Tim Pool - Former Vice News Reporter Now Political YouTube Commentator

Tim Pool - Former Vice News Reporter Now Political YouTube Commentator


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Tim Pool is a former Vice News reporter and now an independent political YouTube commentator with over 841,000 followers on Twitter.

According to the report, Pool is an outspoken anti-establishment figure who takes on news outlets with his biting criticism and alt-right talking points without rebuttal. Unfortunately, this approach seems to elicit a great deal of hatred from Pool's audience.

What is Tim Pool?

If you're a supporter of Occupy Wall Street or just an avid YouTube viewer, Tim Pool is sure to come into your circle. This sketchy social media performer searches the internet for sensationalist news and commentary which he then packages into videos for YouTube subscribers to watch. Furthermore, his guests include disinformation propagators and reactionaries that Twitter and Facebook have since suspended.

Pool, the former Vice employee and YouTuber, often takes positions that appear illogical but then stands by them when new evidence supports his beliefs. In 2017, for example, he claimed Seth Rich was responsible for WikiLeaks documents; although this claim later unraveled, Pool insisted his claim had been correct and threatened legal action against outlets which covered it.

Pool has declared himself a "disaffected liberal," siding with Donald Trump. Yet in recent years he has promoted an extreme political agenda. He has hosted neofascists such as Enrique Tarrio of Proud Boys--who now faces charges for his role in an attack on the U.S. Capitol--and promoted conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled him a "reactionary social media performer." Their argument is that he reads right-wing and far-right articles for clicks and views before turning them into inflamatory videos with misleading information. This practice is becoming increasingly common among younger male-dominated right-leaning commentators who are eager to make it big in this field.

He's an example of this, as in his YouTube videos and livestreams he often goes beyond simply lamenting civil war to portray those on the left as potential bomb-throwing radicals or authoritarian lunatics. Additionally, he suggests cultural shifts or gestures towards social and racial justice will result in chaos and prisons filled with victims of morality policing.

This type of opinion could get him banned from the platform, but that wouldn't necessarily spell the end for his career. He enjoys a large following on Twitter and other platforms, with his views often shared by right-wing groups. As such, some researchers studying far-right extremism have taken an interest in him. Furthermore, he has even nurtured Cassandra MacDonald - an editor linked to spreading false information including #Pizzagate lies and pro-Trump election disinformation in the past; additionally she appears to have supported Putin's invasion of Ukraine and made remarks supporting white nationalism.

Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is a former journalist and current YouTube commentator credited with popularizing the concept of political podcasts. His videos combine commentary, interviews and news clips; they have amassed an avid following with thousands of viewers regularly tuning in.

Tim is a social liberal who considers himself to be a left-libertarian. He supports the Green Party and Bernie Sanders, is in favor of anti-fake news laws, opposes corporate monopolies, and has an aggressive anti-immigration agenda.

During the Occupy Wall Street protests, Pool gained notoriety for his remote-controlled drone, "Canbot," which he used to film events and livestream from the front lines. He became a hero among those who stood against police brutality during that time.

However, he's an outright racist conspiracy theorist who often uses his videos to advance his views. He has received multiple reprimands from the YouTube community for making racist statements and misusing his platform to spread false information.

He was caught making a video about Alex Jones in 2020 that was taken down by YouTube. Additionally, the conspiracy theorist claimed he received an advisory regarding his video.

He has also been accused of instigating racism by encouraging viewers to make offensive comments. One video referred to a Black reporter who had recently been let go from her newspaper as "the most evil person I ever met in my life."

On the contrary, Pool has been caught using his platform to promote white nationalism. His video "I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton" was shared by numerous conservatives and white nationalists, earning him several thousand dollars in advertising revenue on YouTube.

After departing Fusion, Pool began covering political events such as DeploraBall - hosted by highly-profile online MAGA luminaries during President Trump's inauguration week - and regularly filming activities in Ferguson, Missouri.

Pool's Twitter account features both offensive and non-offensive content. He boasts over one million followers on Twitter, drawing in an average of 300 thousand daily viewers.

What is Tim Pool’s Twitter feed?

Tim Pool is a YouTuber and political commentator who began his career in 2011 by live streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests. Since then, he has become one of the most popular figures within the YouTube industry.

Tim's Twitter feed is the perfect place to stay informed about his life, career and other noteworthy news. He shares pictures and videos from his travels while giving fans a glimpse into his personal life.

He tweets about a variety of topics, such as politics, sports, music and more. With an expansive following on his account, he frequently shares photos with his friends and family for his followers to enjoy.

In the past, he has made numerous sexist and offensive comments. For instance, he has sex-tested women and called them "gritty." Additionally, he has been involved in multiple online controversies. Additionally, he made claims about political figures such as suggesting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would lose her congressional seat's primary election by a landslide.

Recently, Pool was criticized by Twitter for suspending him for allegedly posting a picture that showed adults showing sexual content to children. He later tweeted that Twitter's stance against pedophilia was hypocritical and the company should take an honest look at itself.

Recently, Facebook started banning users who spread fake news. This has caused alarm among journalists; however, Pool believes that taking such measures is not the right approach.

At present, the internet is overrun with fake news. The advent of social media has allowed people to spread false information without fear of prosecution by the government, leading to an explosion in websites propagating such stories and those which contain only a grain of truth.

Tim Pool is concerned for the future of media. If social media companies begin to censor or ban people based on their opinions, he believes that the entire landscape could shift drastically.

What is Tim Pool’s Instagram feed?

Tim Pool is a renowned Journalist with an avid fan base. His Instagram feed showcases selfies and screen grabs of stunning magazine covers, but also gives followers insight into his everyday life and routine.

Tim began his career as a Journalist when he was 25 years old, quickly gaining an audience and becoming more famous over time.

His family includes his mother, father and an older brother named Chris.

In 2011, he became inspired by a viral videotape of Occupy Wall Street. Inspired, he left everything behind and joined up with the protestors; filming and live streaming events from his mobile phone ever since.

His videos quickly went viral on the internet, with him even using an aerial drone to record footage from above. These live streams proved incredibly innovative and cemented his place as a leading figure within Occupy Wall Street's movement.

He utilized live streaming to cover a wide range of events, from Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City to those across other parts of America and around the world. His live streaming proved particularly effective at getting his message across to an expansive audience when the Occupy movement was forcibly removed from Zuccotti Park in 2011.

Tim Pool's videos of these events were instrumental in helping to free photographer Alexander Arbuckle, who had been arrested by NYPD for shooting video of the protests. His images proved so significant to the case that they even made headlines in 2021.

Tim Pool has been an active journalist for many years, covering a wide range of topics. He operates several YouTube channels with political commentary videos. Additionally, he hosts his own podcast and participates in debates with other political experts.

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