What is Switzerland famous for

What is Switzerland famous for

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1. Chocolate

Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is quickly available in many parts of the globe and a few of Switzerland’s famous chocolate brands, like Toblerone and Lindt, are household names even within the farthest corners of the globe. Indeed, even those that have not visited Switzerland nose to nose have probably tasted the delicious treat before.

What sets Swiss chocolate apart is that the use of this one special ingredient: alpine milk. In short, alpine milk is milk that's sourced from high-altitude farms within the Swiss mountains. because of it being denser and fewer aerated, alpine milk gives Swiss chocolate an expensive fragrance and a very milky texture.

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2. Swiss cheese

Cheese is another one amongst those famous Swiss products foodies just can’t get enough of in Switzerland.


While most folks might consider cheese as simply a cheese slice with holes, there’s actually a large range of various cheeses in Switzerland. From Gruyère to Emmentaler, all kinds of Swiss cheese boasts its own unique flavour and texture.

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For the uninitiated, Swiss fondue could be a traditional melted cheese dish that’s served in an exceedingly communal pot. The melted cheese may be a mixture of various cheeses and it’s often eaten with either bread or potatoes. Swiss fondue is indisputably the national dish of Switzerland and is certainly something that cheese lovers will absolutely adore.


Another popular cheese dish is raclette. It consists of a semi-hard cheese wheel that's heated until the highest starts to melt. After that, the cheese is scraped onto a serving of potatoes and vegetables. this straightforward yet savory treat may be a must-try in Switzerland. Thankfully, it's readily available in most eateries throughout the country.


3. Branded watches

Apart from producing a number of the best chocolate and cheese around, Switzerland is additionally famous for its world-class watches!

Swiss watches are arguably the very benchmark of the industry in terms of quality. They often feature advanced technology and showcase the very pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship.


Be it the tried and tested quality of household brands like Swatch or the luxurious gleam of a Tag Heuer or Rolex, Swiss watches are always aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, they're one among the products from Switzerland that make excellent gifts.

In fact, Swiss watches are so famous that there are even towns like Interlaken where buying one in every of these souvenirs is taken into account a must-try tourist experience!


4. Swiss army knives

These handy pocket knives are famous for being extremely useful, often featuring lots of utility tools additionally to the most blade. In Switzerland, army knives are available in various shapes and sizes. They also feature different brands, models, and colors.

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Next to a Swiss watch, Swiss army knives are the foremost famous non-edible Swiss souvenir. only 1 note of caution: the blade of a fresh Swiss knife is menacingly sharp. So do handle with care and don’t forget to pack it in your hold luggage!

Looking for more souvenir ideas? Read this list of 20 souvenirs from Switzerland to bring home with you.


5. Punctuality

Given their reputation as master watchmakers, it should come as no surprise that a people are famous for being meticulously punctual. Understandably, it's a stereotype that the people of Switzerland take lots of pride in! For the Swiss, being on time isn’t simply a gesture of courtesy, it's the way of life.


From meeting someone at a restaurant to clocking in at work exactly on the dot, a people are almost never late. For people who have a habit of being fashionably late, the Swiss’ commitment to being on time may come as a disorientation. However, once you’ve adapted thereto, you’ll grow to really appreciate it.

After all, for one, you'll rest assured that in Switzerland, your train will always depart and arrive on time.


6. Magical train rides

Speaking of trains in Switzerland, ask any traveller what Switzerland is known for and most of them will rave about the whimsical train rides. Despite being one amongst the littlest countries in Western Europe, Switzerland boasts one in all the foremost developed train networks within the world, serviced by over 40 different railway companies.

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Because of this, there are only a few places in Switzerland that you just can’t reach by train. Whether it’s the bustling city of Zurich, the sleepy town of Zermatt or maybe country Alps, there's always a train which will take you there. However, apart from the convenience, Swiss trains also double up as a vital Swiss travel experience!


That’s because many of the train routes are designed to assist visitors explore the alpine fantastic thing about Switzerland. a number of the foremost popular include the Bernina Express (which runs across the Alps and therefore the quaint town of St. Moritz) and also the Glacier Express, arguably the foremost scenic train ride the world!

7. Skiing within the Swiss Alps


Another popular travel activity in Switzerland that over deserves an area on your bucket list is skiing within the Swiss Alps. There are lots of amazing ski resorts in Switzerland (339 to be exact), many of them equipped with ski lifts and cable cars to ferry visitors to the slopes.

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Some of the foremost famous ski resorts in Switzerland is found in Verbier (Mont Blanc), St. Moritz, and Zermatt (we’ll get thereto later during this article). the simplest time to go to Switzerland for skiing within the alps is between December and March. this can be when the snow is thick and also the winter alpine scenery is at its magical best.


8. Jungfraujoch


Although Switzerland is most frequently related to nation Alps, there are many other Swiss mountain ranges that are equally as majestic but often forgotten about. One such chain of mountains is that the Bernese Alps in western Switzerland which is known for housing Jungfraujoch, the best accessible railroad station altogether of Europe!


Standing at an elevation of three,454 metres, Jungfraujoch depot is literally referred to as “The Top of Europe”. Disregarding the impressive title, the journey towards the height is an unforgettable experience in itself, especially if you’re visiting between November and January.


On your way, you’ll locomote several whimsical snow-covered villages, including Grindelwald, which is one amongst Switzerland’s most famous alpine villages.


At the top, temperatures can drop to as low as -30°C! If you'll be able to brave the cold though, you’ll be treated to an otherworldly view of the Alps (provided that it’s a transparent day). additionally, you'll be able to also visit the Ice Palace, a series of tunnels and walkways carved out of the glacial ice on the mountain!

9. The Matterhorn

At first glance, you may feel an unexplainable sense of familiarity emanating from this mountain. That’s because the Matterhorn is after all the mountain that’s featured on the Toblerone logo. This makes Switzerland’s most famous mountain and arguably the foremost recognizable peak within the world!

Due to its altitude (4,478 meters above sea level), the Matterhorn is blanketed in snow throughout the whole year! due to this, the Matterhorn is one among the few places within the world where you'll ski during summer.


In contrast, the areas surrounding the foot of the Matterhorn change their appearance consistent with the seasons, making the hiking paths leading up the mountain a number of the foremost beautiful you'll ever see.


10. Zermatt


Alternatively, if you’re not an addict of hiking, you'll be able to simply ride the Gornegrat Bahn (meaning train) to the height. There, you'll be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the Matterhorn.


However, the scenic train ride is simply a part of the fun. That’s because the Gornegrat Railway departs from the famous Swiss village of Zermatt.


I personally visited Zermatt in 2017 and that i immediately fell smitten with the place. it's a quaint village that boasts some lovely alpine views and direct access to at least one of the most effective ski resorts within the country.


But even more impressive is that the undeniable fact that there are not any cars or motorized vehicles within the area. this can be to preserve the pristine environment and fresh mountain air, making Zermatt one in every of the smallest amount polluted places within the world.


As you stroll through the streets of Zermatt, you’ll be able to admire the awe-inspiring mountains surrounding the village, making a stay here nothing in need of magical. It’s no wonder that Zermatt is such a preferred Swiss destination!

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