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Cesar Millan is a new breed of dog trainer who uses his own brand of tough love to rehabilitate maladjusted dogs. And teach owners how to enhance the canine-human bond. In the acclaimed series, Millan guides a coterie of maladjusted dogs. Teaching them to overcome their issues with his highly controversial yet highly effective techniques. Millan talks about the inspiration behind his success.


Today, National Geographic announced the highly anticipated return of dog behavior expert Cesar Millan with CESAR’S WAY (wt). Premiering in August on National Geographic Channel and encoring on Nat Geo WILD. The all-new 10-part series brings Cesar back when pet owners need him the most. As the world has changed significantly since Cesar made his television debut 16 years ago. New episodes will air Fridays at 9/8c on National Geographic Channel and encore Sundays at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD. (Source: nationalgeographicpartners.com)



Cesar Millan talks with National Geographic about the power of dogs. He advocates for the need for humans to be pack leaders. He offers advice for how to recognize and accept failure. How to spend more time with your family. And how his own dogs filled the void left by his wife's death.

Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog on National Geographic helps dogs. And their owners deal with behavioral issues like separation anxiety, aggressive tendencies, and more (Source: people.com)


National Geographic released a show called Cesar Millan, which focused on Cesar’s remarkable journey from small-town Pit Bull breeder to an international dog-control specialist. Millan is the expert on survival and the control of animals. His first career goal was to be a National Geographic photographer. And after his first few years of photography, he had figured out how to handle his canine subjects.

I’m very proud and excited about my son becoming part of the NG family, and that the world will get to see his talents. On Pet Talk, [whose pilot episode follows Cesar 911 on February 19]. He’s a journalist on the street having new experiences, talking to young people, getting different points of view, learning about all kinds of animals. It’s not another dog show; it’s something new. It makes me happy. (Source: www.nationalgeographic.com)



National Geographic has been airing a series about Cesar Millan and his dog-training practices. Cesar Millan is a well-known and respected celebrity dog trainer, who has helped countless dogs from all over the world overcome fear and anxiety. His programs consist of clear, visual instructions for his training methods, which help to simplify instructions for both the owners and pets. Cesar Millan is the top-rated non-fiction TV personality on YouTube.

Misbehaving dogs, beware! Cesar Millan is ready to keep all puppies and owners in check with his new show, Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog. The dog trainer is every Friday at 9 pm/8 pm CST and 10 pm /9 pm CST on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD. And will bring to the tv screens his tricks and techniques on how to correct behavioral issues on canines. (Source: www.hola.com)



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