AA H Mart Los Angeles

AA H Mart Los Angeles

H Mart Los Angeles

H Mart Los Angeles is one of the largest Asian supermarkets in the US. Since opening its doors in 1998, H Mart has been at the forefront of grocery shopping, with a wide variety of kimchi, Korean-style bibimbap, and bulgogi at its store in the Koreatown. You’ll also find unique things, such as a banchan bar and a guest chef station.



I dont write yelp review but cant help to shout out for this one! This is the best hole in the wall ramen thus far. The broth is not salty at all. Our server, Braxton is so friendly and personable. They are so generous with chashu (pork belly). It has a pleasant, soothing ambience. We cant wait to come back with my foodie buddies. My husband is the happiest because its close to home.

If you need asian grocery fare (and definitely Korean specific), this is the best place to go in any locale. The first thing we do is look for an h mart whenever were in a new city. Parking was convenient. The food is decently priced for imported to highly sought after goods (especially these days due to the Kdrama and Kpop hype). You really cant beat the place. And its incredibly fresh and hygienic! Theres not much wrong with the place! Oh, and if you need freshly made korean side dishes, this is DEFINITELY the spot to hit .

This is our local market in Koreatown. It has the best prices on produce and tofu. The snacks, teas, Korean pancakes and spring rolls are delicious and affordable. Even the food cooked in the store is tasty! Definitely a great grocery store in the heart of Koreatown. Free validation for parking also.



Fantastic Fantastic supermarket. Walking into HMart was a little daunting. Parking was exit only on one side then the street was blocked off for construction on the other so it was a little difficult to find the parking structure until the HMart van popped up and we followed and found the entrance to the underground lot.Entering the store it is like entering any ethnic market and getting the initial shock that makes you want to turn and leave. Thankfully unlike other ethnic markets everything is labeled similar to a Supermarket so you can find your way.I had a clear plan to do at home Korean BBQ and the plan was to grab everything I liked from the restaurants in the store. To those who want to do KBBQ at home this place has everything you need. Marinated meats that were amazing. Meat that was sliced thin and great quality. The produce was fresh. Employees were extremely helpful when I showed a picture of ssamjang they showed me the aisle and what brand they recommended. The banchan and vegetables sides were fresh and tasty. The stove and grill that were sold in the kitchen tools department cooked the meat great.All in all I had a great experience with the meat quality and the quality of all the sides

Sells a lot of expired products, and the fruits and vegetables are not fresh at all... I called to tell them that the products that I bought were all past the expiration date (by a whole MONTH) and all they said was we will let you return them. like first off what? why would I return an expired product to you, are you going to re-sell them or something lol and also they never seemed apologetic and seemed to be aware that they were selling expired products on their shelves as they just seemed very calm and casually asked if i wanted to return them for store credit.. and I repeat STORE CREDIT, lmao I dont want to shop at your place or your chain ever again.


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