Sri Yantras

Sri Yantras

Sri Yantra

It’s said to be the world’s oldest machine and is said to be six miles in circumference. It was built in the 5thcentury and for centuries remained a mystery and a symbol of celestial beings. And if after reading this you still don’t know anything about the Sri Yantra, then read on.

Mount Meru (buddhism

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Do You Know the Meaning and Benefits of the Shri Yantra?

It’s everywhere — on t-shirts, jewelry, coffee cups, and wall decals. The ancient Shri Yantra has become a trendy design, but most don’t realize the complexity, meaning, and symbology of the nine interlocking triangles and double ring of lotus petals. There is little question of the power of an accurately constructed Shri Yantra. In 1987, Russian scientists used EEG technology to prove that the Shri Yantra geometry quickly brings viewers to a meditative state (Source: Biology Faculty of Moscow University, October 30, 1987). (Source: www.gaia.com)

What Is a Yantra?

In Sanskrit, the word “yantra” comes from the root word “yam,” which means “instrument” or “support,” and “tra,” derived from “trana,” meaning “release from bondage.” A yantra is an instrument or tool, for meditation and contemplation and supports spiritual liberation. There are hundreds of yantra designs related to deities, principles, and planets. Used in ceremonies and rituals, yantra designs can be found on paper or bark, or created from flower petals, ash, and rice. (Source: www.gaia.com)

What Is the Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra, also known as Shree Yantra or Sri Chakra is one of the most powerful and important Yantras to help you fulfill your dreams. It is considered as the mother of all Yantras because they all come from this diagram. If you want to learn how to use the Sri Yantra in your life please keep reading. (Source: crystaldreamsworld.com)



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