How to draw a hand

How to draw a hand

How to draw a hand

If you’re one of the millions of artists and illustrators out there, you’ve realized the challenge of drawing a hand. It’s hard to capture every subtle detail without it looking too stiff or too jittery. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make sure you have a few different tools to draw your hand.Once upon a sketch was founded to give insight, education and news about the many facets of the Children’s Illustration Market » Tutorials-Raise Your HaHow to Draw Couple's Hands Holding a Heart for Valentine's Day Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials.


Are you one of those people that absolutely loathes drawing hands? Do you hide the hands in pockets or behind the behind the person's back? There's no reason to approach drawing hands like that. It's true that most people believe that hands are some of the hardest thingsI'll be honest, drawing hands is difficult when you don't know what to look for. But when you know how to look for specific shapes, they are a lot easier to draw. Drawing hands, or anything else for that matter is as easy as drawing some simple shapes. I'm talking square and triangle simple.

Look at your own hand. If you look at the basic shape of the palm, you'll notice that it makes the shape of a square. This square can change a bit when the hand is in a different position, but it's still there. You can almost think of the the square that makes up the palm as sheet of paper. A sheet of paper is rectangular in shape but it can be bent and can appear curved at certain angles. Remember, by changing the angle of the hand, the shapes may change a little- but they're still there. You need only to train your eye to find the shapes that make up the structure of the hand. Fortunately, these shapes are easy to draw. (Source:thevirtualinstructor.com)


Tou can lay in broad shapes over the skeletal view in order to build the hand. Use a flattened wedge-like shape for the palm; rectangles for the digits and a teardrop shape for the thumb. You can use the skeletal image above as a base for this step (click on the icon in the top right to enlarge the image).

To determine the length of each finger, measure the length from the wrist to the knuckles and duplicate that. The dotted line marks the maximum finger height. Our fingers vary in length and since the middle finger is the longest, we will use it as a reference to find the height of the other 3 fingers. To do that, draw a curved line that is similar to the first one drawn in step 1.(Source:rapidfireart.com)




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