las Vegas golf course was originally scheduled to close at the end of 2017, it reopened this week. It's a redesigned version by legendary golf course architect Tom Fazio and his son Logan.

Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands is one of the most exclusive golf courses in Las Vegas. This private club, located in the southernmost residential community of Nevada, is only open to guests and members. Its 42,000 square foot clubhouse is home to the UNLV men's golf team.

The clubhouse is a lovely example of Tuscan architecture. It is home to a full-service bar, sports courts, a swimming pool, and fitness center.

One of the best features of this course is its location. You can get there by taking Interstate 15 to South Highlands and then hopping on a shuttle bus to the club. As a bonus, the green fees are reasonable. They range from $160 to $295.

Another noteworthy feature is the waterfall on the ninth green. Originally built by the Jones family, this water element is a must see.

The Southern Highlands Golf Course is a par 72 layout, featuring water, pine framed fairways, and a number of exciting elevation changes. Among the holes that stand out are the par threes and the par fives.

The course is also well maintained. Tee boxes were in excellent condition, and divots were filled in. In all, the course was an incredible experience.

Southern Highlands is a very high-class course and has a number of notable holes. For example, the par four eleventh hole has a waterfall in front of the green, as well as a caddie who will help you make it through the water and the bunkers.

There are two main tee times during the day at Southern Highlands. You can either tee off at the Blue tees or the Black tees. During high-traffic times, it may be difficult to find a tee time. However, you can contact the club and see if there are any available tee times.

While the golf course is one of the best in Vegas, you might be better off playing the course at the Wynn or the Tournament Players Club at Summerlin. Both of these clubs are less than a half-hour drive from the Strip.

Other notable features of the Southern Highlands Golf Course include the clubhouse and the caddie services.

The Summit Club

The Summit Club is an ultra-exclusive private residential community and 18-hole golf course in the exclusive Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas. Its Tom Fazio championship golf course is only open to members of the Summit Club.

The course was designed by renowned golf architect Tom Fazio. The property is owned by Discovery Land Co., a company which is also responsible for the construction of the Wynn resort in Las Vegas. This new property is the latest addition to Discovery's growing collection of properties.

A large, 200,000-square-foot clubhouse is under construction at the site. There will be two golf practice areas, a short-game area, and a clubhouse bar and chef.

An additional par three hole is near the practice area. Members of the Summit Club can play it to extend their game or to settle a tied match.

With its wide-spreading range of elevation changes, the Summit Club offers a dramatic view of the desert mountains. The course also features two 340-yard driving ranges, and pristine practice areas.

Located in a 550-acre private residential resort community between the Las Vegas Strip and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, The Summit Club is a member's-only golf club. Players can reserve tee times at least 30 days in advance.

Tom Fazio's design includes five sets of tees, watered greens, and immaculate bunkers. Players can also expect to enjoy some of the most challenging and beautiful holes in the city. Unlike other courses in Las Vegas, The Summit Club is a more park-like course with a desert backdrop.

The Summit Club has sold out 29 of its 31 luxury condominiums. Owners of the remaining homes include Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis, and Las Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley.

The Summit Club is a great way to experience the beauty of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Las Vegas Strip. Not only does it offer a wonderful round of golf, it has a host of amenities for the entire family. You can enjoy fine whiskies, food, and drink at the clubhouse.

For a limited time, you can enjoy The Summit's special offer to save on the green fee: tee times can be booked for as low as $550.

Shadow Creek

Shadow Creek is a beautiful course located in the northern section of Sin City. The course is set among huge trees. Its design is reminiscent of a Pacific Northwest, and it features a variety of lakes and creeks. This course is a must-play for anyone in Las Vegas.

Shadow Creek is an 18-hole golf course built by Steve Wynn in 1989. In the mid-1980s, Wynn acquired a 300-acre tract of desert north of Las Vegas. He brought in architect Tom Fazio to create the course. Before he was done, he had poured three million cubic yards of dirt into the property. He planted mature pine trees around the perimeter.

Shadow Creek is owned by MGM Resorts International. It is only accessible by guests of the MGM properties. Guests can play the course Monday through Thursday, and weekends. During peak season, the greens fee can cost as much as $1,000. However, if you're a hotel guest of the MGM resorts, you can get a caddie for the day. You will also receive round-trip limo transportation from the Strip.

There are several other courses in Southern Nevada that are a better value than Shadow Creek. Primm Valley Lakes is about 40 minutes south of the Strip, and is an ideal alternative for golfers on a budget.

If you want to take a break from the rigors of golf, you can take a stroll through the onsite practice range. The caddies here can tell you a lot about the players. They can also give you a preview of the course.

The only thing that might be a turn-off for some is the greens fee. But, the rest of the Shadow Creek experience is nothing to scoff at. After all, it's one of the best golf courses in the country.

For a little more information, check out this review by Darius Oliver, who wrote for Planet Golf USA. Whether you're a PGA pro or a golf enthusiast, you'll enjoy your time on the course at Shadow Creek.

When you're ready to play, you'll need to book a tee time. From June through September, tee times run around $375, while during the winter, tee times can be as high as $550.

Best Low Price Shares to Buy in 2021

best low price shares to buy in 2021

When it comes to investing, low price shares are a great choice, especially if you're looking to build a long-term portfolio. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best options for low-priced stocks.


If you're interested in stocks with good potential for growth, you might consider acquiring shares of ServiceNow (NOW). This is a stock that has been making a comeback from a bear market. It trades at about 40 times forward earnings.

A key feature of the company's product portfolio is its emphasis on employee workflows and processes. The company also offers solutions for industry-specific business processes, including oil & gas, manufacturing, and health care. Besides its core product, ServiceNow also offers software-as-a-service to companies.

ServiceNow's revenue growth is relatively slow, but it is expected to remain profitable. And it has a solid balance sheet, with a weighted average cost of capital of 8.61%. That should help it weather an inflationary economy.

However, the company is facing currency headwinds that could reduce its subscription revenue. In its next twelve months, ServiceNow expects to report revenue of $1.834B to $1.839B. As a result, it expects to record a flat operating margin of 25%.

Meanwhile, ServiceNow has also been aggressively releasing new products and features to better meet customers' needs. These new products are focused on solving the most pressing challenges faced by companies today.

For example, the company's Workplace Scenario Planning service helps companies optimize their office space, allocate resources, and cut costs. Likewise, the ServiceNow platform supports workflow automation and machine learning.

Overall, ServiceNow is a solid investment, and its future looks promising. But its current valuation does seem expensive.

Investors should consider this stock's PEG ratio to determine if the company is offering more value for their money than other high-growth companies. Moreover, the company has a solid balance sheet, so its debt isn't a concern.

Overall, ServiceNow's strong position in the market and its ability to scale will provide it with a strong foundation for continued growth. If you're looking for low price shares to buy in 2021, this company is worth a look.

Jerash Holdings

Jerash Holdings is a US-based holding company. Its subsidiaries are principally engaged in manufacturing and exporting. The main products manufactured by its subsidiaries include ready-made outerwear, outerwear for sports, protective coveralls, surgical gowns, custom sportswear, and jackets.

Currently, Jerash Holdings has four wholly owned subsidiaries: Treasure Success International Limited, Chinese Garments and Fashions Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (CGFM), Global Trend Investment Limited (GTI), and Jerash Embroidery. GTI is an entity incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

GTI and Jerash Holdings entered into an agreement on May 11, 2017 whereby Global Trend contributed 100% of its outstanding capital stock to Jerash Holdings. GTI became the accounting acquirer of Jerash Holdings. This was reflected in the consolidated financial statements of Jerash Holdings.

GTI was a two-person company that was owned by the Chairman of the Board of Jerash Holdings and the Wealth Choice Limited. The company was originally formed in the British Virgin Islands.

On January 1, 2019, some features of the Jerash Garments were changed to Development Zone. However, the company plans to apply to extend its sales tax exemption until February 15, 2020. In addition, the company plans to expand its workforce in Jordan by hiring workers from other countries.

The company has been affected by inflation, and its operations have also been impacted by dwindling consumer savings. The company's revenues have decreased by 17.3% and its earnings per share have dropped by 61.4%.

The company plans to invest in facilities audits and machinery. As for dividend distribution, the company intends to distribute 50% of its net profits to shareholders. These dividends are payable on quarterly basis.

The company's consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States of America. Information on this discussion should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and related notes.

New Gold

Gold stocks are a good investment. The price of gold is regaining its foothold after years of falling. Investors have taken advantage of the opportunity and are buying into gold companies.

Although the price of gold is regaining its foothold, the investment still has some risks. Aside from the potential for inflation, there are also geopolitical risks that could depress prices.

Buying into gold stocks may be a prudent move in 2021. The recent surge in gold prices, coupled with geopolitical concerns, has led to an increase in sentiment toward the metal. However, the rebound in gold prices is not expected to last.

Gold stocks can be a good way to diversify an investment portfolio. In addition, they offer investors an affordable way to hedge against inflation. They also serve as a hedge against loose monetary policies.

There are many gold stocks to choose from. Some of them are more attractive than others. New Gold is a good choice because it operates in an environmentally friendly manner. Besides, it aims to maximize shareholder value by enhancing its growth potential.

Aside from operating its own mines, New Gold develops mineral properties. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Among its recent announcements is a $300 million partnership with the Ontario teachers' pension plan.

New Gold has a robust management team. Its recent financial performance indicates that the company is in line with its promise to maximize shareholder value. Moreover, the company is also in a good position to take advantage of a rebound in the gold price.

New Gold has two buy ratings from Wall Street analysts. For more information, contact its Investor Relations department.

Another mining stock to look into is Coeur Mining. Its shares have risen 15.1% year to date.


Atlassian is a software company that provides a suite of mission-critical software tools for team management. The company's products are used by organizations like eBay, Toyota, and Airbnb. It also competes with Microsoft, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, and Slack.

Atlassian has a strong growth outlook. Despite a recent slowdown, the company is expected to have 24% revenue growth in the next year. During the last three years, Atlassian's revenue has increased at a compound annual rate of 32%.

But despite its strong growth potential, Atlassian faces a lot of pressure. As a result, it's hard to determine whether the stock is worth the price.

The company is also facing competitive threats from the likes of Microsoft, ZenDesk, Slack, and Workday. These companies have the ability to capture a large portion of the market. However, Atlassian has a few key advantages that could help it stay ahead of the competition.

First, the company's products are extremely valuable to users. This means that the company cannot simply shift customers to a competing product. Secondly, the company's growth comes through a combination of product development and acquisitions. Lastly, the company has been successful in transforming itself to fit the changing trends in the software services industry.

Another benefit is its management team, which includes co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. They are a driving force behind the company's innovation culture.

For instance, Atlassian has recently expanded into the Asian market. In addition to that, the company opened offices in the Philippines and Amsterdam. Additionally, Atlassian has recently announced its plan to transition to cloud-only operations.

While these developments might be enough to discourage bulls from buying shares, the stock still has the potential to provide investors with a very good return over the long term.


If you're looking for the best low price shares to buy in 2021, you've come to the right place. Investors are faced with an uphill battle, as a growing inflationary economy puts pressure on profits and growth. But if you're able to weather the storm, you might find your portfolio bolstered by the addition of these growth stocks.

The market has been swinging between high-growth and defensive stocks since February. Now, the two sides are starting to balance. While investors have been focusing on defensive stocks, the prices of growth stocks have fallen. In the future, you may want to consider investing in growth stocks, such as Alphabet, Disney, or Pinterest.

These are stocks that have been praised for their ability to stay ahead of the curve, even in the face of a recession. They're also companies that have sustainable dividends and clean balance sheets, which make them a safe bet in a shaky market.

Microsoft is one of the most valuable technology stocks in the world. It provides software and computers to users worldwide. A successful pivot to cloud computing has helped the company earn plaudits. That's why analysts expect its earnings to grow by 14% this year.

However, the company isn't as cheap as it was at its high in 2007. Despite its low price, its forward P/E is still quite high. This could lead to a downside price movement in the future.

Currently, Microsoft's stock price is 4.3% below its 200-day moving average. It's not far from its all-time high at $342. Assuming the market moves higher over the coming months, the company may be a good long-term investment.

Another growth stock to consider is ServiceNow. The company is a leader in enterprise software. It offers an array of tools and products that help enterprises stay agile and competitive. With its profitability and growth potential, it is among the best low price shares to buy in 2022 and beyond.

When Does Jeremy Return to Mystic Falls?

when does jeremy return to mystic falls

If you're a Mystic Falls fan, you might be wondering when Jeremy will return. After all, he was just killed off in season 3. Now, we don't know when he'll be back, but we do know that he'll leave the show with some serious baggage. That's because he died, but not in the way you might expect. In fact, he dies because of the Gilbert ring. Read on to find out what happened to him and what you can expect when he returns.

Steven R. McQueen's career

McQueen was born on July 13, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. He is the grandson of legendary actor Steve McQueen and the stepson of NHL Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille.

McQueen is an American actor. Known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries. Earlier, he had appeared in various shows such as Chicago Fire, Everwood, and Numb3rs. As an actor, McQueen has earned several awards such as the Beverly Hills Film Festival Award for Best Male Performance in 2006.

His debut was in a science fiction drama called 'Threshold'. Later, he played a character named Jimmy Borelli on the TV series Chicago Fire. Another show that McQueen has appeared on is CSI: Miami.

Steven McQueen is also a talented kickboxer. Apart from acting, he likes playing video games. He has appeared in several movies including Piranha 3D, Club Soda, and The Take Off.

McQueen has a net worth of $3 million. He has earned money through ads, music recordings, and stage execution. In his personal life, he has been in relationships with Hilary Harley, Chelsea Kane, and Olivia Pickren.

The actor has Filipino and Spanish ancestry. Aside from acting, he is also a fan of horse riding and computer games. Moreover, he has a balanced diet plan. He prefers to workout early in the morning.

McQueen has appeared in a number of CBS tv shows. However, he has also appeared in several other shows such as Legacies, CSI: Miami, and Numb3rs.

Jeremy's relationship with Vicki Donovan

Jeremy and Vicki Donovan have a long and complicated relationship. They dated on and off before Jeremy's parents were killed in a car accident. During the summer, he lost his virginity to her. When the series began, he was a drug addict. He also tried to become a vampire.

But the real show-stopper was their first meeting. The two shared a love of drugs. However, Jeremy's feelings towards Vicki didn't last.

Apparently, it was only a matter of time before their relationship was put to the test. After Jeremy's parents were killed, he began dealing drugs. While he was hooked on drugs, his relationship with Vicki was on the backburner. This is when Elena came into the picture. She was the only one who would understand Jeremy's obsession with the drugs.

Eventually, the pair became romantic. The gimmick was that she had a crush on him, and he had a crush on her. It was not a particularly serious relationship, but it was still interesting to watch.

Vicky isn't always nice. In fact, her family is pretty dysfunctional. Her mother wasn't much of a mother, and her father was absent. Before Jeremy rediscovered her, she was close to her brother Matt.

But Jeremy didn't think it was a good idea. Obviously, there were more important things to do with a woman than simply smolder. Ultimately, he and Vicki broke up.

Jeremy's death caused by the Gilbert ring

Jeremy Gilbert is Elena's younger brother. He is also a supernatural hunter. Jeremy's life was short lived as he died several times, but he was saved by the Gilbert ring.

Jeremy inherited Uncle John's Gilbert ring. The ring can revive people who have been killed by supernatural creatures. Jeremy teaches kids who are talented in the arts of fighting supernatural beings.

Jeremy has a crush on Stefan Salvatore. However, Damon, who is Stefan's older brother, has his eye on Elena. They have been friends since they were kids.

Jeremy tries to kill himself by overdosing on pills. Eventually, he reveals his secret to his friends. Eventually, Bonnie comes to Jeremy's rescue.

Bonnie is Elena's best friend. She's more Veronica than Anna. She's also the one who casts the magic spell that saves Jeremy.

Jeremy possesses the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural beings. Besides, he can speak to them. But, he doesn't have much luck in the girlfriend department.

Elena Gilbert is a high school student. She recently recovered from the death of her parents. As of now, her aunt, Jenna Sommers, is taking care of her.

In the novel series, Elena's Aunt Judith was a minor character. Elena's Aunt Judith was also Elena's legal guardian. That didn't make much sense in the TVD universe.

There are also a few characters who die in the show. Some of the characters are introduced as being evil. Others are not.

Tyler refuses to go along with Klaus' latest demand

In the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, Tyler refuses to go along with Klaus' latest demand. Klaus is looking to get back at his brother, and he needs to be the one to bite Caroline. However, Elena isn't going to let him.

Stefan also finds himself in a predicament. When the two siblings disagree about how to rescue Elena, the situation gets out of control. And when Damon and Elena learn that they've been followed, things take a turn for the worse.

Elena offers a plan to get the brothers to agree. It involves a birthday party, but Caroline isn't keen.

Meanwhile, the town finds itself in turmoil. The mayor is outed for his failure to keep the citizens safe. Alaric is the protector of Dr. Meredith Fell. He's also trying to heal his ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't get it right.

Meanwhile, Elena is still unable to convince Damon that his plans are the right ones. But Elena does find a way to help Jeremy. She tries to convince him that a better life lies in Denver.

Meanwhile, Jeremy continues his relationship with Bonnie, even as he and Elena discuss how to deal with the situation with Rebekah. He puts himself in a dangerous position when he helps Bonnie.

Then, a vengeful vampire ghost strikes Mystic Falls. And finally, a mysterious sun and moon curse is revealed.

Kol returns to New Orleans with the rest of his family in a plan to give Klaus a funeral

The Mikaelson family is finally getting back together. This comes as a bittersweet relief for Hope, who has lost Hayley in Season 4. She has been suspended from Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

But as the Mikaelsons come together again, they have to deal with their inherited darkness, especially Klaus'. It is revealed that Klaus took the dark magic to make Hope live. However, he is still tormented by the hallucinations of Mikael.

Meanwhile, Freya continues to work with Vincent in an attempt to bring the family together. At first, Freya refuses to have children, as she's scared of them. But as she realizes that she has a witch on her side, she accepts that there are no easy answers.

After seeing the preview for the Season 5 premiere of The Originals, I'm hoping that Kol and Davina will find their way home to New Orleans. They have been living in Belize and Kol feels that he needs to see his family. He also believes that they aren't being true to the promise he made to Hope.

However, Kol isn't alone in trying to get away. Elijah has been trying to keep Klaus alive. Although he had a chance to kill Klaus, he opted to let him live.

Caroline Forbes has also been making her way to New Orleans to say goodbye to Klaus and Hope. She wants to tell Klaus that it's time for him to leave. She says that if they don't, Hope will be left grieving.

Jeremy's off-screen departure leaves plenty up to imagination

The Vampire Diaries has a few tricks up its sleeve and one of them is a surprise worthy of a Best Man styled courtroom shindig. Aside from a plethora of vampires, the town is also home to a plethora of other ghouls and goblins. While it is not an ideal place to be, one can only wish it were the next time around. One has to wonder if the show has been in the doldrums for too long. It would be a good time to revisit this sexy town and do some of that good old fashion snooping. Not to mention the aforementioned sexy sexies. Oh, and a nice glass of champagne, of course. After all, what's the point of a naughty nanny? This would certainly have been an ill timed snooze fest a few years back.

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