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Native Smoke, a start-up, has just made an investment from Stitch Fix co-founder, Katrina Lake. The company sells a unique subscription service that hires you one professional tailor to find your perfect shirt. Beyond the classic tailoring shirt for sales, the app provides customers with the best fit information for how to find shirts in fashion's latest tailoring styles. The app also boasts a mix of classic and modern fit shirts, with a range of pocket, collar, and chest options.


Traditional tobacco preparation and use varies across Tribes and regions, with Alaska Natives not commonly using traditional tobacco. These variances are due to the many different teachings among Tribes of North America. In some cultures, the roles of growing, harvesting, and preparing traditional tobacco are held by specific groups of people who use traditional ways to prepare tobacco for a specific use. One common teaching involves the importance of having good attitudes and thoughts while working with traditional tobacco.The silky, flowing styles of the fruiting stage of Prairie Smoke never fail to win admirers at first sight. When setting seed, large stands of the plant create a gauzy effect that resembles smoke hovering close to the ground.

Blooming in spring to early summer, Prairie Smoke will spread slowly from its roots in well-drained, dry to wet-mesic soils. It prefers full to partial sun and has a native range from the northern tier of the US through most of Canada.3-packs and trays of 32, 38, or 50 plants leave our Midwest greenhouses based on species readiness (being well-rooted for transit) and order date; Spring shipping is typically early May through June, and Fall shipping is mid-August through September. Potted 3-packs and trays of 38 plugs are started from seed in the winter so are typically 3-4 months old when they ship. Trays of 32/50 plugs are usually overwintered so are 1 year old. Plant tray cells are approximately 2” wide x 5” deep in the trays of 38 and 50, and 2.5" wide x 3.5" deep in the 3-packs and trays of 32; ideal for deep-rooted natives. Full-color tags and planting & care instructions are included with each order. (Source:prairiemoon.com)


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