Round 70% of the earth’s floor is protected by way of water. The massive landmasses of the earth are known as continents. however, what defines a “continent,” what number of continents are there, and wherein precisely are the borders among them? We give you various possible answers to those questions and provide an explanation for what department of the continents we use at Marmota Maps.

7 Kontinente der Erde - Nordamerika, Südamerika, Europa, Australien-Ozeanien, Afrika, Asien und Antarktis

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These days’ appearance of the earth’s surface handiest indicates us a sure factor in time all through the geological history of our domestic planet. The continental plates, or lithospheric plates, circulate at a pace of about 1–10 centimeters according to 12 months. The supercontinent named Pangea, in which all of the international’s foremost landmasses had been connected fell apart approximately 150 million years ago. within the future, the land on earth will continue to slowly alternate its shape over millions of years, because of the continental waft.

The term “continent” derives from Latin. “Terra continens” can be translated to “non-stop land.”

There may be no undisputed definition of what constitutes a continent. The Encyclopædia Britannica is regularly stated, which in addition to the definition also specifies the number of continents. right here, a continent is “certainly one of the bigger continuous masses of land, specifically, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, listed so as of length. (Europe and Asia are from time to time considered a single continent, Eurasia.).”

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different sources from time to time outline Australia, the smallest continent, as Oceania or Australia-Oceania.

In fashionable, it could be stated that tectonic, geological, geographic, in addition to cultural and political standards are used to categorize a continent.

Discover the world - Discover Weltkarte zum selber Gestalten. Draw the continental borders wherein you like. Our international map to layout your self „explore the arena“.



Commonly, the variety of continents is taken into consideration to be seven, because the Encyclopædia Britannica states. relying on the point of view even though, different numbers between 4 and 8 may be justified, as properly.


The division into 4 continents with (frequently) contiguous landmasses.



Antarctica is a non-arguable case. The southernmost part of the sector, uninhabited by using people, is taken into consideration an independent, continental landmass, in step with all recognized definitions. Its borders are largely undisputed.



The united states may be visible as a single landmass. For almost 3 million years, a land connection from Alaska and the Canadian guard within the north to Tierra del Fuego inside the south has existed. but, the continent is typically divided into North the USA and South us. primary the USA and the Caribbean are once in a while visible as every other third continent in among.


This division into three parts more or less corresponds with the positions of the continental plates. starting from Mexico to Colombia as well as including the Caribbean islands, critical us lies at the Caribbean Plate which is between the North American Plate and the South American Plate. This department of the USA into 3 sections can also make sense culturally and geopolitically. At Marmota Maps, we used this department in 2017 for our world map of the browsing regions: "browsing international“.

Weltkarte surfing global mit Übergang von Nordamerika, über Mittelamerika und Karibik Nach SüdamerikaView of our browsing global – world map, with the surfing areas in North America (pink), imperative us and Caribbean (yellow) and South the USA (green).

These days, but, we by and large use the division of America into the North American continent together with crucial the USA, the Caribbean and all of its islands, and the South American continent with its northern border among Panama and Colombia. This boundary, primarily based on political borders, is a pragmatic solution. Geographically, it'd also make sense to draw a borderline at the Isthmus of Panama, or along the Panama Canal.

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Even though Africa is sort of always appeared as a separate continent, there also are arguments for considering Africa, collectively with Eurasia, as a continuous landmass and, therefore, one single continent. however, it's miles commonplace to attract a border along the Mediterranean, Suez Canal and pink Sea. The japanese a part of Egypt with the Sinai Peninsula is hence usually taken into consideration to be a part of Asia.

Eurasia as a single continent


Europe is considered an unbiased continent commonly because of cultural and geopolitical motives. Geologically and geographically, it might make extra experience to speak of a Eurasian continent instead. The Eurasian Plate extends from the east of Iceland to the south of Japan. for that reason, the continental border between Europe and Asia is probably the most arguable.

Weltkarte Die Welt der Tiere - Illustriert von Dieter BraunThey don’t care about continental borders – the animals of the world on our international map, illustrated by using Dieter Braun.

The Ural Mountains and the Ural river inside the north usually seem because of the border between the 2 continents. The Bosphorus, which runs thru Istanbul, seemed as the southern border, making the city the handiest one this is placed on continents. The additional direction of the border between the Black Sea and western Kazakhstan is especially disputed, although. this is also a hobby for mountaineers. depending on whether the very best peaks of the Caucasus belong to Europe or Asia, this has an impact on which mountain top is the continental high factor of Europe and for that reason one of the Seven Summits. Eberhard Jurgalski, as an instance, argues that the eu–Asian border runs north of the Caucasus alongside the Kuma–Manych depression. this will make Mont Blanc within the Alps the best ecu peak. specifically in the mountain climbing global, as well as in English- and French-speaking areas, it's far more not unusual, even though, to draw the border between Europe and Asia alongside the watersheds of the Caucasus. This makes the Elbrus, placed within the Russian a part of the mountain variety, Europe’s highest top.

Weltkarte Mountains of the Earth mit asiatisch-europäischer Grenze und dem Elbrus als Seven Summit und Europas höchstem BergExcerpt of our Mountains of the Earth map, displaying the ecu-Asian border south of the caucasus with Elbrus as Europe’s maximum peak.

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The direction of the Asian borders isn't the simplest debatable in the west toward Europe. The Arabian Peninsula and most of India have their very own continental plates. that is why India is often indicated because of the Indian subcontinent. however, each area is nearly always taken into consideration as parts of Asia. The easternmost part of Russia, as well as the north of Japan, is positioned on the North American Plate. yet, for geopolitical and geographical motives, it is obvious that each ought to nevertheless count number as part of Asia. inside the southeast, you can still debate approximately the direction of the borders among Asia, Australia, and Oceania. maximum of the time the Philippines and most of Indonesia are considered as a part of Asia. The island of latest Guinea (such as the Indonesian element) and Australia, however, are geologically and geographically already part of Australia–Oceania.


Sooner or later, we are counting Australia–Oceania as the seventh continent. It absolutely encompasses the principle continental landmass, which in large part corresponds to the countrywide territory of the state of Australia. New Guinea, which is likewise placed at the Australian Plate, is additionally generally considered to be part of the Australian continent. There are, but, special perspectives about, whether or not in addition to the Australian Plate, the Pacific Plate and its islands ought to additionally be seen as a part of the continent. a few preserve the view that most effective big landmasses need to be regarded as continents and that the islands, in particular inside the Pacific, have to be considered as a separate class, so-known as “microcontinents”. At Marmota Maps, we regard Australia–Oceania as one continent, including the Pacific Islands from Hawaii to Micronesia.

For the reason that 2014, there was a debate as to whether Zealandia, a floe among New Caledonia and New Zealand, may want to probably be visible as a separate continent besides Australia. If further evidence for this view may be discovered, we would speak of eight continents within the destiny.

The division into 7 continents, that we are using – North us, South us, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia-Oceania, and the Antarctic

How many Continents Are There?

[/caption]no longer every person on this planet is in agreement with regards to the full number of continents. So how many continents are there then, consistent with the disagreeing parties?

Nicely, in Russia, Europe, and Japan, the human beings there keep in mind the continents of Europe and Asia as one, referred to as Eurasia. In different locations within the world, North and South us are blended as one American continent at the same time as keeping apart Europe and Asia rather. as a result, in line with those views, there must best be 6 continents.

There are even geographical views that opt for the presence of each Eurasian as well as one American continent. those geographers consequently contend that there ought to handiest be five continents.

And if you thought that would be the lowest range, assume once more. There are others nevertheless who're cozier with a four-continent view.

Those human beings argue that, given that Europe and Asia are actually part of one fantastic landmass and that Asia and Africa are without a doubt joined via an isthmus (Isthmus of Suez), as are the two Americas (being joined by way of the Isthmus of Panama), then there ought to be an Afro-Eurasian continent further to one American continent, Antarctica, and Australia.

However how many continents are there in step with the greater broadly familiar view? Within the maximum widely commonplace view, there are 7 continents all in all: Asia, Africa, Europe, North the united states, South The united states, Antarctica, and Australia.

This version is favored via the Chinese language and the majority of the English-talking international locations.

The final verdict as to what number of continents are there would possibly lean more on the bigger numbers once the effects of worldwide warming kick in. once seawater stages upward thrust, the separation among the two Americas in addition to that among Africa and Asia might be extra noticeable. handiest the combined Europe and Asia model (a.ok.a. 6-continent version) and the 7-continent version might remain.

Hundreds of hundreds of thousands of years from now, we certainly don’t recognize what number of continents there could be. consistent with the continental float concept, moving tectonic plates may additionally rearrange the pieces of the puzzle which can be the Earth’s continents.

What was one extraordinary continent, referred to as Pangaea has now been damaged into 4, 5, 6, or 7 continents – depending on which side you’re comfier with. therefore, it's workable, the Earth is spherical and all, that some of these continents will.

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