AA Lincoln Park Los Angeles

AA Lincoln Park Los Angeles

Lincoln Park Los Angeles

This beautiful neighborhood is ideal for young families, as well as those who want to be further away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also has many options for entertainment and food. This is your Chicago dream come true!



Lincoln Park in Los Angeles, California, was originally created by the City of Los Angeles in 1881 from land donated by John Strother Griffin. It was one of Los Angeles's first parks. It was originally called East Los Angeles Park, then Eastlake Park in 1901. On May 19, 1917, the park was renamed Lincoln Park after Lincoln High School.

Located along an old wagon road to the San Gabriel Mission, the land that eventually became Lincoln Park might never have become a public space were it not for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The corporation had acquired the land as a site for its maintenance shops in 1874, transferred by the city of Los Angeles to the railroad as a sort of ransom. (The railroad was then extending its transcontinental line to Southern California and had threatened to bypass Los Angeles if the city did not pay $610,000 in fees and in-kind contributions, including land for its rail shops.)

A city nursery finally appeared there in 1886, but the site still lacked the basic features of a city park like strolling paths, landscaping, and benches. Anxious residents of East Los Angeles complained to the city council that the park land was being neglected. The city would improve the site "in due time," the council replied. It eventually took the personal intervention of Mayor Henry Hazard several years later to spur the site's conversion into a public pleasure ground: East Los Angeles Park.

Connected to the city by two streetcar lines, Eastlake Park drew big and enthusiastic crowds, which only swelled in size after the city added a boathouse and band shell in the late 1890s. Animals at the first city zoo entertained children, and on Sundays, up to 12,000 Angelenos flocked to the park for open-air concerts.



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