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Purple Monkey Floweror

Purple Monkey Flower

The most important part of an early learning centre is the team of educators and teachers. These are the people who will be accompanying your child through their early years as they explore, discover, learn and grow – which is why Bush Babies Nurseries have a very stringent process for recruiting Educators. ation starts with family, and that a strong link between home and care is key to children’s healthy development and wellbeing. So we provide families and educators many opportunities and platforms to maintain regular communication and to develop a sturdy relationship.


My staff and I would like to introduce you to the Lilac Bush Nursery which is part of the Busy Bees Group. We are a Full Day Care Nursery ensuring funding for all of our eligible two, three and four year olds. The Nursery works towards the Early Years Foundation Stage covering the Areas of Learning and Development. The Nursery is well equipped and offers a wide range of activities including music and movement, arts and crafts, cookery, local trips, sports activities and much more. All children have access to our bespoke outdoor play area, which offers adventure and exploration, as well as promoting healthy development. We also have a Discovery IT Cove where the children can experience and expand their world and knowledge of IT. We aim to create a pleasant and solid foundation for your child's future development and most of all we want your child to be happy at the Lilac Bush. If you have not already visited our Nursery, please call in."Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" (also titled "Mulberry Bush" or "This Is the Way") is an English nursery rhyme and singing game. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 7882. The same tune is also used for "Lazy Mary, Will You Get Up" and "Nuts in May". A variant is used for "The Wheels on the Bus".

We believe at Bush Babies Nurseries that the early years of a child’s life are the most important – as studies have shown, children’s emotional, social and physical development has a direct effect on their overall development as a person. So at Bush Babies, we are dedicated to providing children with the best early childhood education and care. Our goal is to provide a care environment that is the next best thing to home.We believe that when a family shares a garden, they grow together. Your home and family are your nest, the center of your life, and where we should feel most comfortable in this world. Since 1972, Covington’s Nursery & Landscape has helped generations of families to create beautiful home atmospheres, which is a vital ingredient to a more meaningful and enriched life.located and are close to many of the local primary schools. There are 4 play rooms, a sleep room and an out of school room which are fully equipped with toys and materials to support the Early Years Foundation Stage. (Source: www.bridges-nursery.co.uk)


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