Ponte Preta Vs So Paulo

Ponte Preta Vs So Paulo

Ponte Preta Vs So Paulo

On Sunday, at 18h30 local time, Ponte Preta will face Sao Paulo in Campinas Paulista. The teams are second and third respectively in Group D. Both sides are coming off wins against Ferroviaria and Lucca. Both teams are also looking for their first win of the season, and both are still without a win. As a result, they are both looking for a win to improve their standing in the league.

Ponte Preta x So Paulo

The teams have a good chance of overcoming Ponte Preta, but will need a better start than this. After a 1-0 defeat against Lucca, Sao Paulo needs a win to get back on track. This match was won by Calleri in the 41st minute after a poor defending performance from the visitors. The team will face Lucca next, which is in group B, and will be hoping to make up for the loss.

After a disappointing defeat against Lucca, Ponte Preta will be looking for a better start in the league. However, the team threw away their home field advantage in this game, and Sao Paulo came out with a 3-2 win. The victory was courtesy of a gol from Lucca and a penalty from Gabriel Sara, who scored a second half goal. While the match was a close one, the team won the title after a difficult season for both sides.

The two teams will meet in the quarter-finals of the Brazilian championship. Sao Paulo won the sexta Rodeda in Campinas, but Ponte Preta's home field advantage was thrown away. Both teams threw away Ygor, which led to a goal by Pedro Junior. Despite the defeat, this is an impressive result for both sides.

The match between Ponte Preta x So Paula ended in a 2-2 draw. At the end of the match, Ygor's strike was the only goal of the game. After 30 minutes, both teams were on the brink of elimination. The teams' results are not in the same order. The winners will take the sexta rodeda in Campinas.

This match between Ponte Preta and So Paulo is part of the Campeonato Paulista. The match will be broadcast live in Brasilia on Jovem Pan. The game will be telecast live on AM620. Afterwards, the game will be aired in Portugal on TVII. In Italy, the Ponte Preta will be held against Lucca in the Campeonato de Lucca.

The game is between Ponte Preta and So Paulo. The Ponte Preta x SoPaulo derby is the most famous and well-known in the country. The two teams share the same city, but they are very different. The rivals play each other in a derby. So Paulo is the second-ranked team in the country, while Ponte Preta is second in the group.

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