A: Those bulbs are fine. By now you know that many of this year’s flowers have also recovered. Usually if the flowers are fully open when the stalks freeze, the stems will collapse and remain folded over as they thaw. If flowers are still in the bud, the stems recover. There must be some temperature so low that none of the flowers can survive, but I have not experienced it in my years of gardening here.When you compare two hyacinth bulbs side by side, it’s easy to see differences in quality. The bigger bulb on the left contains more stored food energy for the emerging plant. This means you will get a stronger stem and bigger flowers. Longfield Gardens supplies large, 15/16 cm hyacinth bulbs so you can enjoy the biggest, brightest blooms.


Dig a hole about six inches deep, tip the hyacinth out of its pot, and set it into the hole, along with whatever dirt clings to the roots. The bulb itself will be farther underground than it was in the pot. That is important. If it were not planted deeply enough, it would live only a couple of years. Fill the hole with the dirt you dug out, and give the plant a drink of water.Hyacinths are spring-blooming bulbs with richly colored flowers and an incredible fragrance that can perfume your entire garden. They bloom in mid-spring at the same time as daffodils and early tulips, and come in a rainbow of colors including white, cream, pink, rose, apricot, lavender, cobalt blue, deep purple and wine red. Like other spring-flowering bulbs, hyacinths are easy to grow. Just plant the bulbs in fall to enjoy beautiful flowers the following spring.

If you want to leave the bulbs in for another year, you can expect future flowers to have a more casual look, with slightly thinner stems and fewer florets. For best results, remove the first year flower as soon as it has faded, cutting the stem short. Fertilize around the plant and allow the leaves to continue growing until they have yellowed. Then cut or pull off the leaves and leave the bulbs in the ground. Another option is to dig up the bulbs after the foliage has faded, store them somewhere cool and dry, and then replant in fall.Forcing bulbs for indoor blooms is an enchanting project for winter. If you can’t enjoy flowers outside you may as well try to enjoy them inside. If you want to enjoy hyacinth blooms and fragrance indoors you can force them. To force hyacinths you will need to provide them at least 8 weeks of temperatures below 50 degrees. These chilled hyacinths can be grown in pots with soil or in vases with water. If you want to force hyacinths this winter and want more details on how to do it check out this guide on forcing hyacinths for indoor blooms. (Source:www.bulbblog.com)




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