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Trinidad Guardian, established in 2014, is the newest and most news-driven newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago. To find out more about the Trinidad-Guardian or to purchase a copy of the paper, please visit www. trinidadsentinel.net.

The Caribbean’s newest republic must avoid the corruption that has hampered Trinidad and Tobago and use its presidency to ensure good governance (Source: www.theguardian.com)


Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean island nation. Its capital, Port of Spain, is the business capital and cultural hub of the country. The country has a population of approximately 393,000.

The main office of the Guardian is located at St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, with a branch office on Chancery Lane, San Fernando. And the Head office which is located on 4-10 Rodney Road in Chaguanas. On 2 September, 2017 the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian celebrated its 100th anniversary. Shortly after, on 11 September 2017 the company launched a new layout. The slogan of the paper is The Guardian of Democracy. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Trinidad-Guardian was established in 1982 and has emerged as the newspaper of choice for readers and advertisers in the Trinidad & Tobago. Headquartered in Trinidad, but with a mission to provide unbiased news and information, the newspaper serves the interests of residents and visitors alike.

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations strike at the heart of citizens’ constitutional rights, human rights, privacy rights. And raises serious ethical questions about the reach the state has over the lives and civil liberties of people. (Source: unctt.org)

Micheal B Jordan

A local politician has accused the Tobago Guardian media-paper of tarnishing the regional media-paper industry. With a lack of professionalism and an inability to conduct proper due diligence in choosing stories for publication. Michael B Jordan made the scathing remarks during a debate on the issue of the media-paper’s. Right to print intimate photos of Tobago’s model-turned-politician, Micheal B Jordan on its front page.

The Creed and Black Panther actor has agreed to scrap the brand name J’Ouvert after criticism from Nicki Minaj. And the government of Trinidad and Tobago (Source: www.theguardian.com)


A court of law found the sole proprietor of The Trinidad-Guard-ian media paper and its publisher, Michael B. Jordan. Guilty of attempting to defame and injure members of the Trinidad & Tobago government in the publication of a story that purported the Prime Minister. And the other members of the government were corrupt and had “fleeced the people” of millions of dollars in 2013.

“Nah, sir!” Two words, no more. But I know I heard controlled anger. I know I heard complete disbelief. “You mean you read (she used the present tense) that Sunday Guard-ian editorial.” She said, her voice almost breaking with the effort not to lose control.“ And only see grammatical errors?” … (Source: wired868.com)


AndTobago’s attorney-general has ordered a full investigation after it emerged that the Prime Minister’s Office has threatened the publisher and

Its first edition was published on Sunday 2 September 1917. The media paper, now owned and published by Guard-ian Media Limited. Began as a broadsheet but in November 2002 changed to tabloid format, known as the "G-sized Guard-ian". In June 2008, the paper changed to a smaller-size tabloid. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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