Make a Minecraft Serveror

Make a Minecraft Serveror

Make a Minecraft Server

Many people have fond memories of planning the perfect world in Minecraft. But the worlds envisioned with blocks are becoming real, and they are starting to grow in size and complexity. Best of all, taking part in these servers comes with its own challenges, of which there are many.


The command line “enable-command-block=false” is a line that disables the use of the programming command block in the server. Setting this to “enable-command-block=true” will let the command block be used. The command block is a helpful tool to start teaching the basics of coding to Minecraft players. CodaKid has helpful courses that review the use of command blocks and the basics of programming with Minecraft.

There are many web hosts that offer Minecraft servers, including Amazon Web Services, Apex, Hostinger, and PebbleHost, so your first step should be to shop around. You'll find various server requirements depending on your Minecraft world size, the number of players that'll connect to your server, and whether you want to install mods. Naturally, you’ll pay more out of pocket if you purchase a larger plan, but many web hosts let you upgrade from a lower service tier to a higher service tier without too much fuss. So if you’re just starting out, it may be safer to start with a smaller plan and upgrade later as your needs grow. (Source: www.pcmag.com)


This command tells Java to initialize 1024 megabytes of memory minimum/maximum to the Minecraft server.jar file. The nogui argument at the end prevents the Minecraft graphical user interface from popping up. This GUI eats up additional resources, and since you’ll be using the console window, it’s not really needed. However, as Mojang says on the download/server page, if you want to start the server with its default GUI, you can exclude the nogui argument.

Your computer specs that are needed heavily depend on what type of server you run and how many players are on at any given time. The more players logged onto your server will require higher amounts of RAM and a more advanced processor. The same goes for adding mods to your server. You can get away with a few gigs of ram if you only play Vanilla (meaning no mods!), but as soon as you start adding those awesome mods you’ll want to double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of RAM dedicated to your server. (Source: codewizardshq.com)


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