the Florida Georgia Line New Song

the Florida Georgia Line New Song

Florida Georgia Line New Song

Florida Georgia Line has released a new song called “Cruise” which they describe it as “the everything and the wants” whatever “want” is, it sounds like fun.



It's no secret that the boys of FGL can write a hit country song. They've done so on tracks like "Get Your Shine On," "Round Here," "This Is How We Roll" (featuring Luke Bryan), "Sippin' On Fire" and more. Feel-good country hits like these will always have a place in country music, but Florida Georgia Line also has a way of balancing those undeniable hits with deeper, more meaningful tracks. After sifting through Florida Georgia Line's many singles, here's a list of the best Florida Georgia Line songs, according to Wide Open Country.

The first song, “Long Live,” sets the tone for the whole album and contains imagery that will be revisited again and again during the 16 tracks. While the spirit of the album’s lyrics are wholesome and positive, the country duo does rely heavily on frequently used country music tropes and lacks originality on many of the tracks. With references to “old dirt roads,” “country girls,” and Billy Don Burns’ “Haggard and Hank,” Florida Georgia Line hits on numerous, classic country music themes while also showing its affection and appreciation for all of them. With upbeat guitars, drums, and synths, this lead track immediately places Life Rolls On comfortably in pop-country territory and sends the album on its way. (Source: www.bcheights.com)



“I Love My Country” and “U.S. Stronger” are both tributes to the United States which find Florida Georgia Line encouraging people to take pride in being American, while also acknowledging that the country is going through some difficult times. “I Love My Country” is a high-energy song that focuses on many tropes of country living that have already been explored on Life Rolls On. “U.S. Stronger” is much softer and laid-back but contains many stereotypical lyrics. While neither of these songs are impressive examples of songwriting, they provide much-needed hope for listeners.

“10 years ago, we’re sitting on the bus with our very first single and you were the one that kind of helped us realize ‘hey boys, this don’t happen everyday y’all,'” Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard recalled. “This is a huge record and I’m just about to make this record bigger and y’all are buckled up but I don’t think y’all understand what kind of rocket y’all are on. And over the years, being on tour and man we’re so thankful to get to have you as part of our journey and as part of our story.” (Source: musicmayhemmagazine.com)



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