Aldi Hours

Aldi Hours

What Are Aldi's Hours and Why Is Aldi's so Cheap?

I remember clearly when Aldi opened in our town growing up, because it quickly became my mom's favorite store. She loved everything about it, from the low prices to the shopping cart rental system. Aldi is actually a German chain that has opened in 20 countries, and it's owned by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, who also own Trader Joes. If you haven't experienced the joy of shopping at Aldi's, the first thing to research are Aldi's hours! (Source:

Christmas & New Year Opening Hour

Good news everyone, we’re open longer this Christmas. In the run-up to Christmas Eve, we’ve extended our opening hours from 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday, just to make that whole Christmas shop a little easier for you. 


ALDI provides you with a full range of grocery products that are of the highest possible quality at their incredibly low prices. 

Does Aldi Have Special Opening Hours?

Aldi launched special opening hours last year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but these have since been axed, it confirmed to The Sun. 

When Is the Best Time to Shop at Aldi?

Google has a very handy tracker which you can use to see Aldi's busiest and quietest times, on any day of the week. 

Is There a Limit on Aldi Items?

There are no longer any limits on items or restrictions on the amount you can purchase. 

Does Aldi Offer Click and Collect?

You can now order your groceries online and pick them up at Aldi stores using click and collect service. 

Aldi – Fairfield Gardens

Coles, ALDI & Casual Dining Precinct hours may vary. Please check with individual stores to confirm times.

Aldi Opening Hours: Supermarket Announces Extended Christmas Times - but Will Close for St Stephen’s Day

www.irishmirror.ie)Aldi will maintain its tradition of shutting shops on St Stephen’s Day as a thank you to its workers (Source:

Aldi Extended Christmas Opening Hours:

Taoiseach Micheal Martin issues stark warning as he shares update on new restrictions and Omicron 



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