AA Los Angeles Freeway

AA Los Angeles Freeway

Los Angeles Freeway

The Los Angeles Freeway, also known as Interstate 405, is one of the major freeways of Los Angeles and southern California in the U.S. It's the third most heavily used road in the United States after Interstate 80 and Interstate 95. The Los Angeles freeway carries commuters, many driving to the business districts of Downtown Los Angeles and the City of Los Angeles.



When there is little traffic on the freeways, typically extremely late at night but during the day as well depending on which freeway in question and the time of day, they work wonderfully – you can zip around from city to city, from freeway to freeway just like that. However, the freeways can also be terribly crowded – ever spent some time crawling over the 405 from the Getty Center north to the Valley? Ever spent time sluggishly moving towards downtown on the 101 to the 110 Four-Level Interchange? How about the crazy 91 freeway stuck in the non toll/non carpool lanes – Santa Ana Canyon? On any number of area freeways you can experience horrific traffic. If you have experience driving the LA area freeways you will know exactly what we mean. The Freeways are the arteries (often clogged) of transportation across the LA basin.

Driving in Los Angeles is somewhat different than other parts of the country in that the freeways can be huge, speeds intensely fast, and 24/7 carpool lanes (HOV – High Occupancy Vehicles) are the norm. When traffic is light on the freeways, many of the freeways will move along at 80 to 85mph even though the posted speed limit is 65. I’ve seen highway patrol, either motorcycle or car, on freeways and cars hardly even slow down and are still definitely driving much faster than the posted speed limit. Los Angeles is a city of drivers – “why walk when you can drive” seems to be the motto here which somewhat makes sense considering the great distances between things. However Los Angeles has a continuously developing metro along with a Metro Link system serving a large area of the Southland. (Visit our Public Transportation section for more details). (Source: www.davestravelcorner.com)



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