Birmingham Alabama Zip Code

Birmingham Alabama Zip Code


Birmingham is the third-largest city in Alabama and the seat of Jefferson County. It serves as a major hub for business, telecommunications, transportation, electrical power transmission, healthcare services and education.

Birmingham's economy has transformed from being primarily a manufacturing city into an expansive service industry hub. Notable companies headquartered here include AT&T, HealthSouth, Liberty National and Regions Bank.


Birmingham is the second-most populous city in Alabama and also the largest by area within the state of Alabama, constituting part of the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area. This metropolitan area boasts over one million people and boasts one of America's most diverse populations.

Birmingham has been affectionately known as "The Magic City," "The Pittsburgh of the South," and "The Steel City." For much of its early history, Birmingham served as an industrial center that produced iron and steel products, railroad cars, and automobiles; additionally serving as a major node in the region's transportation network.

In the early 20th century, many residents of Houston relocated from rural areas in search of better-paying jobs. Blacks also followed suit as the city developed into a center for southern manufacturing.

Birmingham's economy evolved during the 1970s, as new construction attracted financial institutions and health-related research firms. Public works projects like Vulcan Park and a major downtown convention center created a more cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city center.

Some of Birmingham's major employers include University of Alabama at Birmingham, Regions Financial and Books-A-Million. Furthermore, downtown has several cultural organizations and museums like Birmingham Museum of Art.

In the city, there are plenty of shopping centers and malls. Riverchase Galleria, Brookwood Village, and The Summit are some of the larger ones in the region. These retail complexes house top retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Louis Vuitton, and Belk.

Birmingham is known for its abundance of green spaces, such as Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve and Railroad Park. Oak Mountain State Park lies 10 miles (16 km) south of Birmingham and offers a picturesque drive up to the top of the ridge.

The city is home to several universities, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Auburn University. Additionally, it's the headquarters for numerous companies like Regions Financial and Books-A-Million.

The city is notorious for its high crime rate, ranking among the most dangerous cities in America. However, studies have demonstrated that crime rate does not always translate into a lower quality of life.


Birmingham, Alabama's population density is higher than other American cities and boasts a diverse mix of people from different races and ethnic groups.

Birmingham boasts a population of over 200,000, making it the third largest city in Alabama and 50th largest nationwide. As one of the major regional hubs for both Deep South and Piedmont regions, Birmingham continues to grow rapidly.

Due to this growth, the city has emerged as a hub for business and trade. It boasts numerous large corporations such as Vulcan Materials Company and United Parcel Service.

Birmingham is an important tourist hub, boasting numerous attractions and landmarks within its boundaries. Popular tourist destinations include Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Vulcan Park & Museum, both popular attractions that draw thousands of visitors each year.

Moreover, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is an important research and educational facility. It also houses several notable buildings such as Alabama State Capitol and Birmingham-Hoover Airport.

Seniors living in Birmingham are fortunate to have access to numerous top-notch healthcare facilities. There are 15 hospitals, many of which have earned top rankings by U.S. News & World Report and are nationally renowned for eight specialties like cancer care or cardiology.

They will find an array of shopping, dining and entertainment options. For instance, they can visit The Summit - an upscale lifestyle center boasting numerous stores and restaurants.

Birmingham is an ideal retirement and living destination for seniors, boasting an impressive SeniorScore of 99 out of 100 in four categories such as Finances, Recreation & Leisure, General Quality of Life and Health & Safety.

For instance, the cost of living in the city is significantly lower than the national average and healthcare services are also much more accessible.

Furthermore, the city's climate is ideal for older residents, with winter lows rarely dropping below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs often reaching 92 degrees. Furthermore, transport to and from the city is easy via train or bus.

Traveling between Birmingham and other American cities is made convenient through a range of flights available. Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport serves over 3 million passengers annually, providing direct flights to 37 cities across America.


Birmingham's economy continues to expand, despite a decrease in overall state GDP. This expansion is being spurred by an uptick in the automotive industry as well as finance, insurance, metals, advanced manufacturing and healthcare services.

However, there are still obstacles to overcome for Birmingham's economy to reach its full potential. One such issue is labor demand and wage pressure - many businesses struggle with finding and keeping employees, particularly entry level positions.

In 2020, Birmingham Strong emerged to address this challenge. This workforce development organization offers various initiatives designed to help people gain skills and employment. Its programs include job training for adults, a job referral system, and a career resource center.

Another key initiative is an investment in Black-owned businesses, designed to provide these entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success. This initiative is being spearheaded by Birmingham Strong and University of Alabama's Culverhouse College of Business.

There are multiple programs that offer job training and support to local residents, such as the City of Birmingham's CARES Act-funded Youth Service Corps program and Birmingham Promise program. These initiatives give high school students college scholarships and work experiences at local companies in an effort to prepare them for future careers.

Due to these initiatives, the city's unemployment rate has fallen to an historic low of 4.6% in 2023 - lower than the national average of 5.2% and a marked improvement from its previous year's rate of 7.5%.

The city's economy continues to prosper from a revival in the automotive sector, which includes Mercedes-Benz and Honda production plants. This sector has attracted hundreds of vendors, creating more than 20,000 new jobs within the metro region.

Birmingham's economy is expanding beyond manufacturing to other sectors like warehousing and distribution. Its proximity to several rivers and waterways make Birmingham an ideal location for a logistics center.

In addition to traditional industries, Birmingham is increasingly attracted knowledge-based companies. These entities are essential for the city's continued success as a hub of commerce and innovation. The region boasts several universities such as University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University, plus private colleges like Birmingham-Southern College and Miles College.


Birmingham, Alabama boasts some of the finest schools in America. Both public and private educational systems are renowned for offering top-notch educational experiences to students of all ages.

The Birmingham Board of Education oversees the school system. Their mission is to guarantee that children in Birmingham receive a top-notch and comprehensive public education.

Birmingham boasts a comprehensive educational system composed of 68 elementary, middle and high schools that serve over 65,000 students in the region. Additionally, three highly regarded preparatory schools are available for additional instruction.

Many students choose to attend these top-performing schools, which offer rigorous academic programs and outstanding faculty. They are consistently ranked in the top 10 percent of all schools nationwide.

High school graduates in the district are provided with numerous scholarship options, such as college tuition assistance, grants, loans and work-study programs. Some awards are given at the start of each school year while others come after graduation from high school.

Another program available to qualified students is Birmingham Promise, which offers financial aid to attend any public two- or four-year college in Alabama. There are no grade requirements and this scholarship is open to students of all ages.

Through the school district, there are numerous vocational programs available. These initiatives help students earn a high school diploma while providing them with valuable work experience in an area of interest.

Birmingham is home to numerous fine and performing arts schools, such as Birmingham-Southern College in downtown Birmingham and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. These institutions offer a range of degrees and programs like baccalaureate, associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels.

Though some schools in the city have a reputation for being racially segregated, most have an average racial balance and are well-equipped to meet all students' needs. Furthermore, the school district provides programs that foster social, emotional, and behavioral development among its pupils.

Birmingham-Southern College, situated in the city center, is a renowned national center for liberal arts and sciences. With an impressive academic legacy, it is the only public university in Alabama to be accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Arts and Sciences. Its esteemed academic programs attract students from around the globe and are widely regarded as some of the finest in America.

Gil Birmingham - Actor - Movies and TV Shows

Gil Birmingham is best known for his role as Billy Black in The Twilight Saga. He also featured in Yellowstone and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Birmingham was raised in a military family that stressed rules and discipline. His first passion, however, was music; at an early age he discovered the guitar and quickly learned how to play it.

Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of fantasy romance novels follows the story of a human teenager falling in love with a vampire. The books have become international successes and have been adapted into two movies.

Twilight centers on the relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, who are both members of a coven of vampires. When Bella moves to Forks, Washington, she meets Edward who is a "vegetarian" vampire (one who drinks animal blood rather than human).

He possesses an innate compassion for humans and does not drink human blood nor intentionally harm anyone. Nonetheless, he is aware of the risks associated with blood consumption and strives to steer clear whenever possible.

At first glance, Bella feels Edward's distancing gaze and cannot comprehend why. Later she discovers he is a vampire and hails his family as vampires.

She and Edward fall in love and begin exploring the world of vampires together. Unfortunately, a group of rogue vampires seek out to kill Bella.

Characters in both the book and film adaptations include Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen's husband and adoptive father to Edward, Emmett, Alice, Rosalie, and Jasper. He is the only member of his vampire family not to drink human blood nor kill people.

The Cullen family are powerful vampires that are responsible for many deaths in Forks, Washington. They are affectionately known as The Volturi.

They are highly dangerous, and have managed to control the vampire population through their own bloodline. Additionally, they operate as a secret society that works hard to shield their people from humankind.

Due to these bonds of fate, the Cullen family must fight off other vampire clans that wish to exterminate them and wipe out their bloodline. Furthermore, they must contend with a group of rogue vampires known as The Sun Kings who seek power and wealth for themselves.

Body & Soul

Birmingham, a longtime petrochemical engineer, began his acting career in 1982 when he was discovered at a gym and cast opposite Diana Ross for her Muscles music video. Since then he has worked extensively in film and television as an actor, voice artist, musician as well as authoring his own novels. Birmingham has earned himself a place of honor within the acting community today.

Conroy's debut novel, Stop-Time, was an instant sensation and has earned him numerous awards nominations. At 40 years old, he decided to dedicate himself solely to writing, becoming the head of Iowa State University's Writers Workshop. Though he enjoys teaching students as much as anything else in life, his most satisfying work comes from working with them directly.

Body & Soul is a novel that chronicles the life of Claude Rawling, an accomplished pianist. From playing on an out-of-tune piano to fame and fortune, Claude experiences personal struggles as well as those within his environment, family, and ambitions.

This book tackles a range of themes, such as emotional distance, spirituality and the significance of faith in one's life. Furthermore, it follows an array of characters from the young protagonist to those he encounters along the way - from parents and guardians to strangers he meets along the way.

Although many critics have attacked the novel, others praised its uniqueness and thoughtfulness. Despite these flaws, it remains popular - having been translated into multiple languages and selling over one million copies worldwide.

Birmingham was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised by his mother and grandmother. As a teenager, the family moved to California and Alaska where he developed an interest in music that has lasted throughout life. As someone who appreciates art forms such as photography and film making, Birmingham has always had an appreciation for these forms of expression.

He began playing guitar at age 10 and was heavily inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. As his musical abilities developed, he developed an appreciation for Blues music as well as Rock music.

He has starred in a variety of films and television shows, such as Body & Soul, Nip/Tuck, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Additionally, he was a recurring guest on Veronica Mars. Additionally, he was nominated for numerous awards including a Primetime Emmy Award for his role on Body & Soul.


Gil Birmingham is an accomplished actor who has starred in over 40 films and television shows, including Steven Spielberg's six-part miniseries Into the West. Other credits include End of the Spear, Dreamkeeper, Skins, Gentle Ben, The Doe Boy and Love's Long Journey; plus he frequently appears on Castle, The Mentalist Nip/Tuck and Veronica Mars. Of Native American Comanche descent, his acting career continues to flourish.

He is an accomplished actor with an exceptional acting style and stunning physique, earning him numerous awards. As one of America's most beloved and recognizable actors, Time magazine named him one of the world's most influential people.

Nip/Tuck, the Golden Globe-winning television drama, follows a Miami plastic surgery practice and its founders Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). They must manage extravagant surgical requests, malpractice lawsuits, as well as an insightful anesthesiologist named Liz Cruz (Roma Maffia).

When one of their patients becomes pregnant, they have the added burden of raising a newborn baby as well as dealing with an influx of high-profile clients who require surgery.

Nip/Tuck often surprises with its tender and heartfelt moments, despite its seemingly ridiculous scenes. Its characters are deeply flawed yet endearable, striving not only for physical perfection but also striving to be great parents and spouses.

As the show progresses, perfection in terms of physical appearance becomes less of a goal and more about dealing with pain, suffering and self-loathing that come from striving for perfection. Even though some scenes in its grimy operating rooms may be disconcerting, they also serve as some of its most captivating and well-written.

This Blu-ray version of the fourth season offers a higher-than-standard definition picture and superior Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix compared to its HD DVD counterpart. The 1080p image is crisp and stable, with vibrant colors and deep blacks creating an immersive illusion of depth.

The DVD also includes a commentary track with director and executive producer Scott McGhee, as well as several interviews with cast members. These conversations offer an insightful look into their real-life experiences on set, making this DVD essential for fans of the series.

Kimmy Schmidt

After being held hostage by a cult leader as a teenager, Kimmy Schmidt moves to New York City in an effort to move on and begin a new life. The series chronicles her attempts at making friends and getting her life back on track as she strives for redemption.

The show offers a humorous take on modern life, yet it also conveys some deeper messages. At times, it makes light of women's struggles by presenting them humorously; one example being "Kimmy Steps on a Crack!," which showcases several characters doing things they aren't used to doing in an effort to prove they're not worthless or ineffective women.

Another example is "Buhbreeze," which parodies television commercials to promote Febreze. This joke helps make the show more entertaining and lighthearted while also reminding us of real-life commercials made to disparage certain brands.

Furthermore, the show does an admirable job of depicting different races within America. Titus (Titus Burgess) is an African American who wears his werewolf makeup often and attempts to pursue a career in it but finds rejection due to his race.

It was intriguing to watch how the show depicted Jacqueline White's moody stepdaughter Xanthippe (Dylan Gelula). She is an intelligent teenager who only acts tough and cool. She developed into an excellent character throughout the season as viewers got to know more about her.

The cast is incredibly talented, and each brings something special to the table. Jane Krakowski shines in her role as Jacqueline with an extraordinary range of emotions. She takes the comedy to a serious level - without her, the show wouldn't be complete.

Jon Hamm is an incredible actor and he did a marvelous job portraying The Reverend, an evil cult leader. He is cruel to those he abuses and cunningly manipulative; I loved watching all of his courtroom scenes with this character in action!

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