Manhattan is the most densely populated of New_York_City's five boroughs, and it is home to the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, and Chinatown. The borough also contains part of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was built and designed by John Augustus Roebling. The area is shaped like a long and thin 12 mile rectangle, and the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx form this "M", which then merges with the Rockaway peninsula.

Popular history suggests that the drink originated at the Manhattan Club in NY town in the mid-1870s, where it was invented by Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston) in honor of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden. The success of the banquet made the drink fashionable, later prompting several people to request the drink by referring to the name of the club where it originated—"the Manhattan cocktail". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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It is home to millions of people who enjoy the bustling NY life. This is the most populated borough in New_York_City, mostly due to its Manhattan area. Almost three-quarters of Manhattan is covered by water, and it offers great views of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor. The island is the most densely-populated area in the entire country, and its population is constantly growing. One in 4 people in the entire United States live in Manhattan.

Manhattan is New_York’s most famous borough and also its most visited. In fact, most people believe Manhattan to be a synonym of NY. (Source: www.introducingnewyork.com)


The main island in the New_York_City skyline.

Manhattan, borough of New_York_City, coextensive with New_York county, in southeastern New_York state, U.S. The borough, mainly on Manhattan Island, spills over into the Marble Hill section on the mainland and includes a number of islets in the East River. It is bounded by the Hudson River (west), Harlem River and Spuyten Duyvil Creek (northeast), East River (east), and Upper NY Bay (south). Manhattan is often mistakenly deemed synonymous with NY_City. (Source: www.britannica.com)

Manhattan Drink

Manhattan offers a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its unique identity and historical significance. Explore the architecture, culture and art of the iconic Manhattan borough, home to millions of people. New York’s vibrant cultural life extends to the theater, symphony, museums and art galleries. And it's not just the beautiful face that New York City has to offer. That ribbon of green surrounding Manhattan is one of the most impressive waterfronts in the world.

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Manhattan Place

In the early 20th century, the island of Manhattan was settled by Dutch merchants who built a small town for themselves near what is today the mouth of the Hudson River near Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Popularly known as “Al Manhattan,” New Amsterdam was a trading post for beaver pelts and foodstuffs from the Netherlands and for Rensselaerswyck, a village in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands.

"How to make the Fourth Regiment Cocktail – The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess". Archived from the original on April 27, 2013. Retrieved August 30, 2011. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Manhattan Time

Manhattan, N.York City is a borough of the…

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Originally part of a larger land grant given by Governor Pieter Stuyvesant in 1626, the island of Manhattan became a place of its own. With the establishment of a European settlement teaming with Manhattan as a major trading hub, it quickly became known as New Amsterdam. It was not until the arrival of British forces with the support of the Dutch government that Manhattan became New York.

You want to know why the Manhattan is called the Manhattan? Because it is one of the best damn cocktails on record, so they named it for the best damn city in the world. Well, perhaps its origin story is not quite so jingoistic, but it's close. The Manhattan cocktail's origins are commonly traced back to the Manhattan Club, in Manhattan, in the latter half of the 19th Century, where it was crafted for a party thrown by Winston Churchill's mother. As drinks historian David Wondrich points out, that's a load of bull; Lady Randolph Churchill was pregnant in England at the time of this rumored party. (Source: www.esquire.com)


Mr. Squeri’s gift will be contributed to Manhattan College’s Invest in the Vision capital raising campaign and has helped the school surpass its goal of raising $165 million five years ahead of the initial target date. The gift will go toward... (Source: manhattan.edu)



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