How to screenshot on a macbook

How to screenshot on a macbook


How to screenshot on a macbook

If you own an any kind of Mac you have three ways to take a screenshot with keyboard shortcuts-- and if you have a MacBook with a touch bar you have a fourth method. In this guide we'll show you the various keyboard shortcuts you need to know to take a screenshot on your Mac. We'll also show you walk you what you can do with those screenshots once you've taken them. Apple gives you a fair number of options to easily save, delete and open the screenshot for markup.If you've got the 16-inch MacBook Pro or another model with the Touch Bar, did you know you can take a screenshot of what's currently showing on the Touch Bar? Just hit Command-Shift-6 to take a very wide and skinny screenshot of your Touch Bar.



Taking screenshots on your MacBook, iMac, iPhone, or iPad is a great way to save things. Rather than save a link to a web page, you can save a picture of it, so you can see it exactly as it was at the time you shot it. You may want to do this when you’ve bought something online and want to keep a record of the purchase confirmation. You may also take screenshots just to remember items you’ve been shopping for on your iPhone or iPad, or to send to a friend to show them something you’ve discovered. You may take a screenshot of some text to post on social media, or take snapshots of friends in a FaceTime call. Or, you may need to take screenshots to demonstrate a problem with your device. You might notice that, even with the inclusion of ⌘ + Shift + 5 Mac screen capturing menu, the options for taking a MacBook screenshot remain pretty basic. What if you want to take a scrolling capture? The native tool can’t do that. If you’re looking for a snipping tool for Mac that can do a little more, you need to turn to a third-party developer.

"How to take a screenshot on a Mac" is one of the most popular search queries as MacBook users figure out how to capture pictures of their display. Whether you're saving something for later or sending a friend something you saw while browsing the web, Mac screenshots are a great way of quickly relaying information.Unlike Windows PCs, Apple MacBooks and desktops don’t have a dedicated print screen button, but it’s actually pretty easy to take screenshots on a Mac once you know how. Interested in capturing your screen or windows on your MacBook or Apple desktop computer? (Source: www.alphr.com)


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