How to Find Earlham College Courses

How to Find Earlham College Courses


How to Find Earlham College Courses

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There are many ways to find out more about the courses at Earlham College. You can use Self-Service registration or schedule an appointment with an academic adviser. Students will receive registration dates via e-mail for each semester. Continuing students can register for classes in November for the spring semester or April for the fall semester. Seniors are given priority registration. To qualify for senior registration, you must have earned at least 88 credit hours, including transfer credit.

Academic advising

Academic advising at Earlham College begins with the admission process and continues throughout your academic career, even through graduate school. Informed and intentional advising can play a critical role in your success. Here are the steps for working with your adviser: First, establish a relationship. Academic advisers are usually assigned to new students and work with them to create a customized academic plan. They are also an invaluable resource for students who are unsure about their major.

Student-athletes can access Epic Journey and other programs through the College. These programs are open to student-athletes and are designed to help them study and compete at the highest level. Students can also take advantage of the LIFT Program, which provides iPads to first-generation college students and offers off-campus travel opportunities. Librarians also work closely with first-generation students.

In addition to providing guidance on career options, academic advising at Earlham focuses on the honors pathway, which helps honors students connect with internships, projects, and alumni networks. The honors pathway offers both undergraduate and post-graduate opportunities. It also includes off-campus travel and alumni events. In addition, honors students receive additional credit for these programs, which contribute to their general education requirements.

Student-centered advising at Earlham College focuses on building leadership skills and facilitating collaboration. The academic and career advising experience includes hands-on activities and faculty-led research projects. Students also participate in internships, practicums, and field studies. Students can even take professional training programs or pursue educational certifications. All of these experiences build connections between classroom learning and professional goals.

Students can pursue off-campus study through nationally recognized programs. Students may also pursue leadership opportunities through student organizations, athletics, and volunteer service. The College also provides career guides to help students map their four-year plan and identify post-graduation goals. If you're unsure of your major, the academic and career advising team is here to help you find the right courses for you.

Students can also choose to accelerate their studies at Earlham. However, in order to do so, students must meet with the registrar and discuss options. If a student is extremely motivated, he or she can take advantage of the College Board Advanced Placement program or the International Baccalaureate Program. The credit earned from such exams may be applied toward the 120-credit degree requirement and the General Education Requirements.

Course auditing

Course auditing at Earlham college allows students to take a course without obtaining a grade or academic credit. Students can take a course to satisfy their curiosity and to learn about a subject that interests them. Auditing fees vary according to the type of course and the number of students taking the course. For full details, please refer to the school's registrar's office. There are restrictions on the number of students allowed to audit a course, so it is important to check with the professor ahead of time.

If a student wishes to take a course without receiving a grade, he or she can petition to take it without earning credit. However, this option can only be done if the instructor agrees. In addition, the student must pass a special examination prepared by the instructor. If the course is approved, the student must obtain permission from the instructor and pay a fee. After the completion of the course, the credit/no credit grade will be recorded on the student's transcript and will not be included in the student's GPA. In order to complete this process, the student must submit the petition form by the close of the tenth week of the semester. Once a student elects this option, he or she cannot change to a letter-grade option for the remainder of the semester.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredits universities every ten years. They do this to ensure academic excellence. Earlham College was first accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in 1913. They assess institutions on a wide range of factors. Some criteria include the quality of education and the accessibility of courses.

When a student enrolls in a course as an auditor, he or she must attend at least two thirds of the class sessions. Otherwise, a student earns an "AU" grade with zero credits. In some cases, a student may be dropped from the course for not attending a class.

In some cases, students can accelerate their degree by completing additional coursework. This may be done with the help of the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) or the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP). Select IB and AP exams may be applied to the 120-credit degree requirements.

Credit/no credit grading

Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) grading at Earlham college is an option available to students in select courses. If you are unsure if this option is right for you, consult an adviser. Credit/No Credit grades will be recorded on your transcript, but will not be computed for your GPA. To use this option, you must complete a petition form and submit it by the tenth week of the semester. Once you elect to use the CR/NCR grading option, you cannot switch back to letter grade grading.

You can also petition to take a class on your own without the help of an instructor. To be eligible, you need to pass a special examination prepared by the instructor. You must obtain permission from the instructor and pay a fee before you can sit for an exam. Once you have obtained permission, you must submit the request for credit by evaluation to the registrar, who will review it with a dean from Academic Affairs. If approved, this option is considered equivalent to taking a regular course at Earlham College. The Registrar's Office can provide you with the proper forms.

The Faculty at Earlham College prefers that all General Education courses be completed within the curriculum of the college. However, some students choose to bring in outside credits for a portion of the General Education requirement. However, importing such outside credits has its own set of problems and should be avoided whenever possible. In some cases, such as AP or IB courses, credit awarded from outside sources may be accepted for up to eight semester hours of work.

Earlham College offers students the Credit/No Credit grading option if they request it. This grading option is only available if the instructor, academic adviser, and registrar agree to the grading option. If you request the option, you must fill out a petition form and submit it by the first Friday of your registration.

Earlham College is affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends and is located in Richmond, Indiana, about 70 miles east of Indianapolis and 60 miles northwest of Cincinnati. It offers more than 40 undergraduate study options and several graduate programs. There are also many specializations at the college, including teaching, religion, and outdoor education. The college offers programs in dog sledding, backpacking, and Japanese language and culture.

Financial aid

Financial aid at Earlham College is available in many forms, and the best options for you will depend on your specific circumstances. Federal loans are typically the best option, as they have low interest rates and other benefits. But, you may be surprised to know that not all federal loans can cover the costs of college.

During the academic year 2019-2020, a total of 904 students received financial aid from Earlham College. This means that nearly all undergraduate students were able to receive some form of aid. This aid amount is typically around $22,636 per person, which is a significant amount of money. By 2022, the average financial aid package will cover almost seventy percent of the cost of tuition and fees at Earlham College.

Students receiving federal financial aid must meet certain academic requirements. These requirements include the percentage of credits they have completed and their grade point average. Failure to meet these requirements can result in the loss of financial aid. Earlham reviews students' progress at the end of each semester and at the end of the academic year. Students who fail to meet SAP must request a review of their progress through the Office of Financial Aid.

Knowing the exact cost of attendance at Earlham College is the first step in managing your costs. In addition to tuition, students must also factor in their living and food expenses. The total cost of attendance is the total cost of attending a college or university, and it includes tuition, room and board, textbooks, and personal expenses.

Financial aid at Earlham College can be obtained through the Federal Direct Loan Program. While the Federal Budget Control Act of 2011 limits the amount of money you can receive from this program, you may be able to find other sources of financial assistance. You can also explore denominational support and non-ESR scholarships.

If you do not meet the SAP requirements, you can appeal your disqualification. A committee will review your appeal. If your request is approved, you will be placed on probation and will have to meet certain conditions to continue receiving financial aid. If you fail to comply with these conditions, you will not be able to receive any financial aid at Earlham college.

Online College - Find Out What We Have to Offer

Online College  Find Out What We Have to Offer

When considering online colleges, it is important to consider what each school has to offer before making a decision. The following are some things to keep in mind: Flexible scheduling, Career-relevant degrees, Letters of recommendation, and Financial aid. In addition to your personal information and transcript, online colleges will require letters of recommendation.

Flexible scheduling

With flexible scheduling at Online College, you can pursue your academic goals while still maintaining your current schedule. There are day and evening classes available, as well as certificate programs, to suit your needs. The courses you take at OBC are designed to challenge you and inspire you. A flexible schedule is also a benefit if you have children or other obligations.

In an online college, you can access your classes from anywhere, which is important if you have young children. Flexible scheduling at Online College is especially important for working mothers who have to balance childcare and a career. More than half of mother-students surveyed reported they worked at least thirty hours a week.

Because online education is self-paced, it offers flexibility for students. This can be an ideal solution for busy parents or professionals who cannot find the time to attend classes. In addition, you can complete coursework at any time that is convenient for you. Just be sure to speak with your Program Mentor for more details about flexible scheduling.

Another benefit of flexible scheduling at Online College is that you can take breaks during the day. Flexible scheduling makes it easier for students to focus on their studies without feeling rushed. Moreover, it allows students to focus on personal tasks without missing an important class. Flexible scheduling also provides students with more time for advising and relearning.

Online colleges are revolutionizing the school schedule and introducing innovative learning experiences. In addition to offering flexible class schedules, many virtual schools also offer asynchronous classes. This allows students to choose the best time to complete their coursework.

Career-relevant degrees

Earning a degree at an online college can be a very practical option for working professionals. Unlike traditional classroom settings, online degrees allow students to choose their schedule, so it is much easier for working adults to enroll. Furthermore, online degrees are often cheaper than on-campus options. Distance learners also save on commuting and relocation costs. Moreover, many online colleges offer accelerated degrees, so you can earn a degree in a shorter period of time.

Online colleges promote networking among students. In many programs, students will work in cohorts or groups with similar interests and goals. Some programs even feature networking opportunities that bring real-world professionals into contact with students. Ultimately, online degrees can help you become more employable and gain competitive advantages. The best part is that they can be completed without interrupting your current job.

Online colleges offer a variety of career-relevant degrees. A construction management degree, for example, can increase the value of your resume and increase your earning power. However, not all online courses are created equal, and you have to choose the right courses to increase your chances of getting hired. Some of the best courses include programming, data science, design, digital marketing, and communication.

Earning an online degree is fast becoming the norm for many employers. In fact, many hiring managers don't bat an eyelid. They are more concerned with how you earned your credentials than whether you attended an online college. Despite the fact that online colleges cost less, you'll find that most employers accept these degrees without raising a brow.

Another important benefit of earning a degree at an online college is flexibility. You can continue working while earning a degree, which means you won't have to worry about relocation costs and student loans. Plus, you'll have the added advantage of continuing your work experience, which will help you further your career.

Financial aid

Financial aid for online college is a great option for working adults who want to further their education. Financial aid for online college can be provided in the form of scholarships, loans, and grants. The federal government offers financial aid to students who meet certain requirements. There are also several options for private financial institutions. Some of these sources include grants, scholarships, and private loans.

The first step in obtaining financial aid for online college is to complete the FAFSA. The application process begins January 1, and students can apply as early as January 1. Once students submit their tax information, they can start exploring other sources of financial aid. Some funding sources also cover graduate programs and independent study projects.

Getting financial aid for online college is easy. The FAFSA and CSS Profile are free forms to fill out. Legitimate sources of financial aid should not require a credit check or payment. You should also choose a college that is accredited. This way, you can be sure that your education will be recognized by the government.

Another way to obtain financial aid for online college is to apply for federal student loans. The federal government offers subsidized loans for students who take at least six credits. But be sure to check the eligibility requirements of each loan. Most federal student aid programs provide equal financial aid for online college programs as for on-campus, full-time students. This includes online-specific grants to help low-income students pay for their online courses.

Financial aid for online students is often available from the federal government and private institutions. By applying, students can receive federal student loans, scholarships, and grants. Some colleges even offer tuition reductions to online students who meet certain needs-based requirements.

Letters of recommendation

If you want to attend an online college, you need to write letters of recommendation. They will help you gain admission to the school of your choice. When you write letters of recommendation, make sure you follow all deadlines. It is best to have all the information you need to write a great letter organized before approaching the letter writers. Letters are usually submitted directly to the school, but sometimes they are sent to you directly.

If possible, talk with your professors about the process before you ask them for letters of recommendation. This way, you can know what you can expect. It is not uncommon for professors to forget to send letters before the deadline, but it is better to ask them in advance rather than later. They will be able to give you their feedback and give you suggestions on how to write a better letter.

Typically, students will need one to two letters of recommendation. You should select someone who knows you well, and someone who has worked with you outside of class. A coach, employer, or club adviser can speak volumes about your character. You should also ask for a letter from a teacher you have worked with outside of class. If you can, pick someone who is enthusiastic about helping you.

When you ask for a letter of recommendation from a professor, make sure to send him or her a resume. This will help the professor know what skills to emphasize in the letter. Also, provide your professors with copies of your class work, information about your application, and a listing of programs offered at the college.

Letters of recommendation for UCF's online program

Letters of recommendation are an integral part of the application process for the online program at UCF. These letters should highlight the skills and experience the applicant has. Applicants should also submit a current resume and a letter of recommendation from a previous supervisor. These letters must be written on official company letterhead and include the supervisor's name and title.

The University of Central Florida is a selective institution. Their acceptance rate for first-time students is approximately 42.5%. Graduate students are required to have a 3.0 GPA to apply, while first-time students are encouraged to have a score of 3.5/4.0 or higher. Applicants should submit their materials as early as November 1 if they plan to start in the spring semester.

UCF is an institution of higher learning in Orlando, Florida. This university offers full online programs leading to bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. degrees, as well as certificates. The university is a great choice for people looking to earn a degree while working.

Applicants should keep in mind that they may need a separate application for some degrees and are encouraged to follow the requirements of their chosen major. Students applying for a UCF online program should make sure they research their degree requirements and follow the instructions closely. Unlike the general application, UCF does not accept letters of recommendation with the online application. Students may be instructed to submit these letters of recommendation as part of their appeals process if they are denied. Applicants should also note that they must submit official transcripts through the U.S. postal service, but they should not send a PDF transcript.

Applicants should also be aware of the UCF's computer science program, which is among the nation's top-ranked programs. This program has a unique approach to the training of students who wish to become computer scientists. It emphasizes theory and provides a competitive advantage over other engineering programs.

Earlham College Offers Programs in Baseball

Earlham College offers various programs in Baseball. You can learn more about the programs, coaches and players by reading this article. Moreover, you can join events and outings of the Earlham baseball alumni. These events are a great way to connect with other baseball fans. The alumni are always willing to host events for Earlham baseball fans.


Two players have signed letters of intent to play baseball at Earlham College. Cory Snider and Wes Smith are both Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association All-Ohio selections who recently committed to Earlham. The school plays in the NCAA Division III and is part of the Heartland Collegiate Athletics Conference. Its mission is to foster a relationship between intercollegiate athletics and academic excellence. Intercollegiate athletics at Earlham includes on-campus competitions as well as club sports. Students organize these teams and receive support from Student Activities and Athletics.

Christian Earlham played baseball and football at Earlham. He punted for the team during his sophomore and junior years. He also helped the team win the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference championship as a freshman pitcher. However, the team went winless each year, and the school ultimately decided to discontinue the program after the final game in November 2018. Christian was devastated about the situation.

The athletics program at Earlham boasts a number of head coaches and assistant coaches. The salary of each individual coach can range from $13,600 to $51,264. Head coaches at Earlham typically earn a salary of $51,264 per year and most have more than one team. However, there are some sports that aren't very profitable.


Earlham College is a private liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana, with a focus on Quaker values. The college is founded by the Religious Society of Friends and emphasizes the principles of integrity, peace, social justice, and community decision making. Students in every major have the opportunity to explore Quaker traditions and apply them to their everyday lives.

Students who are seeking a more specialized education can consider a number of different programs offered at the college. There are pre-professional programs, applied minors, and a 3+1 education program for prospective teachers. In addition to these programs, Earlham College also offers a range of work-study opportunities. Earlham is known for its commitment to providing the resources and experiences needed to be successful. As a result, its students become better prepared for the workplace and the future.

Entrepreneurship and sustainability are also important aspects of the college's curriculum. Entrepreneurship is emphasized in many programs, including the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity (CEIC). Students are given opportunities to apply disciplinary knowledge to solve global issues through research and innovation.


Steve Sakosits enters his 13th season as the head coach of the Earlham College baseball team. He is the winningest coach in program history and has coached over 60 All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference players. During his tenure at Earlham, the team has achieved several firsts. In the 2022 season, the team won the HCAC championship and made its fourth consecutive trip to the NCAA Division III regional tournament. In addition, the team's pitching staff had a team ERA of just under four.

Before becoming head coach of Earlham College, Sakosits served as an assistant coach at Thiel College in Pennsylvania. During his tenure there, his team led the Presidents' Athletic Conference in strikeouts and earned a second-place finish in the conference's earned-run average. Smith also served as an Associated Scout with the Kansas City Royals and coached at University of Mount Union in 2013. Under his leadership, the Purple Raiders won their first OAC title since 1970 and advanced to the NCAA Division III regional for the first time in program history.

Coaches at Earlham College are compensated by the college. Earlham's athletics department has a total of ten full-time coaches and eight assistant coaches. Their salaries vary, but they are not in the red.


The players of Earlham College baseball aren't afraid to take the field. Last year's team featured several freshmen and multiple freshman starters. Still, they were able to produce, despite a number of losses. In fact, they are often credited with inspiring the younger players to follow in their footsteps. Nevertheless, they know that they need to remain focused going into next year. Luckily, they'll have plenty of help from their upperclassmen.

While the baseball team boasts an impressive varsity roster, it's not the only sport. The track and field team at Earlham is made up of 71 athletes and is led by one head coach and one assistant coach. In 2016, Earlham's men's and women's teams brought in an average of $141,310 in revenue and expenses. Fortunately, the team didn't break the bank.


In order to play baseball at Earlham College, you will need to pay the cost of your registration fee and the costs of playing on the team. The team plays in the NCAA Division III and is part of the Heartland Collegiate Athletics Conference. This conference consists of 10 academically selective colleges in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Its goal is to promote the relationship between intercollegiate athletics and academic excellence. There are on campus and off campus competitions, as well as student-organized team sports.

Earlham has also recently completed some major upgrades to its athletic facilities. The College has invested nearly $100 million in the past few years to make the campus more beautiful and attractive. The projects will improve the campus experience and help the college compete in the higher education market. Earlham's baseball facilities are part of this overall renovation.

The school's athletic department has approximately 358 students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs. The cost of campus housing at Earlham College is $12,447 per year. It also participates in intramural and club sports.


The baseball team at Earlham College plays their home games at the Randal R. Sadler Stadium, which opened in the summer of 2013. Named after former Earlham baseball player Randy Sadler, the stadium is an all-turf field with playing dimensions of 310 feet down the left field line, 390 feet to the right field line, and 380 feet to straight center field.

In terms of head coaches, there are 17 for the men's team and 9 for the women. The men's head coach makes an average of $51,264 per year, while the women's head coach makes an average of $41,095 per year. The athletics department also pays its players an average of $21,750.

Earlham College - Center For Global and Career Education

Earlham College  Center for Global and Career Education

Career Education and community engagement is overseen by Mila Cooper, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. She has worked in higher education for several years as a student-centered administrator. She holds an M.A. in higher education administration, as well as a B.S. in communication studies. She is also a certified Kingian nonviolent conflict resolution trainer.

Earlham's Epic Advantage

As an Earlham student, you have access to programs that will enhance your academic success and career aspirations. Through the college's Epic Advantage program, you can gain the expertise and support of an experienced mentor to help you navigate your Epic Journey. The program offers funded internships and research experiences that will enhance your skills and prepare you for your career.

As part of the Epic Advantage program, Earlham College funds an internship, research experience, or community-based project for every student. These high-impact experiences are integrated with traditional course work and extracurricular activities. The Quakers-founded college is dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere for students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and leadership roles. The school also sponsors over 20 NCAA Division III teams. These include a hunt seat equestrian team, Ultimate (Frisbee), and recreational sports.

While a small college, Earlham College offers similar academic experiences to larger state universities. Its true student-faculty ratio is around 10 to one. The average class size is twelve students. The school's Epic Advantage program provides an environment that encourages students to succeed. However, it is important to note that the college is a little less selective than many of its competitors. In fact, its freshman enrollment was already declining before the pandemic hit the US.

The school offers a variety of internship opportunities that help students explore career choices after graduating. In addition to its paid internships, students have the opportunity to take part in research experiences that are funded by the college. Students who complete these experiences will be eligible for a scholarship worth up to $5,000.

Off-Campus Experience

Earlham College's Center for Global and Career Education offers a wide variety of off-campus study opportunities to its students. The programs are available for any major, and students earn full academic credit for their coursework. These credits are applied toward general education requirements and sometimes toward major requirements as well. These programs also provide students with valuable experience while they are away from campus.

Through a variety of funding mechanisms, the College's off-campus experiences provide students with unparalleled opportunities to engage in field research, gain valuable workplace experience, and broaden their horizons. These programs are funded in part through grant-based support and are available to all Earlham students.

The Center for Global and Career Education provides off-campus study opportunities, meaningful student employment experiences, and one-on-one career mentoring. The program helps students turn their ideas into action by fostering innovative problem-solving and social entrepreneurship. The center also challenges students to examine 21st century global health issues. Its mission and goals align with the College's own.


During your time at Earlham College, you'll likely be exposed to a number of unique career development opportunities. The College's Epic Advantage program offers students the chance to take part in paid internships and research experiences. Moreover, this college also offers a number of fellowships.

Your educational experiences will be an important part of your resume. If possible, include information related to your studies such as research projects, presentations, or volunteer work. Participation in student organizations will also help. In general, resumes should begin with strong action verbs. The resume should not exceed one page, but it should be no longer than one page for every ten years of experience.


The Center for Global and Career Education at Earlham College provides students with resources for crafting a CV that highlights their global and interdisciplinary interests. This type of learning can help students find meaningful jobs that reflect their passions. During the 2018-19 academic year, Tora Earlham completed an internship at Exodus Refugee Immigration in Indianapolis. While there, she worked with Afghan and Congolese refugees. She also spent part of her third year in Athens, Greece, where she gained experience translating for Doctors of the World, an organization providing medical care to refugees and vulnerable populations. She also conducted fundraisers for refugee families.

Earlham College is one of the largest employers in Richmond, Indiana. The school is a cultural and intellectual hub for the state, and is committed to advancing social justice. Its graduates work in many industries, including healthcare, business, spirituality, and the arts. The Earlham College campus has more than $23 million in capital projects, and students are hired for jobs in fields such as healthcare, business, and education.

Getting a job at Earlham

The Center for Global and Career Education at Earlham College offers many opportunities for students to get real-world experience. This includes funded internships and research experiences. Career advisors can provide guidance and connections to local employers. In addition, students can explore post-graduation options, such as graduate school or professional school.

Career advisors can help students prepare for job interviews and find meaningful employment. Students can work with faculty members and other students at the Center for Global and Career Education to build their professional network and begin their search for a job. They will also receive one-on-one career coaching and apply their knowledge through off-campus projects. The goal is to help students translate their ideas into action and create impact in the world. Students will learn how to apply their disciplinary knowledge to develop a new business, social enterprise, or other endeavor.

Earlham College - Profile Rankings and Data

Earlham College  Profile  Rankings and Data  US News Best

Earlham College is a Quaker institution that offers 32 bachelor's degrees and five master's degrees. The school offers a low acceptance rate and has a large library. It also has many scholarships and financial aid opportunities available. The article provides more information about Earlham College and its services.

Earlham College is a Quaker institution

Located in Richmond, Indiana, Earlham College is a liberal arts college founded by Quakers in 1847. Its mission is to provide students with a liberal education that broadens their knowledge and intellectual capabilities. Founded by Quakers, the college has since opened its doors to non-Friends. Although the school aims to promote Quaker values, it is also open to a wide range of students and faculty. It has approximately 1,200 students. It is a small liberal arts college that follows the Quaker tradition of equality and community. As a result, students are referred to by their first names and not by titles such as professor or doctor.

The school's admissions process takes into account a student's overall academic achievement and writing ability. It also considers high school course work and the quality of the college preparatory program. In addition, a student's involvement in extracurricular activities may also be considered.

Students at Earlham College have a high level of involvement in activism and social justice. They also have the opportunity to get involved in college governance. Student representatives sit on most of the College's standing committees. Faculty members and staff are also committed to supporting and encouraging students, while also providing them with a well-rounded education.

Though primarily an undergraduate college, the school also offers graduate programs in education and religion. Students interested in becoming teachers can earn their master's degree through the master of arts in teaching. The college also offers a graduate program in Christian theology in the Quaker tradition through the Earlham School of Religion. It also hosts Bethany Theological Seminary, an independent Brethren institution that offers graduate and non-degree programs.

Earlham is located on an 800-acre campus. Approximately 1,200 undergraduate students live on campus. The school is home to over 20 friendship houses, theme houses, and residence halls. The school has invested over 40 million dollars into major campus construction and enhancements. This ensures that students receive a quality education in an atmosphere of equality.

Earlham College was founded in 1847. Its student-faculty ratio is seven to one, and more than 87% of classes are comprised of less than 20 students. Its academic programs include neuroscience and peace studies.

It offers 32 bachelor's and five master's degrees

If you are considering an education, Earlham College offers a Bachelor of Arts in psychology program. This program includes a wide range of experiential learning opportunities including faculty research, internships, and field studies. The program culminates in a capstone course based on an original empirical research project. This capstone also includes a comprehensive examination.

It has a low acceptance rate

While the acceptance rate at Earlham College is low compared to other colleges, it does not mean that there is no chance for acceptance. Applicants must have a minimum GPA to be considered. The school also looks at test scores and average GPA, which are important factors for admission.

Students from all walks of life may be interested in applying. There are a variety of reasons why this institution may not have a high acceptance rate. The college is known for its high academic standards and has an extensive alumni network. In addition to its small size, students are likely to benefit from a high-quality education. Professors at Earlham know their students by name, and are more likely to work one-on-one with students.

High school students who have excellent test scores are more likely to be accepted. Applicants with SAT scores between 1110 and 1320 have a decent chance of being accepted. However, applicants with lower SAT/ACT scores have a low chance of acceptance. Those with below-average GPAs may be considered if they have strong test scores.

Applicants should strive to meet or exceed the ACT cutoff score at Earlham College. The average ACT score at Earlham College is 54, so aiming for a score of 59 is recommended. Also, be sure to know about the other requirements for admission to the college.

If you have strong SAT/ACT scores, you are practically guaranteed admission. Although the school's acceptance rate is low, high scores raise the chances of acceptance to almost 100%. Your GPA should be close to the school's average of 3.73. Even if you do not have these numbers, your application is more likely to get accepted.

It has a large library

The Earlham College library is a central facility for the school's media and IT resources. The building was constructed in 1962, and is named in honor of the late Eli and J.K. Lilly, two local industrialists who made substantial contributions to higher education. The library also provides a wide range of materials on current events and other subjects.

The school's library is a great resource for students. Its collection includes hundreds of thousands of books and journals on various subjects. Students can find information on a range of subjects and majors, as well as materials related to their studies. There is also a large computer lab for tutoring and research assistance. The library is staffed by librarians who are available to help students with any questions they may have.

A large library is one of the most important aspects of college education, so Earlham has invested in upgrading its library facilities. Its faculty and students actively promote research within the curriculum. For instance, most of the science faculty are involved with student research as part of their jobs. Additionally, the college hosts an annual Butler Undergraduate Research Conference in spring.

The library at Earlham College is a great resource for studying the liberal arts. Located on an 800-acre campus, it is convenient for students to access books and research documents. The campus features eight residence halls and fifteen friendship and theme houses. The campus is easily accessible, with U.S. Route 40 running through it.

The library is used heavily by students at Earlham. Overall, 51% of classes at Earlham College utilized the library, and 67 percent of students received bibliographic instruction (BI). This number is quite high and reflects the wide scope of BI across the curriculum. Interestingly, the highest proportion of students requiring BI was in the History and Political Science departments. The math department only had one course that included BI.

In addition to its academic programs, Earlham College also offers off-campus programs. For example, students can complete an SICE program, where they teach English to middle school students in Morioka, Japan. Students enrolled in this program receive extra funding to go on an off-campus internship. In addition, international students can participate in the international student program through the Center for Global Education.

Earlham College - Official Athletics Website

Earlham College offers a variety of competitive sports for students to participate in. Each club is student-run and has varying levels of competition. The importance of leadership is emphasized in all clubs. The most successful clubs are led by outstanding student leaders. Student involvement is crucial to the success of club sports, and the club's goals are to promote participation by as many students as possible. Each club also aims to be inclusive, ensuring that members of all skill levels can compete successfully. Traveling squads are often made up of students of varying levels of competition.

Earlham College club sports program mission

The mission of the Earlham College club sports program is to improve student-athletes' performance, develop a competitive program, and teach team concepts and competitive values. It involves developing game plans and practice schedules and overseeing individual player training, including weight training during the season. It also involves coordinating pre and post-game functions and working with other campus offices to promote the club sports program.

The recreational sports program at Earlham College provides opportunities for the community to participate in physical activity while also promoting healthy habits. It offers a chance for students to enjoy their free time without the pressure of playing varsity-level sports. It also allows students to participate in athletics without having to dedicate a large amount of time to practice and competitions.

The Earlham College men's club is a great opportunity for male students to get involved in the sport of rugby. The team competes against other colleges in the state of Indiana in tournaments throughout the spring and fall. It is open to both novice and experienced players. It is a fun and easy sport to learn.

Earlham College is located on an 800-acre campus in Richmond, Indiana. Its students enjoy dozens of clubs and activities. While the school does not have any fraternities or sororities, there are several popular on-campus activities. These include Earlham College club sports and the Black Student Union. Earlham College also hosts a Homecoming Dance and an annual Convocation.

Earlham College's mission is to provide undergraduate education of the highest quality. Quaker beliefs shape the campus. The college emphasizes the pursuit of truth and the freedom of conscience. It also emphasizes the importance of global education, the peaceful resolution of conflict, equality of persons, and high moral standards of conduct.

Student-run club sports program at Earlham College

Student-run club sports at Earlham College offer the opportunity for students to participate in a variety of team sports and activities. The college has a long history of supporting these activities, and many of its students enjoy participating in them. In addition to the sports team, the campus hosts a number of concerts, plays, and festivals throughout the year.

The student-run club sports program at Earlham College offers competitive sports teams that compete against intercollegiate teams. These clubs emphasize student involvement, leadership, and development. Club teams compete against each other not only on campus, but also locally and regionally. Each team is affiliated with the Athletics and Wellness Center, and is run by students under the guidance of faculty advisers.

The school competes in both NAIA and NCAA Division III sports. Earlham College's Men's Soccer team won the NAIA national title in 1963. The College also has a strong Men's Tennis team that qualified for the NCAA Div. III Championships in 2010-11 and 2011-12. In addition, the Earlham College Men's Tennis team won the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Tournament in both 2011 and 2012. In February 2013, the Men's Tennis team was ranked 30th in NCAA Division III.

The Earlham College sports program is known as the Quakers. The athletics team is part of the NCAA Division III, and competes in many different sports. Earlham's teams compete in football, baseball, and basketball. The teams were originally called the Fightin' Quakers, but they have since changed their name to Hustlin' Quakers.

In addition to the sports program, the college also offers a wide variety of other student activities. The Gospel Revelations Chorus is the most popular student organization on campus. Other activities include the Black Student Union and student-run club sports. In addition, the college hosts the Homecoming Dance and Convocation.

The school's Athletics and Wellness Center offers a number of facilities for student athletes to participate in. The Sports Center is free to use and is well-equipped for basketball, tennis, and racquetball. There is also a climbing wall and Schuckman Court.

The college also has a student-run equestrian club. This program, which is the only student-run equestrian program in the country, offers lessons and rides for the community. In addition to these athletic opportunities, Earlham students participate in many hours of community service on campus. Students report volunteering an average of 23,000 hours per year. They also participate in the Bonner program, which provides financial aid in exchange for community service.

Student involvement in club sports at Earlham College

Club sports at Earlham College are a great way for students to get involved in campus life while also competing against other collegiate teams. The emphasis on student involvement, leadership, and development is reflected in the teams that compete on campus, locally, and regionally. Team members are selected by students and are supervised by faculty advisers.

Athletes are expected to be fully involved in college life. They make friends outside of athletics and enjoy watching their friends compete. Professors also appreciate the hard work and dedication of athletes and encourage their participation. Ultimately, club sports help students develop a sense of community and give them opportunities to participate in their free time.

Earlham has more than a dozen clubs and organizations. From Ultimate Frisbee and Women's Rugby to Bike Co-Op and Martial Arts Clubs, there's a club or activity that will suit your interests. There's also a $13 million Athletics and Wellness Center on campus that students can use free of charge. The center features racquetball and tennis courts and even a climbing wall.

Despite the school's small size, there are still a variety of club sports available for students to participate in. There's even a student-run equestrian team that gives lessons to members of the community. Additionally, students at Earlham College invest countless hours in the community, volunteering in the local community and completing a Bonner service program, which offers financial aid in exchange for volunteer work.

Earlham College offers more than 50 programs to choose from. Its academic offerings include science and engineering, as well as arts and humanities. It also has a robust study abroad program. Some of its programs include the study of the Tibetan language. Earlham's students also take up the study of Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Earlham College is a private liberal arts college located in Richmond, Indiana. Its campus features traditional red brick architecture and a large main quad referred to as the "Heart." The Religious Society of Friends founded Earlham College in 1847. The school's philosophy emphasizes equality and a non-hierarchical setting. The school is the third Quaker college in the United States.

The college encourages students to participate in intercollegiate athletics, and varsity sports are a natural complement to a liberal arts education. Athletic participation teaches participants to cooperate and excel. It is also an important way to promote alumni involvement and the Richmond community. While the intercollegiate athletic program at Earlham College is not mandatory, it ensures that every student has equal opportunities to excel in a sport that they enjoy.

Earlham College - Center For Global and Career Education

Earlham College  Center for Global and Career Education


At Earlham College, we welcome students from all over the world and have an extensive international community. Whether you're an international student or just want to broaden your horizons, you'll find ample opportunities to amplify your education at our campus. Our programs include the Epic Advantage research program, summer courses, and internships.

Located in Earlham, Indiana, the campus is home to approximately 658 undergraduate students. The gender distribution is approximately 45% male and 55% female. The majority of students live on campus, with only 3% living off campus. The campus is part of the NCAA III, and 78% of enrolled students receive need-based financial aid. The average need-based scholarship or grant award is $34,538.

Centers at Earlham College connect students to a global community by fostering interdisciplinary learning, providing off-campus study opportunities, and providing meaningful student employment experiences. Students can participate in internships with businesses and organizations around the world, and engage in faculty-student research projects. These experiences can help students make connections between their classroom knowledge and their future careers.

The Center for Global and Career Education at Earlham College offers multiple opportunities to apply classroom learning to real-world challenges. Through the Epic Advantage, students can pursue paid research, internships, and fellowships that will benefit them in their professional goals. The center also helps students gain hands-on experience through their Epic Journey.

Programs offered

There are a number of specialized programs available at Earlham College that can enhance your education. These programs offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience while also meeting major requirements. Students enrolled in these programs earn full academic credit for their coursework, which is included in their grade point average. Additionally, these courses often count toward general education requirements.

The Center for Global and Career Education at Earlham College offers programs designed to help students expand their knowledge and experience outside of campus. The Epic Advantage program, for example, offers opportunities for students to engage in faculty-led research projects abroad. Students also have the chance to participate in internships and research with faculty in fields of interest to them.

Whether it's a paid summer internship or a paid research experience, students can engage in cutting-edge research with faculty from Earlham College. Approximately 85 percent of faculty conduct research with students at the College, which extends across all disciplines and off-campus sites around the world. Students can even participate in a paid summer collaborative research project with faculty members and earn tuition discounts.

The Center for Global and Career Education offers a wide range of programs and internships. The focus of these internships is to connect students with the real-world by developing solutions to pressing problems. The Center is also home to a Center for Environmental Leadership, which helps students take a leading role in developing innovative solutions. Students participating in these internships have the chance to enjoy nature, meet with their peers, and learn new skills.

These programs allow students to explore global health issues, gaining interdisciplinary knowledge, and engage in off-campus research opportunities. Students may also participate in volunteer services. The Center is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for its students to develop the skills needed for leadership roles in the health field.


The fee structure at Earlham College - Center for Global and career education varies depending on the program. For example, some programs cost more than others, but all will include room and board. There are fees for applying to specific programs that you've been accepted to. In addition, many programs require entrance exams. You should research these exams carefully and take them at designated testing centers. The nearest centers are located in Muncie, Indiana, and Dayton, Ohio.

The fees for the Border Studies Program are announced each year in March. In addition, students must pay for their own travel expenses to and from the program site, as well as their own books and materials. Additionally, they must be in good physical health, including up-to-date on all vaccinations and inoculations. Students participating in off-campus study programs are also required to be COVID-vaccinated.

Students at the Center for Global and Career Education at Earlham College will experience a variety of hands-on and off-campus learning opportunities. The college offers nationally recognized programs for off-campus study. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in class projects, community projects, and volunteer work. In addition to this, students can use their Epic Advantage funding to pursue independent experiences and collaborate with faculty.

As the center connects with multidisciplinary academic centers, students will gain access to off-campus study experiences and one-on-one career coaching. Students can also engage in research with faculty in the field. Students can also participate in funded internships and research projects at companies around the world. The Epic Centers at Earlham help students focus their Epic Journey by connecting academic interests to real-world experiences.

Employers interested in hiring Earlham students

If you are a current or prospective student interested in employment, you can post your opening on Handshake, the online opportunity posting database. This service allows employers to post a position and view resumes and applications. Additionally, it allows employers to connect with other colleges to post their openings.

If you're an employer interested in hiring Earlham students, you should be aware of the college's requirements for applicants. In addition, you should know that Earlham students must have a valid COVID-19 vaccination unless you can provide a qualified exemption. Additionally, Earlham is an equal opportunity employer and supports the advancement of underrepresented groups. In particular, we encourage applicants from minority groups, women, and people of color. Likewise, the college's Quaker identity ensures that it supports diversity and inclusion.

Earlham College uses E-Verify to check the employment eligibility of newly hired employees. This process is meant to ensure that applicants are citizens of the United States. The college also offers financial assistance to its students who are interested in pursuing careers in the engineering field. Moreover, if you're looking to hire Earlham students, you can take advantage of its many resources. For instance, you can use the college's cluster computing resources for your business.

Earlham College offers a diverse education with a strong focus on experiential learning. Business students have the opportunity to participate in internships with fast-growing companies. In addition to that, Earlham students compete in business plan competitions both on and off campus. In addition to a traditional business education, students can choose to major in creative writing, social services, and quality science.

Off-Campus experience

The Center for Global and Career Education offers off-campus study programs to students from all majors. Students can go on any program in any semester, and they earn full academic credit. These credits are counted towards a student's grade point average. Many of the courses count towards major requirements, and others fulfill General Education Requirements.

Earlham offers two kinds of off-campus experiences to students: faculty-led experiences and independent student experiences. Faculty-led experiences include three-week summer projects and collaborative research. Students can also choose independent experiences, such as internships, practicums, field studies, professional training and educational certification. The key to every Epic Journey is making connections.

The Center for Global and Career Education offers a variety of opportunities, including paid summer internships. These internships give students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world settings. They also receive professional support from their professors. Students can complete internships in their hometowns and cities, or participate in off-campus study programs.

Students interested in exploring the connection between social and environmental systems can take advantage of Earlham College's Center for Environmental Leadership. This center offers hands-on programs that enable students to take a leading role in developing sustainable solutions. Through these programs, students will connect with peers and engage in meaningful activities in nature.

Earlham College - Profile Rankings and Data

Earlham College  Profile  Rankings and Data  US News Best

If you are thinking about attending Earlham College, here are some details to consider: It offers a preferential admissions process for international students, is highly competitive in terms of admissions, offers a good research program, and has an off-campus partnership with Waseda University in Japan. You can also look into the school's student satisfaction statistics, which can give you an idea of how well it supports its students.

Earlham College has a preferential admissions process

In addition to its regular admissions process, Earlham also offers a preferential track for its students wishing to pursue a master's degree in public health. This program helps students prepare for the application process for the MPH program at the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at Indiana University.

Applicants must have high SAT or ACT scores and have completed a college prep high school curriculum. A minimum of 15 college prep units and a composite mark of 2250 on the GED are required. Foreign language, studio art, and social studies experience are also desirable. Students are expected to have a 3.69 GPA and a 1295 SAT or 27 ACT. It is also necessary to rank among the top third of their class.

As an equal opportunity employer, Earlham College encourages and supports minority groups. In fact, it has a program for undergrad students that involves 180 hours of internships at organizations including the Children's Museum, Amigos Latino Center, and Exodus Refugee Immigration. In addition, the Religion MA program involves 48 credits of online Quaker courses, three two-week campus intensives, and a traveling ministry program. Other undergraduate programs at Earlham include Computer Science BA, Comparative Linguistics BA, Economics BA, Classical Studies BA, and Teaching MA.

Earlham College offers excellent programs in biology, biochemistry, and neuroscience. Additionally, it has specialized health profession advisers that can help students prepare for medical school. Applicants wishing to pursue a medical career should start working on their application as soon as they finish their high school. They can also apply for a scholarship provided by the college.

Applicants should contact the college's admissions office to inquire about their eligibility. Applicants should be aware of the application deadlines and the required documentation to be considered for admission. Applicants must submit an essay, official transcripts, and official SAT test scores. They should also include proof of attendance.

It offers scholarships

If you're looking to attend college, Earlham College has plenty of scholarships available to students from the Heartland Region. The Heartland Region Scholarship is worth $8,000 over four years, and it's automatically awarded to students who live in a 150-mile radius of the Earlham campus. In addition to the Hometown Scholarship, Earlham College offers up to $30,000 in merit-based scholarships. The tuition at Earlham is comparable to the cost of attending a public university.

You can also apply for a need-based grant, or FAFSA. This money comes in the form of federal grants and state grants, and you don't have to pay it back. However, you must complete a FAFSA every year to apply for federal and state grants. If you qualify, you can use this money to help cover the costs of housing and meal plans.

Another scholarship that Earlham College offers is the Rariden Scholarship. This scholarship is for Indiana students who want to study the visual and performing arts at the college. In addition to this, students who have completed two years at Ivy Tech can apply to Earlham as a junior. This scholarship allows students to transfer their credits and fulfill their degree requirements at Earlham.

There are several opportunities for students to get a science scholarship. The National Science Foundation awarded the college a $747,247 grant to create a new program called the Earlham Science Scholar. Students who qualify for this program will receive $10,000 per year in scholarship funding. They will also get a paid summer research experience, a stipend for a scientific conference, and specialized mentoring from STEM faculty. In addition, the college recently established a Science and Environment Career Community that offers specialized mentorship for students in this field.

Earlham College has a longstanding history of engaging students in service and social justice issues. The Community Scholars Program offers a four-year scholarship that includes extensive community engagement opportunities in the Richmond area. To qualify, applicants must have demonstrated their commitment to community service during high school. Other scholarships available at Earlham include the Davis United World College Scholars Program. This program promotes international understanding and cooperation and provides scholarships to recent graduates from United World Colleges. Earlham is among 92 colleges in the United States that receive this funding.

It has a good research program

The college has a strong research program and a reputation for producing quality graduate students. Earlham College has been identified in the National Wildlife Federation's report card on sustainability in higher education, and the school is dedicated to environmental protection. Its Environmental Plan was approved in 2005 and identifies ways to reduce its environmental impacts.

The school has an average student-faculty ratio of seven to one and has fewer than twenty students per class. The school also offers courses in neuroscience and peace studies. The college also has a strong study abroad program. The school is also recognized for its dedication to undergraduate teaching. Despite its small size, the school's research program is one of the most competitive in the country. It has also been ranked well in the Princeton Review's Best 387 Colleges.

Students can expect to take courses from some of the most prominent researchers in the country. The college also encourages students to apply for competitive research internships, with recent acceptances at Mayo Clinic, NIH, University of Washington, MIT, Harvard University, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Emory University, and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Earlham College is a small liberal arts college located in Richmond, Indiana. Founded by Quakers, the college has approximately 1,200 students. It adheres to the Quaker philosophy of equality. Students address each other by first names instead of using titles like "doctors" and "professors". During World War II, the college enrolled Japanese-American students. In 1960, the college established a Friends seminary.

The college emphasizes quality education and supports its students by selecting caring, knowledgeable faculty members and providing ongoing support and development for them. This philosophy of education fosters an environment where students are active learners. The college emphasizes student-faculty collaboration in research, and provides summer internships and collaboration opportunities for students.

The university has a 600-acre campus and several natural areas that are ideal for research. This campus is home to an old-growth forest and a rock preserve. The majority of students live in eight residence halls, and the campus boasts more than 20 theme houses. It also has several sports facilities.

It has an off-campus program with Waseda University in Japan

Waseda University is located in Tokyo, Japan. Every year, the college hosts between 12 and 20 students from Waseda to study American cultural studies and international studies. This exchange allows students to develop a global awareness while enhancing their English-language skills.

Waseda is one of the premier private universities in Japan, with more than 40,000 undergraduates. Through the Japan Study program, Earlham students learn about the country's strong cultural traditions while simultaneously embracing its place as a global technology superpower. They also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities with Japanese university students and can even attend Waseda classes while studying in Japan.

Students in the program study at the prestigious Waseda University campus in Tokyo. They take courses in English and Japanese language in the morning and afternoon. Students also participate in the university's student clubs and activities. The program typically takes place during the spring semester, so early application is encouraged.

In addition to the coursework, Earlham students also take part in off-campus projects that benefit both the college and Waseda. For example, a team of Earlham students provides support for the college's computer infrastructure. In exchange, the university offers financial assistance to offset the full cost of off-campus programs.

The program also benefits students from a culturally and physically diverse campus. It also helps students to examine the negative impacts of violence on their societies. It operates on three dimensions: formal classroom instruction, co-curricular activities, and the experience of living in a democracy. It is open to full-time undergraduates of all academic backgrounds and is overseen by the college.

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