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We're a group of passionate people inspired to improve our communities by changing the way people experience cycling. That's one of our core values. If you feel the same way, we want to hear from you. (Source:

Why Atlanta Cycling?

At Atlanta Cycling, we're committed to Building Better Cyclists. We strive everyday to create an environment where beginners & experts alike can join us in our passion & love for the sport. That's why we've created our Building Better Cyclists Guarantee. What does that mean for you? 

Summerhill Bus Rapid Transit: Let's Make Atlanta's First Brt Route a Success!

As an organization that envisions an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably throughout the city, we were very pleased when MARTA launched efforts to build Bus Rapid Transit lines in Atlanta. 

Black Cycling Clubs Are Cranking Atlanta’s Two-Wheeled Revolution

Like all cyclists in Atlanta, Black folks who ride bicycles are accustomed to irate car horns and hurled expletives. But it’s also not uncommon for them to receive a surprisingly warm reception—an encouraging gratitude that even the United States’ first cycling world champion, a Black man named Marshall “Major” Taylor, was denied during the height of his career at the turn of the 20th century. Keep reading 

Great Georgia Routes and Rides for Beginner, Mountain, Gravel, and Road Cyclists

From easy rides to heart-stopping climbs, metro Atlanta and beyond have plenty of places to get lost on two wheels. Keep reading 

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride Bikes Safely in a City Built for Cars

Intent to combine two passions of mine—urban bicycling and fatherhood—I latched my two daughters to my Trek hybrid bicycle when they were tots, beginning nine years ago with the eldest. They started as passengers in a little green carrier on the handlebars, then graduated to a trailer-bike behind, charming the spandex off joggers as they sang the choruses of “Lean On Me” and “Let It Go.” More importantly, they learned Atlanta with an intimacy that driving rarely affords, marveling at Krog Street muralists, the BeltLine’s vibrancy, and wafting hickory smoke from their favorite barbecue joints. But then, they got bigger and earned their own bikes. Which posed vexing questions: Can you ever feel comfortable letting children bike solo around a city with countless hills and roaring cars, one that’s still recovering from generations of autocentric planning? Is that traditional rite-of-passage still safe? Keep reading (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)

For Local Bike Shops, the Pandemic Was a Lesson in Supply and Demand

Early last March, Earl Serafica was rearranging his store for the busiest period of the year. Earl’s Bike Shop, his three-year-old bicycle store on the Westside, typically sees its inventory fly off the shelves in the spring. But when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Georgia, Serafica entered the most hectic time of his career. Keep reading (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)

Where Are We Pedaling Next?

What’s the best way to get more people on bikes? Make it easier and safer to bike by building world-class bike lanes, off-road paths, and mountain-biking trails. Here’s what to expect in the coming year. Keep reading (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)



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