Birmingham Zip Code - 74 Postal Codes Or ZIP Codes in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

Birmingham Zip Code - 74 Postal Codes Or ZIP Codes in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama


This map displays the postal codes or ZIP codes in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.

Birmingham is located in North Central Alabama and serves as the seat of Jefferson County. As such, Birmingham serves as a significant center for industry and tourism throughout the South.


Birmingham's population is evenly spread out throughout the city and its surrounding areas, with the majority of residents concentrated in South Birmingham. Most of its citizens are black or Hispanic ethnic groups.

The city boasts a vibrant cultural heritage and boasts numerous museums, libraries, art galleries, music venues and theaters. It's no wonder why The Magic City" has earned itself such an enviable reputation among visitors! Downtown area known as "The Magic City" is famed for its neoclassical architecture as well as bustling streetcar lines.

As one of America's most diverse cities, Chicago boasts an array of ethnic groups and races - blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and whites alike.

Many blacks moved to the city to work in its expanding industries. Although cholera outbreaks and stock market crashes of the 1800s slowed growth, early 1900s saw it rebound.

In the 1930s, Birmingham felt the brunt of the Great Depression hard. It was one of America's hardest-hit cities, with farm laborers flooding into town from rural areas in search of work.

Thankfully, New Deal programs helped alleviate some of Birmingham's economic troubles and many residents went on to make important contributions to its infrastructure and artistic legacy. Notable landmarks in Birmingham include Vulcan's tower and Oak Mountain State Park.

Jones Valley, bordered by long parallel ridges of the Appalachian Mountains, forms part of Jonesville. It's drained by several small creeks which empty into Black Warrior River.

Red Mountain is a prominent landmark in the southwest of the city, featuring numerous television and radio broadcast towers along its length. Shades Valley protects Red Mountain's southernmost reaches, which serve as the backdrop to many affluent suburbs such as Vestavia Hills and Mountain Brook.

Birmingham is a major commercial and industrial hub in Alabama, home to numerous large corporations and manufacturing businesses. It also serves as the seat of the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan statistical area and boasts two prestigious universities: University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University.


Birmingham zip code's economy is driven by a range of industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare and financial services. It's home to several large companies like Regions Financial Corporation, HealthSouth Corporation and Vulcan Materials Company.

Birmingham's economy has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years, from steel production and railroading in the early decades of the 20th century to one that relies heavily on technology and healthcare today. It remains an important transportation node served by three major freight railroads: Norfolk Southern Company, CSX Transportation and BNSF Railway.

Recently, Birmingham has seen a rebirth and revitalization. It now boasts several new downtown lofts and condominiums, along with restaurants and entertainment options.

National publications have recognized the city for its remarkable rebirth, hailing it a "Magic City" and top destination for tourists in the Southeast. Conde Nast magazine even declared it to be a "superstar".

Birmingham was one of America's oldest industrial cities and was once known as "Pittsburgh of the South." Over time, it became an important regional industrial center and played a significant role in civil rights activism during the 1960s.

The city is a major tourist attraction, boasting numerous art galleries and museums. Additionally, it serves as an important cultural center with top ballet, opera and symphony orchestra companies.

It is a major hub for education, boasting several renowned universities. Additionally, it boasts numerous medical facilities such as major hospitals and clinics situated within its boundaries.

Many health care firms, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Protective Life, ProAssurance and Liberty National have major headquarters in the region. Furthermore, it serves as a center for insurance and financial services with numerous banks, credit unions, brokerage firms and mortgage companies.

Birmingham is home to some of the nation's largest soft drink bottlers, such as Buffalo Rock (ginger ale) and Coca-Cola Bottling Company United (Coke products).

Birmingham boasts a significant health industry sector, with more than 20,000 doctors and other medical professionals employed within its metro area. As such, Birmingham ranks as the second-largest city by employment within Alabama and serves as home to much of the state's medical community.


Birmingham zip code is home to several public schools, including several traditional and magnet high schools that are all part of Birmingham City School District.

In 1874, John T. Terry and James Powell founded the Free School in order to offer low-cost educational opportunities for local children.

Birmingham experienced rapid population growth throughout the years that followed, necessitating it to construct new schools. In 1915, the city issued $200,000 worth of bonds for school construction; however, during World War I this program was interrupted but resumed again during the 1920s.

In 1923, a study recommended creating a network of neighborhood schools. The city council authorized spending $500,000 in bonds for this purpose and launched an ambitious building campaign that resulted in many new structures.

In the 1960s, racial tensions in Chicago escalated dramatically when barber James Armstrong filed a suit against the city for desegregation. As part of an agreement reached that year, school systems would have discretion over pupil placement.

This enabled the system to segregate black children from white schools, eventually admitting them into its flagship Phillips High School in 1964. Furthermore, it enabled it to develop several magnet schools specifically tailored for black students.

These initiatives were intended to draw in a large number of black students from surrounding areas and promote racial balance without resorting to forced busing. Unfortunately, the school system's efforts proved ineffective.

Following Armstrong's lawsuit, the city of Baltimore began closing racially segregated schools. These included Graymont Elementary, West End High School and Ramsay High School.

White flight had become common, leading to the school system's enrollment dropping from 71,000 to 43,000 in September 1964. For its first black students - Lillie Mae Jones and Minnie Lee Moore - they joined other African American students already enrolled.

At present, there are nine members on the Board of Education elected from nine geographical districts within the city. Randall Woodfin (District 5) serves as president while Sherman Collins Jr., also African American, serves as vice president.


Birmingham's zip code is home to an expanding industrial sector, but many residents in northside neighborhoods suffer from toxic air pollution due to decades of discriminatory zoning laws and environmental policies.

In Collegeville, Black people live mere steps from a century-old coal plant on 35th Avenue. The smoke from this facility snarls in the wind and chokes their children's lungs.

In the early 2020s, local health officials launched a community monitoring program to monitor toxic emissions from nearby coke ovens. It soon became evident that benzene and other chemicals often released by these plants at levels which increase cancer risks were polluting air in neighborhoods near them.

Birmingham faces a severe air pollution crisis that affects people of all ages, races and income levels. But it is especially acute for low-income residents and people of color, who are at higher risk for developing asthma and other respiratory illnesses due to exposure.

Bluestone Coal's coal-fired coke plant on 35th Avenue has long been a major source of pollution in the local community. The emissions from this facility have long been cause for concern by local officials.

Inspectors discovered in the early 2020s that Bluestone had consistently violated air quality rules for most of the year. They cited them for a series of infractions, such as releases of excessive levels of benzene and other hazardous chemicals.

Jefferson County failed to fine Bluestone for these violations despite the health department's request. That could change under a proposed settlement with the company, though that will take years to implement.

Bluestone will receive a new permit to operate, but it's up to them to repair pollution control equipment that hasn't been working properly. Furthermore, if the health department isn't satisfied with the company's pollution reduction plan, they have the option of denying the permit.

Experts speculate that the EPA could intervene and require Bluestone to install toxic air monitoring, pay additional fines or take other actions. Doing so would be the only way to safeguard residents in the community from continued exposure to hazardous chemicals, according to experts.

Birmingham 8 Powered by Emagine

The iconic Birmingham 8 theater has recently come under new ownership and will be renamed "Birmingham 8, Powered by Emagine."

In 2015, this historic theater underwent a comprehensive renovation with luxury seating, reserved seating, liquor license and upgraded screens and sound system. It continues to show both art house and first-run films today.

This October, a brand-new haunted attraction is coming to the theater called "Ghosts on the Balcony."


At The Birmingham 8, moviegoers have a variety of seating options. These include easy access seats, upper tier blocks and floor blocks - each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

Easy Access tickets are located in areas that are accessible, primarily along the aisles. These tickets provide a better alternative for people with mobility issues or who feel less confident taking stairs.

Upper Tier Blocks offer some of the best viewing experiences, though they may be more expensive than other seats. These are organized in sections with numbers 1-12 on the lower section and 1-20 right to left when facing the stage.

In addition to a wide selection of concession items, The Birmingham 8 also provides craft beer, cocktails & wine, candy, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, popcorn and OlivEpop--a healthier alternative. Plus its luxury seating, large screens and upgraded sound system make it an ideal place for movie watching.

Emagine Entertainment owns The Birmingham 8 and operates 29 theaters across five Midwest states, including its Birmingham location - one of several theaters they've acquired or reopened recently.

Its acquisition comes after the theater underwent extensive renovations in 2015, including new luxury seats, reserved seating and upgrades to screens and sound system. The theater will continue showing art house and first-run films with plans for further expansion in the near future.

According to a news release, the Birmingham 8 will be renamed "Birmingham 8, Powered by Emagine." The theater's marquee remains unchanged. Emagine plans on adding additional amenities such as craft beer, cocktails & wine, large candy selections, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and popcorn.

The new ownership plans to reopen Birmingham 8 within 90 days. The theater will offer expanded concession items, a wider selection of adult beverages and an upgraded sound system while maintaining its historic look with the same number of screening rooms.


Moviegoers can opt to purchase concessions either before entering the theater or during their screening. Most locations of popular chain restaurants provide a wide variety of food items like popcorn, candy and alcoholic beverages - and The Birmingham 8 is no exception to this rule.

Emagine not only offers the classic popcorn and candy, but they offer a selection of healthier snacks and drinks that are delicious too. Plus they serve craft beer, cocktails and wine!

This chain has 29 locations across five Midwest states, each offering reclining seats and surround sound in some venues. Some even provide VIP seating for added luxury.

One of the great benefits of visiting a cinema is that you can often get great deals on concessions. Some of these discounts are even offered during special events like National Cinema Day!

National Cinema Day is on September 3 and many theaters in the area are offering $3 movie specials for a limited time. These discounts are available to both adults and children alike.

On Saturday, September 3rd the Birmingham 8 is hosting a special screening of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" to commemorate National Cinema Day. You can enjoy both a movie and delicious treat for just $3!

The Birmingham 8 has a long-running tradition as a vaudeville theater, movie house and live performance venue. Opened in 1927, it underwent extensive renovations between 1996 and 1997.

Its iconic marquee remains a beloved local landmark, screening first-run movies and art house films until now it is owned by luxury movie theater chain Emagine Entertainment.

Emagine Entertainment will transform Birmingham 8 Powered by Emagine into Birmingham 8 Powered by Emagine and add some modern touches like new screen and sound systems. This helps preserve the historic ambience while offering moviegoers all of Emagine's great services and amenities, like expanded concession items, craft beer, cocktails and wine, large candy selections, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and healthy options like OlivEpop popcorn.


The theater boasts 8 screens and shows a diverse selection of movies, both first-run and independent. They offer various seating options such as luxury or reserved seats, plus they provide concessions.

In 1927, this theatre opened with just one screen and underwent extensive renovation in the 1990s to transform it into a multiplex. Nowadays they show both major blockbusters as well as smaller independent movies.

They boast superb sound and picture quality, featuring stadium seating, high-back reclining seats, Dolby Digital sound systems, as well as super-sized screens.

Emagine Entertainment is a theater chain with 244 screens across Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They own several theaters in Birmingham, including The Palladium; additionally they own other cinemas around America.

This historic movie theater, located in downtown Birmingham, has been running since the 1920s. In 2015 it was acquired by Emagine and will now be known as Birmingham 8.

They feature movies from both the art house genre and first-run titles. Plus, they have a small snack bar and host regular live events.

This theater is operated by a family-owned business and always keeps it clean and well maintained. Tickets start at just $5.99 for regular movie tickets, or much cheaper if you get either a senior discount or child's pass.

If you're searching for an affordable classic movie theater that has excellent sound and picture, Birmingham 8 is a great option. They provide delicious popcorn as well as candy and snacks to go. Additionally, this theater is close to many restaurants and cafes.

I have visited this theater many times for movies and it is always a pleasant experience. The staff are friendly and always help you find a seat, the food is tasty and prices are competitive. Unfortunately, some of the seats aren't very comfortable - they're older style so if you prefer comfortable recliners then perhaps another theater would be more suitable.


Birmingham offers a plethora of fun and exciting events for people to enjoy, from music to theatre. With its array of professional performing arts companies and numerous venues, Birmingham has become an increasingly popular entertainment destination among both locals and visitors alike.

Birmingham 8 hosts performances by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Opera Birmingham and other resident performing arts organizations. No matter your interest in performing arts or just want to try something new, there's sure to be something here for everyone!

Birmingham offers a wealth of entertainment, from live music and theater performances to festivals galore. Whether it's jazz festival or the world-renowned Barber Vintage Festival, you're sure to find an event here that suits your interests.

This season, the historic Birmingham 8 movie theater is being transformed into an interactive haunted house called Ghosts on the Balcony. Don't miss this thrilling experience!

Visitors to the theatre can expect eight distinct themed areas to explore. No longer will it show movies, but rather transform into a one-hour haunted walk-thru filled with scares and thrills.

This venue will offer a number of thrilling scare zones where you'll experience paranormal activity like lights flickering, doors opening and closing on their own, and objects being moved by unseen entities. Furthermore, you'll get to witness a host of terrifying actors and actresses as they make their way through various rooms.

Experience something truly exceptional this October by visiting Birmingham 8 for an unsettling haunted walk-thru experience that's unlike anything else in the area. Rumors about its supernatural activities have persisted for years, and now the historic movie theater is ready to welcome in the spooky season with open arms!

Every week during October, this event promises to be spooky! The whole building will be transformed into a terrifying haunted house and the staff trained in helping guests through this frightening experience!

This venue is conveniently situated, making it simple for you to access a range of food and beverage options. There are plenty of seating options suitable for all ages, as well as various concession packages tailored to fit within budget.

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