Snowberry plant nz

Snowberry plant nz

Snowberry plant nz


The snowberry plant is a shrub native to the United States in the Eastern Mountains. It has a unique flower which emits a sweet perfume and a highly-scented, white flower that blooms in the spring. The fruit has a distinctive flavor and edible, white berries that are quite tasty by all accounts.

Creeping snowberry is a low trailing perennial plant found in bogs and wetland forests in the northern United States and Canada. The leaves are round and only 5 to 10 millimeters long. The creeping stems form leafy mats on logs and hummocks, often near Sphagnum moss. The stems and under-surface of the leaves are covered with brown bristles. Sometimes the leaf margins and fruits have the bristles too. Flowers appear in the spring, and are white, four-parted, on short backward-curving stalks from the leaf axils. (Source: www.fs.fed.us)


What is a snowberry plant? This is a question that will likely confuse many people. The snowberry plant is a member of the holly family, and it is fittingly called the holly plant because it has clusters of small, red berries that hang on a cluster of spikes. It is unusual, because most plant leaves are located at stem level, and this plant’s leaves may be found located on the stem.

Many gardeners love seeing wild birds almost as much as they enjoy flowers. We put up feeders of all kinds hoping to attract them to our little piece of Eden. Why stuff a feeder when your shrubs will provide food and beauty at the same time? The fruit, or berries, of the native snowberry, also known as ice apple, Symphoricarpus albus, is enjoyed by pheasant, grouse, quail and other birds as well. Of course, the shrub will also provide winter shelter for wildlife and come spring, a nesting area for smaller birds. (Source: davesgarden.com)



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