PortAventura World - Theme and Leisure Park

PortAventura World - Theme and Leisure Park


PortAventura World  Theme and leisure park

The PortAventura World is an entertainment resort in the Spanish coastal resorts of Salou, Vila-seca and Tarragona. It has a vast variety of rides and attractions, so there's bound to be something for everyone. Whether you're visiting for the day or for the weekend, this is a place you won't want to miss.

Angkor Wat

The new Angkor attraction at PortAventura World is based on the famous Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat. This temple is the largest religious structure in the world and was used as a setting for the hit movie "Tomb Raider". The attraction features lots of interactive surprises, including raft rides with water guns.

The Angkor ride is an amazing adventure for all the family and is a world record holder for the longest interactive boat ride. The ride has a capacity of 726 people per hour and is one of the longest in Europe. It was developed by MACK Rides, which owns Europa Park in Germany, and is a world leader in resort attractions.

Templo del Fuego

Templo del Fuego is one of the most thrilling rides at PortAventura World theme and leisure Park. It features an intense walkthrough of a lost temple in Mexico, complete with fire and more than hell! It's a must-see attraction that opened in Summer 2009 and is a great introduction to Mexico.

Templo del Fuego is a walk-through attraction that runs every 30 minutes during park opening hours. It's themed as a Maya temple, and an Indiana Jones-style character finds buried treasures in this ancient ruin. Templo del Fuego also features high-tech pyrotechnics to enchant and amaze visitors. Other attractions include Wild West Town, a recreation of an old-west town. There are nine rides in this area, including the dueling wooden roller coaster Stampida.

The park is divided into six thematic areas. There are forty rides and attractions in total, with a sector dedicated to younger children. Each sector has a unique setting, and a series of shows that match each theme. The show times are listed on the park map at the entrance. Cirque du Soleil will open an outdoor show tent outside the park's enclosure in the summer of 2021.

During the 1990s, Universal Studios bought PortAventura and Woody Woodpecker, the park's mascot. The new owners had ambitious plans for PortAventura World, including a water park and hotels. The park was built in close proximity to a Disney resort, but faced political and social obstacles.

The four biggest theme parks in Spain are Parque Warner, Terra Mitica, Isla Magica, and PortAventura. Together, these four parks attract around six million people in the high season. Visitors can expect to have fun and see some good shows at the park.

If you are traveling to Spain, you can make the day trip to PortAventura World theme park worthwhile. It is an hour from Barcelona, but it's worth the trip! The park has many attractions for children, as well as a section devoted to Muppets. The park is a great destination for families with young children.

PortAventura World is home to six themed areas and 42 rides. There's something for everyone - from family-friendly rides like Sesamo Aventura to high-speed roller coasters like Dragon Khan. A volcano waterfall and an eight-loop rollercoaster called the Dragon Khan are among the highlights. In addition to these, the park has catapults, volcano rides, and exciting volcanic eruptions.


The entertainment resort of PortAventura World is located in Tarragona, Spain. This theme park and entertainment complex offers rides, roller coasters and a variety of other attractions. PortAventura World is located near Salou, Vila-seca, and Tarragona.

The park also features a number of roller coasters, including the Stampida, which is Europe's third tallest wooden roller coaster. The park is divided into three areas. In the Far West area, the park's attractions are themed around pre-Columbian Mexico. In addition to the Stampida roller coaster, the park also features a train that takes you through the park.

PortAventura park offers attractions for all ages. One of the most exciting attractions is the SesamoAventura area, which is ideal for toddlers. This area features all-ages attractions and shows hosted by Sesame Street characters. The park also has an authentic American restaurant. It is a great place for family trips or a visit with friends.

The park's rides are geared toward children and adrenaline junkies. The park was first known as TibiGardens, and construction of the park began in 1992, the same year as Disneyland Paris. The park's construction was delayed by social and political disputes.

PortAventura World is located one hour and 20 minutes from Barcelona. This theme park has five themed areas and an excellent convention centre. You can stay on site or in a nearby hotel. Guests can get discounted tickets for all the rides at PortAventura World and enjoy the resort's restaurants and bars.

The park has a high speed drop, the tallest free-fall slide in Europe, and three other rides for thrill seekers. This theme park also offers live shows. There are shows for children, adults and families of all ages. Themed events are held at the park on a daily basis.

PortAventura World is one of Europe's largest theme parks. With 6 theme zones, the park is inspired by exotic locations. It has hosted over 65 million people in the last 20 years. It is Barcelona's favourite leisure complex. You can spend a full day or even longer if you want to visit the park on two or more days.

There are many parking options at PortAventura World, including an electric car charging station. The park is well-connected to the city via the A-7, and has its own train station. The R-17 and RT2 trains serve the park. There are also local trains that go to Sants.

PortAventura World

PortAventura World  Wikipedia

PortAventura World, located in Barcelona, Spain, is one of the world's largest amusement parks. This theme park is home to a variety of activities and attractions, including two shows, street animation, and roller coasters. The resort was opened in 1995 by the Belgian company Investindustrial and is rated as one of the world's top ten theme parks.

Investindustrial egisze alatt vegrehajtott fejlesztesek

PortAventura World Parks & Resort is a large turismo complex that covers a 1,19 km2 site in Budapest, Hungary. It comprises a theme park, a conference center and a lakoauto park.

The park is one of the biggest in Europe and is also home to a Cirque du Soleil show. It has about 3 819 474 employees. Investindustrial has a history in the entertainment industry. The company owns a majority of the park.

PortAventura Park

Wikipedia has an article about PortAventura World. PortAventura was originally a resort, with two hotels and a water park. NBCUniversal sold its interest in the resort in 2004. Criteria, an investment vehicle of La Caixa banking group, now owns the resort. In 2005, the Universal name was dropped from branding, and the theme park was renamed PortAventura. In 2007, KKR acquired a 49.9% stake in the resort from Investindustrial. Investindustrial still holds the remaining 50.1%.

The park has six themed zones. The SesamoAventura area was first opened on April 8, 2011. The Sesamo Street characters have been featured at the resort since 2008. The SesamoAventura area has rides for children, and features the indoor dark ride Street Mission. The area's construction took fourteen months, and cost EUR15 million. Claudio Mazzoli was appointed artistic director for the attraction. The ride also features a monorail system and a water carousel with jet ski cars.

PortAventura World is the biggest theme park in Portugal. It has over 150 attractions, including a water park, four theme parks, and several restaurants. The park is also the most visited tourist attraction in the country. The park is open to the public seven days a week. It is estimated that around 1.7 million visitors visit the park each year. It is a multi-billion-Euro company.

PortAventura World has been redeveloped to include a dream village. This development is part of the PortAventura World Parks & Resort complex. The park is also located in Vila-seca and Tarragona. The resort's main theme is adventure, and it is open year-round.

The park has a Ferrari-themed area. It is dedicated to Ferrari, and it spans six hectares. It was opened to the public on 7 April 2017. The park has several thrilling rides, including Thrill Towers, which are 55 meters tall and based on piston movement. It also has the Maranello Grand Race, a series of car races.

The resort has five hotels. It is home to the Ferrari Land theme park, which opened in 2017. The resort has five hotels, including the JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa. Guests who stay at the PortAventura resort can enjoy unlimited access to the theme park.


PortAventura World is an entertainment complex located on the Costa Daurada in Spain. It is located near the cities of Tarragona and Salou. It offers a wide variety of attractions and thrilling rides that visitors of all ages will love. It's the perfect destination for a day or weekend out of the city.

The resort opened in 1995. Tussauds owned 40 percent of the park, and other investors included La Caixa and Anheuser-Busch. In 1998, Universal Studios purchased PortAventura from Tussauds. The park then rebranded itself as Universal's PortAventura and a Universal Studios theme park. The park has welcomed over three million visitors in the past four years.

The resort is a 1.5-hour drive from Barcelona and is easily accessible by train, bus, and car. The resort has an official car hire partner, which offers a 20% discount to visitors. To avoid long queues, consider making reservations in advance. For more information, check out the PortAventura website.

You can buy tickets online before heading to the park to avoid the box office lines. This will save you a lot of time, and ensure that you can enter the park even on the busiest days. Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended because the park is huge, and it can be difficult to experience all of its attractions in one day. Therefore, you may want to purchase a multi-day pass or make multiple trips. Buying tickets in advance allows you to enjoy the park more comfortably and will prevent you from missing any of the park's major attractions.

PortAventura World is one of the largest theme parks in Europe, with over 65 million visitors in its 20-year history. With six lands, it offers a diverse selection of thrilling rides and attractions. The main theme area is Mediterrania, which is home to a launched wing coaster that weaves through a vineyard. Besides the three theme parks, the park also includes a camping area, golf course, and year-round conference and event business.

The theme park is a huge hit with both children and adults. The rides and shows are the primary attractions, but there is also a water park to keep everyone happy. The theme park is also home to restaurants and shops. For added convenience, PortAventura has hotels right on the grounds of the resort.

PortAventura World Theme Park Holidays

PortAventura World Theme Park Holidays

When you think of theme parks, you might not think of PortAventura World. However, this entertainment complex is located on the Costa Daurada in Spain. The three cities that make up the park are Salou, Vila-seca, and Tarragona. There are several ways to spend your holiday here.

Sesamo Aventura

SesamoAventura is a special part of PortAventura World which is dedicated to children and toddlers. With rides and shows hosted by the famous characters of Sesame Street, SesamoAventura will delight young and old alike. It is the sixth themed land in the PortAventura park and has eleven rides in total. The park also offers special Christmas and Halloween events.

SesamoAventura is one of Europe's largest theme parks and features more than 40 rides and attractions. Visitors will experience the tallest and fastest roller coasters as well as smaller family-friendly attractions. In addition, the park has the most interactive shows in Europe and an exciting IMAX theatre. The park also offers a variety of shopping opportunities, including a souvenir shop.

There are a variety of hotels near the park. Some of them are themed and offer special rates for children. You can also get discounted tickets for children aged four to ten or for adults over 60. You should also bring a valid photo ID when purchasing a ticket.

PortAventura World is an excellent theme park for families with children and adults alike. With six thematic areas, the park offers many attractions. From thrilling roller coasters to quiet family attractions, PortAventura is a great place to spend a holiday with your family. You can book tickets online through the official website or in person at the park. You can also save money by using a discount travel site, such as Headout.

During the summer season, PortAventura will be open from 10am to 12pm. On the other hand, in the winter, it closes early. You can catch a nighttime firework display at the park after closing time.


If you're planning to take your family on a holiday to Spain, why not consider a trip to Shambhala PortAventura WorldTheme Park? The theme park is well known for its adrenaline-fueled adventures, including the Shambhala Rollercoaster. You can also try Europe's tallest rollercoaster, the Furius Baco, which can reach speeds of 85mph in three seconds. The park also has Ferrari Land, which has Europe's highest vertical accelerator with an 112m peak. It features a variety of attractions such as the piston-inspired bounce-back towers.

Shambhala's longest drop

The Shambhala roller coaster, ranked as Europe's tallest, is a thrill ride that has five different drops. Its first drop is 256 feet, and it reaches a top speed of 84 mph. It cost PS21 million to build and features five camelbacks. Its lowest dip is the height of a seven-storey building, and it is themed after a journey through the Himalayan mountains. The ride has received positive reviews and is said to be the best roller coaster in Europe.

PortAventura also features the Sesame Street area, which is packed with characters and kid-friendly activities. Another attraction that appeals to families is the aquatic park, which has a tangled network of water slides.

Shambhala is one of the park's most popular rides, and it features the highest drop in Europe, 78 feet! However, its next-door neighbor, Vertical Accelerator, will soon take its crown. At 112 metres high, it will soon surpass Shambhala's record. Until the new attraction opens, this one is the tallest in Europe.

Shambhala is another great attraction at PortAventura World Theme Park. The ride is based on an ancient myth. The ride also includes a mini-land. There are jeeps and base camps of other explorers, statues, lanterns, and other decorations.

PortAventura is one of the world's most popular theme parks, with more than four million visitors each year. It is possible to save time by purchasing an express pass, which offers priority access to lines and faster rides. The Express Pass will also give you the option of riding more rides.

The park has several shopping outlets. Souvenirs are a great way to remember your visit. The Ferrari Land store is a great place to buy Ferrari-related merchandise. For something more unusual, you can buy an exotic artifact from the Lotus Palace in PortAventura World.

Sesamo A

The SesamoAventura theme park is a new area of the Disneyland Resort. The park features a variety of rides and attractions that will excite even the most adventurous guests. The park is filled with Sesame Street characters and features the Pilot Grover roller coaster, the Enchanted Garden playground and Bert's Kitchen.

The park's main area features six themed zones, with Sesame Street characters featuring in the rides since 2008. The SesamoAventura area has an indoor dark ride and other rides that are designed for young children. The area also features a monorail system and a water carousel with jet ski cars.

PortAventura World is also decorated for Christmas, and visitors will be able to enjoy holiday landscapes and special promotions. Guests can enjoy the Christmas festivities and Santa's house while on vacation. The park offers a full range of themed hotels and restaurants. It will also add a third theme park in September.

The park opened on 1 May 1995. The park was first called TibiGardens. Later, Anheuser-Busch purchased the remaining 50% of PortAventura. Construction on the park started in 1992, the same year as the Disneyland Paris park. This new park took into consideration the problems that Disney had encountered with the Paris park. It also faced social and political obstacles.

PortAventura World is located about an hour's drive from Barcelona's El Prat de Llobregat Airport. The park is also easily accessible by train. Julia Travel and Plana run daily coastal bus services to the theme park.

PortAventura Caribe

If you are looking for a fun-filled theme park holiday in Spain, look no further than the PortAventura Caribe. This water theme park has sixteen rides and attractions in an idyllic Caribbean setting. The park is also home to many restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues. You can get tickets to the park online or from a local ticket office.

You can reach the PortAventura theme park by car or by train. If you prefer public transport, the nearest train stations are Barcelona, Tortosa, and Salou. The train station at PortAventura is conveniently located and is accessible by foot. Alternatively, you can take a free shuttle service.

The Caribe Hotel is located just a few minutes' walk from the PortAventura Theme Park, which is Spain's biggest theme park. It has two swimming pools, a spa, a whirlpool, and a wellness centre. The hotel is also near the beaches of La Pineda and Salou. The hotel also provides 24/7 support for any queries.

You'll have an exciting time at PortAventura. The rides are known for giving you the ultimate adrenaline rush, and some of the most thrilling ones include the Shambhala Rollercoaster, which can reach a speed of 85 mph in just three seconds. You can also visit Ferrari Land to ride Europe's tallest vertical accelerator, which reaches an incredible 112m. In addition, there are several other thrilling rides in the Ferrari Land section, including a ten-storey Ferrari Land rollercoaster. Lastly, you can relax on the King Khajuna water slide, which is the tallest in the PortAventura World.

PortAventura World

Welcome to PortAventura World

PortAventura World is the largest family resort in the Mediterranean, just one hour outside of Barcelona. It offers three theme parks, five 4-star hotels and a convention centre, as well as a world-famous restaurant. It has something to offer everyone, from families with young children to adults who like to spend the day exploring the many different attractions and events.

SesamoAventura Station

SesamoAventura is the section of PortAventura World that's geared toward children. This area features roller coasters, shows, and even some Sesame Street characters. It's also home to the popular Magic Fish ride. And during the holidays, there are even special events to celebrate the holiday spirit.

PortAventura is separated into 6 thematic sectors, each with its own set of attractions. Sesamo Aventura is the sixth theme land, covering 13,000 square metres of land and featuring 11 different attractions. This new area represents a EUR15 million investment and is accessible through the park railway.

When visiting PortAventura, be sure to arrive early. The rides begin earlier in the day, and the park comes alive with colorful performances and multi-colored lanterns. If you're looking for an early entry, you can also purchase a PortAventura Express Max or Premium ticket to enjoy the park even more.

The Shambhala attraction, though, lacks a shop and doesn't have a queue. It's a new highlight for PortAventura, and it's a sure sign of development and repositioning as a major theme park in Europe. While its visitor numbers had slipped after the recession, it quickly recovered to 3.2 million people last season. The new rides and attractions, along with SesamoAventura's kids' zone, helped PortAventura to reach its previous levels.

There are forty rides in PortAventura. The Furius Baco, for example, reaches 135 km/h in three seconds and soars through 850 metres of pure thrills. Riders should be at least 140 cm tall to ride the ride. There are also rides for the disabled.

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park

If you are visiting PortAventura, you are likely to be looking forward to the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park. This park is the second in the PortAventura group of parks, and features a new kids' area and many exciting new attractions. The tallest toboggan in Europe is also in the park!

The park's expansion is part of its long-term strategic plans. The EUR75 million expansion project, scheduled for completion in 2022, will add more than 14000 square meters of new space to the park. The expansion will continue to provide exciting rides and attractions, and will allow more visitors to visit during peak seasons.

If you wish to stay on the park grounds, you can book accommodations at the PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek. This hotel is conveniently located at Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas s/n in Salou. In addition to its location in the heart of the PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park, the hotel has several restaurants and a lounge bar.

Days out in PortAventura World

A day out to PortAventura World can be an amazing experience. This huge entertainment complex, which features five different theme parks and Ferrari Land, is less than an hour's drive from Barcelona. The park offers thrilling rides for people of all ages and is perfect for families with children. You can purchase tickets for one day's general admission to the park or save money by purchasing a seven-day pass.

If you want to get a good deal on tickets for a family day out, it's a good idea to book in advance online. The prices are much cheaper if you buy them in advance, and you can even get combo deals online. The park's restaurants are also a great place to pick up snacks and drinks. There are even places where you can buy gluten-free food, which is perfect for those with dietary requirements.

While the majority of the attractions at PortAventura are aimed at teenagers and older, the park is still great fun for younger children as well. You can also find plenty of fun in the park's paddling pools and traditional slides. There are even cafes for adults to relax in. Each of the six themed zones has something for everyone - from Ferrari Land to the Wild West, to China and Polynesia.

There are a number of attractions and restaurants to choose from if you are planning a family day trip. If you stay near the park, you can easily visit the park twice in a day. However, you should plan your day carefully as the park closes at 7pm at the latest. It's also important to remember that the park can get very hot during the summer, so you'll want to consider the weather and whether you'd like to plan your trip around it.

Getting to PortAventura

To get to PortAventura World, you can either rent a car or take a bus. A bus from Salou to PortAventura takes around 30 minutes. You can also take the short-distance train from Salou to PortAventura. Getting to PortAventura is easy and convenient, and you'll be able to visit PortAventura at your leisure.

The park consists of three main zones, each themed after a different country. The main entrance area is called Mediterrania and features three rides and four shows. There are also several shops and restaurants that are reminiscent of the coastal town of Catalonia. The Colonial China zone is themed after colonial China, and is home to several rides. There is also a Chinese buffet.

Getting to PortAventura World is easy and inexpensive. The park's prices are similar to those of airports, so it's easy to budget for food and drinks. PortAventura World also has a wide selection of restaurants. There's plenty of food and drink options for everyone, including special meals for children. If you want to have a drink, the park sells Estrella Damm, the only beer in the park. Remember to bring plenty of water as the park is very hot and can be tiring.

To get to PortAventura World, you should take the N-340A exit of the A7 motorway. The park is about 2 kilometers from the exit. You should plan on paying a parking fee. The parking fee is €3 per day. You can pay at the entrance.

You can also get a car rental through the official car hire partner of PortAventura World. However, it's recommended that you book your car rental in advance to avoid long lines. Moreover, you can save money on your car hire by booking online.

PortAventura World-Parade Audio 2017

PortAventura WorldParade Audio 2017

Sesame Street dark ride

The Sesame Street dark ride is the first of its kind in Europe. It is an interactive adventure in which guests have to help Detective Grover accomplish his secret mission. It consists of a pre-show and a 3D ride experience. The attraction also features many animatronics and immersive experiences. The park has invested 15 million Euros in the new attraction. It is a collaboration between Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind the beloved children's show, and Sally Corporation, a leading international dark ride design company.

The ride is located in SesamoAventura, the Sesame Street area of the park. It features eight scenes, seven of which are interactive. Over 200 targets are featured during the ride. It uses eight screens, including two curved dual screens, as well as 10 projectors and 14 detection cameras. The ride also features a Hall of Fame scoreboard where guests can see their scores.

Halloween atmosphere

If you are looking for a fun-filled Halloween experience, PortAventura World-Parade-Audio 2017 is the perfect place to go! The theme park has been hosting Halloween-themed events for 15 years, and they are now growing as many as 12,000 pumpkins for the season! They have a special Halloween schedule that features 150 weekly shows and 160 professional performers.

The park is transforming itself for Halloween with special effects and a new show based on Mexican folklore. There will also be a creepy parade with a monstrous dragon and music from beyond the grave. The park is also bringing back the terrifying terror walk inspired by the famous film franchise. In this haunted walk, guests will experience special effects, petrifying sounds, and atmospheric scenery.

Food prices

PortAventura World-Parade offers an array of dining options. Food prices in the park are reasonably priced compared to many other theme parks. You can also buy drinks and snacks in many of the park's shops. There are also a number of gluten-free options.


The app for the PortAventura World Parade in Spain features music, commentary, and fun videos about the park's main attractions. The music is designed to captivate guests and help them enjoy the festivities. With over 80 different songs, the app has something for every fan. It's the perfect way to get the full experience of the event.

The app also lets you book your hotel or ride tickets, as well as plan your itinerary. It also shows you the available promotions. It can also help you navigate the park by showing the map. It also allows you to add favourite locations and get more information about them. It even has information on nearby restaurants, attractions, and news.

Guests can download the app for free. This year, the app allows you to hear music from various events in the park. It is available in English and Spanish. It's available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also download the app to get information about the events happening in the park.

If you're planning a trip to the PortAventura World water park, download the app now. It offers great discounts on tickets to the water park. You can also find the best deals on accommodations by using the app. PortAventura World offers 6 themed hotels. You can also find discounted admission to the park's six themed areas.

Day trip from Barcelona

For a unique experience, try a Day Trip from Barcelona to PortAventura World-Pade Audio 2017. This theme park combines thrill rides and live shows with beautiful architecture. You can even try rock climbing at the park! The park is located in the beautiful Montjuic Hill and features an incredible view of Barcelona.

Another interesting place to visit in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum, located in Sabartes Square and Montcada Street. This museum contains an abundance of Catalan civic gothic architecture and is a popular tourist attraction. You can also take a walking tour of the museum to see some of Picasso's favorite spots. The Picasso Museum is also home to one of his most famous hangouts, the Els Quatre Gats cafe, which played a central role during the modernist movement in Barcelona.

Then, make a stop at the Joan Miro Foundation, a museum dedicated to contemporary art. This foundation houses over 104,000 pieces of art by the renowned Catalan painter. The museum is close to the famous Placa d'Espanya, where you can see the famous sculpture Dona i Ocell.

Depending on traffic, it will take approximately an hour and a half to drive from Barcelona to PortAventura World. Toll fees may apply on some routes. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the city center. In addition to the theme park, you can visit the nearby Montjuic Botanical Garden, which features an important collection of plants.

During your stay in Barcelona, you may want to head to a nearby town to take in the city's nightlife. While you're in the neighborhood, you can stop by Opium and Shoko nightclubs.

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