Proud Berry Coral Berry

Proud Berry Coral Berry


Proud Berry Coral Berry

The truth about being a blogger: you will never be able to focus on just one thing, and that’s okay! We are fulfilled humans with so many passions and goals in our lives that blogging is just one of the many tasks that we need to make happen. So if you want to get into blogging and be a true content creator, remember that you’re not limited to one type of blog.coralberry makes it unbelievably easy to fill your landscape with these unique pink berries, guaranteed to turn heads. Cute, rounded, bluish-green leaves look handsome all season, then, in late summer, bell-shaped flowers appear. As the season changes to autumn, the flowers develop into large dark pink berries, the color intensifying with cold weather. As pretty as it is, this North American native is also amazingly tough, effortlessly fending off deer, cold weather, and problem soils. The fruit is not edible, but may be eaten by birds in mid-late winter. This plant makes an excellent cut flower for fall arrangements.


Planted this early spring it is now fall. Plant has done excellent! It’s grown 3” or so inches, needs to fill in a life but pruning will help with that this coming spring. We have had a warm fall and it’s just not starting to get cold and all of a sudden the berries are turning a beautiful pink. For its first year I think the plant has done excellent. Can’t wait for some real growth next year. Only issue I had was around July maybe August we had tobacco worms (I’m not sure the correct name, you can look it up) all over the plant - eating the leaves! For about two weeks i tediously picked the worms off! They damaged the plant considerably but it bounced back. Next year I will be more vigilant and spray beginning of summer.

Symphoricarpos Proud Berry® is a mounding shrub featuring lustrous blue-green foliage that is attractive over a long season on plants that are more compact than our native Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus). Come fall, though, when the pink blossoms turn into nearly fluorescent pink berries, you’ll see why this is the main attraction. Proud Berry® delivers a prolific show when planted in full sun and provided with a touch of pruning in early spring to encourage an abundant display of fruit in fall. Cut some of the berry stems to bring indoors for exceptionally long-lasting, late-season bouquets. The berries are also a good food source for robins and thrushes. A Proven Winners® variety. 'Sofie' PP 21,226 (Source: www.whiteflowerfarm.com)



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