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New Moon Nursery


New Moon Nursery

New Moon Nursery is now 50 percent of the way to their goal of expanding in 55 new stores by 2018. But they need your help with that. They just need $2,000,000.Though the concept reflected the current website, it had prompted a change in how they actually wanted the business to be portrayed. A more simplistic, modern approach was now on the agenda, along with the realisation that perhaps the Nursery had reached a point where a complete overhaul of the branding and website were also required.They now have a fresh and consistent image that is helping them to stand out from other nurseries, whilst showing how they work to create a supportive and trusted environment for young children. They are already receiving positive feedback from parents and within a week of the site being launched they saw an increase in enquiries and online interest.


New Moon Nursery – Doha is a premier daycare center and playschool for children aged between 2 months to 4 years located in New Salata, Doha, Qatar. New Moon Nursery provides quality childcare services and education in an enriching & fun-learning environment. One that facilitates the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development of the children. New Moon Nursery opens from 6.00 am to 2 pm; extra hours are available for an extra cost. The nursery is open all year round with the exception of Qatar holidays.Now that the new identity was approved, we could make a fresh start on the brochure.

The final brochure couldn’t be further from the initial concept and previous website. Though that is the case we can rest assured that the Nursery have received final products that they are truly happy with and will stand the test of time.The redevelopment of the website was next on the agenda. Keeping consistent with the Nursery’s new identity, we produced a new site which was approved and ready to go live for New Moon’s big relaunch in January 2019.Staff and parents work closely together from the moment children start to attend. Parents regularly contribute to their children's assessments and are kept fully informed. Parents are very complimentary about the quality of the nursery and the good support that staff provide for their children. (Source: www.locrating.com)



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