10 Weird Discoveries in Asia That Shocked the World

10 Weird Discoveries in Asia That Shocked the World


10 Weird Discoveries in Asia That Shocked the World

The Chi Pu Tei expedition in China discovered an ancient culture that is believed to have existed more than 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists found hundreds of stone disks, cut with a circle in the center and a spiral groove. The spirals are composed of tiny hieroglyphics and are believed to be thousands of years old.

The mummies were found in the Tarim Basin and date to around 3,700 years ago. They were naturally preserved by the desert air and resembled modern humans. Some of them wore wool clothes and even ate cheese. They may have been migratory farmers from Central Asia.

10 Weird Discoveries in Asia That Shocked the World

10 weird discoveries in Asia that shocked the world

In China, laborers digging a well came across a life-size statue of a soldier. This led archaeologists to begin excavations. They discovered as many as 8,000 statues made of clay. Most of the figures were warriors, and all had unique weapons and facial expressions. The statues also included full-sized terracotta horses and chariots. These amazing artifacts were once part of the mausoleum of the first emperor of China.

Artifacts that should have never existed

Archaeologists occasionally make some weird discoveries and are left wondering how they ended up there. Often they cannot explain the find or determine its value. Here are some examples of unexplained artifacts found in Asia. If you're intrigued by the oddities in Asian archaeology, you might want to check out these weird discoveries.

Artifacts that show no sign of admixture

While the history of admixture in Asia is not known for certain regions, evidence for admixture is evident in some regions. In some areas, it is only limited to a handful of peoples. Some of the people who migrated to these places possessed a South Asian ancestry, while others do not. For example, Turkmens have less South Asian ancestry than Tajiks. They also possessed a distinct culture and identity.

In one of the most interesting findings from this study, scientists studied ancient genomes from the Bactria-Margiana Archeological Complex (BMAC), an ancient civilization in southern Central Asia. The BMAC was discovered in the 1970s by Soviet archaeologists and is located in present-day Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The researchers analysed the genetic information of more than 100 individuals from the region. They also identified "outliers" within the BMAC population. These individuals display early steppe genetics.

In Tajiks, there is a very small percentage of East Asian ancestry due to admixture with modern Turko-Mongol groups. Moreover, there is a small percentage of BHG-ancestry among Tajiks and Yaghnobis, which suggests that these populations experienced westward migration after the Iron Age.

In a nearby region, in the Charchan County, there is a burial ground with three striking mummies that date from around 1000 to 500 BCE. They are each dressed in rich burgundy wool clothing. These people may have been family members or similar in age. One of the individuals in this group is a man in his fifties or early sixties. His clothing is burgundy wool and striped felt leggings. In addition, he is wearing a white deerskin boot.

Mummies that show no sign of admixture

During an expedition to China, archaeologists found evidence of an ancient culture. They discovered hundreds of stone disks, cut in a circular pattern and containing tiny hieroglyphics. The earliest examples of such art are believed to date back more than 10,000 years, while others date back as far as 30,000 years. While these findings are certainly interesting, some might argue that they are not particularly new or significant.

Mummies buried in boats in Xinjiang

The discovery of mummies buried in boats in Xijingang shocked the world when it was first reported by Chinese media. The bodies were found with a wide range of jewelry and other artifacts. One mummy was found with a massive jade ring and silver hairpin. Another contained a piece of cheese, which may have been used as food in the afterlife.

Archaeologists have speculated that the mummies may be related to horse-riding cultures that spread from eastern Europe. They may also have spoken a language that was an ancient forerunner of modern languages. This theory has been endorsed by evidence from archeological digs in Xinjiang, including the discovery of a woman wearing a pointed hat. This garment was worn by both men and women in certain central Asian tribes.

Scientists have concluded that the mummies have a mixed ancestry, with some European genetic markers and some Siberian. This indicates that they were not Chinese, and may have assimilated with the local population. They are also believed to be of Uygur descent, which is why their skin and hair are unusually fair.

Researchers from the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute began plumbing the tomb complex in the Taklamakan Desert in 2002. The site was first excavated in the 1930s, but had been neglected for decades. When modern archaeologists uncovered the mummy, they discovered that it belonged to a woman who had been buried in a boat. The woman had high cheekbones and dense eyelashes, and was wearing a white felt hat.

Geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert

The geoglyphs were first discovered in the early 20th century CE by a Peruvian archeologist, Toribio Mejia Xesspe. They are practically invisible from the surface, but are believed to be sacred pathways. Since they are so ancient, their exact purpose is still unknown.

Initially, there was no explanation for the geoglyphs, and their meaning was largely unknown. The earliest scientific explanations involved the use of balloons. However, astronomers disagreed with that theory and suggested the lines were actually built by aliens. Some believed that the lines were shaped like animals. Another theory was that they were built with the knowledge of constellations and stars.

The geoglyphs are believed to be as old as 2,000 years ago. They were created in depressions in the desert floor, exposing coloured earth. The cat geoglyph, which is 37 meters long, was unnoticed until plans for a new path were drawn up. The path would have provided a vantage point from which to observe the rest of the geoglyphs.

The first systematic study of the Nazca Lines began in 1926. By the 1930s, a group of airplane pilots flew over the line formations, and the world's attention was sparked. Since then, there has been a lot of debate on the purpose of the geoglyphs. In 1994, UNESCO recognized the Nazca Lines as an enduring work of art and declared it a World Heritage Site.

Ice age Asian population descended from mummies

In the 1990s, scientists discovered mummified bodies in the Tarim Basin. These bodies were up to 4,000 years old and naturally preserved by the desert air. These mummies were dressed in wool clothing and ate cheese. They may have been migrants from Central Asia who died before the last ice age.

The oldest mummies found in Tarim Basin and Dzungarian Basin were 3,700 to 4,100 years old. Those were the first known mummies. However, a DNA study of a much wider range of samples will reveal the differences between different populations. Genetics of the ancient Tarim Basin may reveal genetic influences from the Himalayas and Tibet.

One of the most recent discoveries in China was a discovery of a culture thousands of years old. Several people claimed the skeleton was alien, but scientists were able to determine its true origins by analyzing the DNA. The findings were a shock to many, but they did reveal that the female mummy, known as Ata, was a human. Her DNA contained genes related to growth and development, so it is unclear which mutation caused the skeletal malformation.

How to Grow Business in the Online World

If you've ever wondered how to grow business in the online world, you're not alone. This article will discuss the various strategies you can use to flourish your online business. Using Google Analytics, tracking your performance and social media platforms are just a few of the ways you can use to grow your business in the online world. The strategies will vary according to the type of business you're running, but they all involve understanding how the internet works.

Google Analytics

When it comes to running a successful online business, using tools such as Google Analytics is vital. The tool provides an overview of a website's user demographics and website activity. This information can help you understand your target audience better. It can also help you determine the best ways to reach them. The data you get from Google Analytics can be used to develop customer personas. These insights will help you develop better marketing and business strategies.

First and foremost, use Google Analytics to track and measure your online business growth. This will help you understand how many visitors your site has and how effective your marketing efforts are. You can use Google Analytics to track the conversion rates of each product and service, and see how visitors are engaging with the website. Google Analytics also allows you to visualize your checkout process, which is helpful for tracking your customers' preferences. You will be able to see where you can improve your checkout process, and make it easier for people to buy.

Another great way to measure your website's speed is to compare it to your competitors' websites. Having a slow website will make it less competitive and cause visitors to bounce from the site. Another important metric is goal completions. These are the goals that people set on a website after visiting it. This could include purchases, email signups, or visiting a specific URL. You can set up these goals in Google Analytics and use them to improve your website.

Another important feature of Google Analytics is that it can identify different internet appliances. The numbers on mobile devices are higher than other types of users, and Google Analytics can help you track the performance of specific keywords. Lastly, Google Search Console helps you track the performance of specific keywords. By analyzing the performance of specific keywords, you can improve the overall performance of your website. With these two tools, you can better understand your users and improve your marketing efforts.

When it comes to online marketing, you can use Google Analytics to learn more about your customers and their habits. It is also easy to use. You can create a custom dashboard that allows you to focus on specific aspects of your online marketing strategy. This way, you can better understand your audience and tailor your online marketing strategy to suit your customer's needs. But it can also be a complicated tool, so it is best to seek out a better option.

If you haven't yet heard of Google Analytics, you should know that it's an excellent tool for online marketing. It provides various metrics that can help you understand your business and make necessary changes. But, you need to be wary of the tools that claim to do all this for you. Instead, it is better to enroll in a quality Business Analysis Training course to learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool.

Tracking your business's performance

When it comes to growing a business in the online world, tracking your performance is essential. Knowing what works and what doesn't can help you make better decisions. Knowing what works and what doesn't for your target audience is crucial to improving your business. It will help you create campaigns that resonate with your consumers and get the results you want. By tracking your KPIs, you can see what your target market responds to most.

By measuring business metrics, you can improve your business and increase its profitability. You can determine where you're overachieving or under-performing key industry benchmarks. Moreover, you'll be able to see where you need to improve your business's operations. By tracking your business's performance, you can also see which departments are performing better than others. And by keeping track of these metrics, you'll know how to make your team work harder. As a result, you'll improve your bottom line and become a more profitable business.

When it comes to growing a business in the online world, it's important to know how to track your progress. While revenue and profit on your balance sheet can give you a rough idea of where your business stands, they don't really tell you anything about your progress. Instead, you should focus on more tangible metrics. KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the most effective performance measurement metrics, as they can guide your decisions, set strategic goals, and monitor your business's progress in real time.

Using social media to grow your business in online world

Syndicating your content on social media sites like Facebook is an easy and affordable way to market your business. The social media platforms offer multiple high-performing sites where you can reach a variety of consumers. You can reach older demographics of consumers on Facebook, while millennials are more likely to use a different social media site to find what they are looking for. These platforms also allow you to reach a broader audience and increase your sales.

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Using it to build your brand, engage customers, and gain valuable insights is essential. Almost half of the world's population uses social media, so you should definitely incorporate it into your marketing strategy. This inexpensive method of reaching half the population can give you an advantage in terms of visibility and brand awareness. In addition, social media is a great place to learn more about your target audience.

It also helps you to stay ahead of your competition. By monitoring your competitors' social media activities, you can better understand their strategies. For example, you can learn what they're doing to improve their sales. Then, you can adapt your marketing strategy to make it more effective. In addition to monitoring your competitors, using social media for business development will allow you to improve your brand's visibility and sales.

Using social media for your business can be fun and profitable if you follow a few guidelines. You must learn about the platform's standards and create unique content that will educate, empower, and entertain your audience. The key to success is to keep your audience's interests in mind when creating your content. This will help you create valuable content that will increase your brand loyalty and help your business to grow.

Besides building a strong brand image, you should also provide great customer service. You should provide a live chat option so that you can respond to any questions or concerns your customers may have. Moreover, you should monitor your social media channels carefully. Responding to customer queries is the key to building a lasting relationship with your customers. In fact, 59% of global social media users are more likely to trust brands that respond to their social media posts.

The Economic Development Journey of Pakistan From 1947 to 2022

The Ministry of Finance and Revenue of Pakistan has released a report titled '75 Years Economic Journey of the Country', which outlines the economic progress of Pakistan since it emerged on the global map. The report highlights several key aspects, including climate change, economic growth, and the country's defence budget. It also compares Pakistan with its counterparts in several other countries. After reading this report, you should be better informed about the state of development in Pakistan.


While the United States has a large population of deniers who deny climate change, Pakistan has very few people who are concerned about it. In fact, only a minority of Pakistanis have ever given a second thought to global warming. Despite the dangers posed by climate change, the threat of environmental instability in Pakistan is growing. And, as we all know, the environment is the first thing that people will notice if the climate isn't controlled.

The author of Climate of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022 explores this long history, focusing on the emergence of modernism in the country. The emergence of modernism is at the center of this debate. Niaz argues that the current crisis in Pakistan is, in part, a crisis of identity, about modernity versus Islam, authoritarianism versus democracy. The historical trajectory of Pakistan since 1947 reflects this conflict in terms of "regression to primordial identities" and attempts to pack modernity into religious discourse.

As a result of Pakistan's poor bureaucratic structure, the country's ability to provide public services has suffered. The country's government has a clientelistic system that prioritizes vested interests over public interest. Despite these challenges, Pakistan's government has continued to pursue robust development, creating vast economic assets. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted, it has not been able to sustain its high quality education system. Meanwhile, the government's inefficient electricity distribution system has caused ongoing problems, with little power to respond to developmental needs.

Economic growth

After partition, Pakistan pursued robust development and built up immense economic assets. But around 2000, government expenditures began to outpace tax revenues and exports, leaving the country with a huge gap. Foreign loans were used to fill the gap, but this also decreased resources for public services, contributing to political instability. In fact, this situation may make Pakistan unfit to join the world community. Thus, the government's focus has been to cut down its public spending and increase exports.

In 2018, the economy of Pakistan grew at 6.15%, or nearly three percent, compared to the previous year. In contrast, the rate in FY19 was just 0.99 percent. However, after COVID-19, Pakistan's economy suffered greatly and growth rates began to fall. In FY19, the growth rate was only 0.99 percent, and in FY20, the figure was only 0.38 percent.

The economy has changed dramatically since 1947. After partition, the economy has shifted from agriculture to industry, with services dominating the economy. The economic growth of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022 reveals several major changes. In 1947, Pakistan inherited 34 industrial units, but it will inherit 921 from India. Its nominal GDP will rise from $3 billion in 1950 to $383 billion in 2022, or 5.97 percent.

Defence budget

A new study has revealed the staggering disparity between Pakistan and India in terms of defense spending, which is 70 percent higher than the latter's in 1987. The reason for this gap? India's military budget has almost doubled since 1987, but Pakistan's has decreased, despite increasing threats of conflict and terrorism. Moreover, a report on Pakistan's defence expenditure shows that the country is lagging behind India in terms of financial provision.

The budgetary gap between the two countries is enormous, and there's little doubt that the military is overspending. The government's previous budget increased military spending by 20 percent and the current budget is almost $1 billion higher. With rising tensions with arch-enemy India, Pakistan's military seems to have outspent itself, so this voluntary cutback in military spending could have a positive impact on the country's development.

In the United States, military and economic aid to Pakistan began in 1947, and the US obligated nearly $67 billion in aid to Pakistan between 1951 and 2011. However, the relationship has changed. Years of neglect followed peaks, and later, the US withdrew aid and shut USAID offices in Pakistan. Even though the United States continues to provide military assistance, the relationship has been fraught with peaks and valleys.


Despite the fact that Pakistan lacks a national party, it continues to function as a political force despite its limited political space. Pakistan is governed by the military and the civil service, which both play an important role in maintaining continuity in government. The military has a more important role in the political system of Pakistan than its civilian counterpart, but neither is a political force by itself. The army's role in Pakistani politics is limited to helping it maintain political stability and control, and the civil service's role in electoral affairs is more visible.

Although Pakistan was created as a parliamentary democracy with a strong secular foundation, the country has struggled to establish a central authority. The country is separated by thousands of miles of Indian territory, making a central government difficult to establish. The only hope for achieving unity in Pakistan came from Islamic sentiments, but pluralistic traditions and linguistic affiliations proved to be formidable obstacles. Pakistan has been divided into three major factions, with each side claiming to be the national leader.

There has been a history of tensions between the country's religious, ethnic, and political system. The underlying problem is the lack of unity between the national security and national integration goals. Pakistan's struggle illustrates the inherent contradiction between the two. The central government cannot guarantee that its citizens enjoy all of these rights and benefits. The government must decide how to balance these goals. The government must come up with a way to satisfy the desires of its citizens while ensuring their security.


Remittances from Pakistan to India has grown rapidly, from just under $0.14 billion per year in the 1970s to more than $31.2 billion in fiscal year 2022. Similarly, Pakistan has increased its imports and exports, increasing its share of the world's trade from $276 million to $80.2 billion. However, despite these gains, there are risks.

The 1950s saw a dramatic economic growth rate, at 3.1 percent per year, despite a tumultuous history of political unrest, macroeconomic instability, and resource shortages. A currency dispute with India was settled in mid-1950, but this did little to help Pakistan's economy. In the decades that followed, monsoon floods and uneven development hampered the country's growth.

The bureaucratic structure of the state was inherited from colonial rule. While this structure was relatively strong and autonomous after independence, it has now become archaic and inefficient, compromised by party politics and powerful social interest groups. The resulting imbalance of power and money has limited Pakistan's ability to develop the economy and improve its living conditions. And, this is just the beginning. Pakistan will have to overcome many challenges to achieve prosperity.

Remittances to India are an important source of foreign currency for Pakistan, but the country is falling behind the rest of the world in terms of GDP growth and remittance growth. This is a worrying trend, but it is not unheard of. It's a good thing the World Bank has launched an International Working Group to Improve Data on Remittance Flows (IWGI), which will work on improving the data for both countries. By analyzing these trends and the impact on the region's economies, they'll be able to better inform policies and implement projects that will help Pakistan meet its development goals.

Political stability

In sixty years, Pakistan has seen twenty-three governments and fourteen elected prime ministers. However, twenty-three years does not include the five years of military rule that followed the 1947 partition. Moreover, the average life span of a government is only two years, excluding the five-year tenure of Benazir Bhutto. The lack of predictability has worsened political stability and eroded the credibility of Musharraf. Political instability is a major problem in Pakistan.

The absence of a stable political environment has negatively impacted the economy of Pakistan. In the past five decades, Pakistan has suffered from fighting within its provinces. The country has gone through military rule and democratically elected governments, and alternating periods of secular and Islamist policies. In the last decade, the country has also suffered from financial support as a "frontline state" during the Cold War, and a war against terrorism. The country's recent declared states of emergency are a reflection of the continued political instability.

The re-imposition of martial law in 1999 exposed the fragility of the guided democracy system. Moreover, the transfer of power to the army chief Yahya Khan weakened the stability of the nation. The emergence of Islamic fundamentalism has also hampered the country's economic development. The United States provided military and economic assistance to Pakistan. However, the benefits and costs of this involvement were long-term. For example, the rise of Kalashnikovs and Islamist parties are linked to this period. Additionally, state laws were changed to encourage Islamic radicalism.

I Ruled the World Song After 2022

if i ruled the world song after 2022

Whether you love or hate If I Ruled the World, you'll probably be humming along to the tune after the year 2022. But what about Nas' return to rhyming? And is it worth singing along after that? These are all questions we'll answer in this article. Plus, check out Lauryn Hill's return to rhyme and Tyler, the Creator's new song, "Wusyanme."

Tony Bennett's if i ruled the world

The song first charted in the U.S. in 1965. It peaked at number 34 on the pop singles chart and reached number eight on the Middle-Road Singles chart. In 1967, Bennett returned to the song, duetting with Celine Dion for the Grammy-winning album Duets An American Classic. The song was featured in a series of television commercials for Vodafone, as well as in the 2014 Korean film Night Flight.

His career can be divided into two parts: before Las Vegas and after. In the '70s, Tony Bennett filled in for Sinatra on the pop charts. He scored a major with "Rags to Riches" and "Cold, Cold Heart." His jazz-influenced songs were the result of a lifelong respect for the greats. He recorded a number of jazz classics and sung them with great skill.

In the following years, his sound was influenced by his fellow Mercury Records artists, including Frank Sinatra, who for years was the best-selling artist on Columbia Records. His sound owed a great deal to Miller's advice and his encouragement to experiment with a new style. He also took inspiration from the unique vocal quality of Dinah Washington and Frankie Laine.

The late singer Tony Bennett had to fight the onset of Alzheimer's disease. However, his career was far from over. Though he suffered a series of lulls, his earliest album, "Above the Blue and Windy Sea", reached the top twenty in October '62. The album went on to sell over a million copies and Tony Bennett was awarded two Grammys in May 1963.

After the decade, Tony Bennett continued to perform whatever he wanted and had no problem working with jazz musicians. He recorded with the legendary Art Blakey Trio and even the legendary pianist Nat Adderley. His collaboration with the jazz greats helped boost his career. His "Body and Soul" version, which teamed him with Amy Winestone, hit the top of the charts.

The late Tony Bennett's career began to wane after the first half of the 1960s. The star was on the brink of stardom and his first Carnegie Hall concert in June 1962 was a hit. Other performers included Al Cohn, Kenny Burrell and Candido. Although Bennett's career was largely over, he continued to entertain audiences with his timeless music.

Lauryn Hill's return to rhyming

It was with mixed feelings that the world greeted Lauryn Hill's return to rap after 2022. The music industry has had to contend with the artist's messy downfall for a long time. While she seemed like a genius at one point, her career came crashing down during an embarrassing lawsuit. Hill failed to credit and pay musicians on her album Miseducation. Some musicians said they were unpaid and uncredited for their work on her album, and the singer settled the lawsuit.

"Miseducation" won Grammy awards and introduced hip-hop culture to a wider audience. Lauryn Hill has been quiet since then, but in recent months, she has been back recording music and touring in celebration of its 20th anniversary. While the concert was sold out in Atlantic City, Hill showed up to the show three hours late. While the three-hour delay wasn't a great PR move, Hill's return to rapping has been eagerly anticipated.

"Unplugged" is another album Lauryn Hill released in 2016. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making her the first female rapper to win that category. In the process, she also became the first solo female artist to receive five Grammy Awards in the same night, breaking Carole King's record of most wins and nominations for a single album. The album also became a platinum seller, and was certified as the best-selling solo female artist in the US.

While 'Miseducation' is considered an enduring masterpiece, the artist's return to rap after 2022 is more a curiosity than a definite decision. Hill sparked controversy as a member of the Fugees and a solo artist. The album made Hill the first hip-hop artist to win an Album of the Year Grammy. In 2013 she toured with a full backing band, revamping old hits with new arrangements. Hill also read socially conscious verses, which many fans found appealing.

The band's rap career has been remarkable and dramatic. In 2001, the Fugees split up, leaving fans wondering if the group would reunite. However, the rap group's next album, The Score, sold seventeen million copies, and made it the best-selling rap album of all time. In 2018, Hill released a solo album, "Let's Get Real," which was one of her most notable albums of the year.

The success of Miseducation has influenced Hill deeply. She went quiet for a time, and after a few years of obscurity, she decided to leave the spotlight. She reportedly felt dissatisfied with the music industry and was suffering from the pressures of fame. But it seems like the singer won't go away altogether and will return to rapping at the right time.

Tyler, the Creator's "Wusyanme"

'Wusyanme' is a stylized version of the phrase 'what's your name?' in hip-hop. Typically, this phrase is used by men approaching a new love interest. Tyler, the Creator, YoungBoy NBA and Ty Dolla Sign appear in the video. The song's sound is very 1990s R&B-influenced, and the track's music video is no exception.

The first verse sounds like an almost short story. Tyler, The Creator, a talented musician, offers the girl food and drinks and takes her to France for a film festival. After that, he walks behind her and tells her that she looks malnourished. The following verses are a humorous take on the cliche. A romantic, lustful message from Tyler, The Creator, is laced with irony, but the message is clear: "Wusyanme" will get you dancing.

The album IGOR marks a new chapter in hip-hop. It features songs that toy with identity, sexuality, and the Internet. The mood-driven tracks 'Wusyanme', 'Wisyanme' and 'Wusyanme' are the most accessible of Tyler, the Creator's works to date. Tyler Okonma's songs explore life as a cute b***h full of estrogen.

Lyrics to "If I Ruled the World After 2022" by Motionless in White

Lyrics to If I Ruled the World after 2022

If you've been glued to your computer screen for the last several days, you've probably heard the new song "So Called Life" by Motionless in White. Or maybe you've wondered what the heck the song "If I Ruled the World after 2022" is all about. Either way, you've probably heard about the upcoming return of Ghost and Porcupine Tree.

Motionless in White's "So Called Life"

Motionless in White's new single "So Called Life" is now available for pre-order! The band released a video for the song in August. They've confirmed a 2022 release date and have also announced a tour to promote the new single. It's unclear if the band will release the song on the album or just promote it while touring. But if the band does, it's a sure thing that the track will be played a lot on the radio.

The song "So Called Life" is the second single from the band. The album will be released on May 6 by RCA Records. The single "So Called Life" is the band's first new music since their 2018 album, "Outsider." Fans can pre-order their new album EXPLOSIONS to be released on May 6th. Watch the music video for "So Called Life" below!

Ghost's return in 2022

It's no surprise that fans are eagerly anticipating Ghost's return in 2022. The eerie, gothic TV series is already a hit with fans, and its first season premiered in 2021 to mixed reviews. The series tells the story of a young couple who inherit a country mansion. But the question remains: will the show return to its roots? There are a number of theories surrounding the show's future, but one thing seems certain: Ghosts will be back!

The series, which is based on a British television series of the same name, has been a hit with viewers. The show's premiere episode had 8.06 million total viewers in delayed viewing, trailing only Young Sheldon's 9.18 million viewers among comedies this season. It's produced by CBS Studios, Lionsgate Television, and BBC Studios' Los Angeles production arm. Port and Wiseman serve as showrunners. After this successful season, Ghosts is now the third rookie series to secure a renewal for 2022-23, joining CSI: Vegas and NBC's La Brea.

"Ghost" is set for a return in November. The third season of the drama will focus on the life of Tariq St. Patrick, played by Michael Rainey, Jr. Ghost has been based on Tariq St. Patrick's life since the series' first season finale. Ghost is executive produced by Brett Mahoney and Courtney A. Kemp. While a new series is expected to follow, the second season will also feature a new cast.

Season 2 of Ghosts will focus on the ramifications of the curse and how this has affected the B&B. Ghosts' supernatural abilities and the opening of the B&B will be explored in the second season. The second season will also explore the complexities of the ghosts' past and the ramifications of the curse. So, stay tuned for the return of Ghosts! If you missed the first season, catch up on the latest episodes on Paramount+.

As previously mentioned, there are rumors about the return of Ghost. Infinity Ward has changed the background of their Twitter account, revealing a mysterious character - Simon 'Ghost' Riley. The reveal is expected to come sometime on April 30. But, if the rumors are true, then the game could be announced in the next few weeks. If that happens, we'll be able to find out if Ghost is indeed back in 2022.

CBS is also preparing for the fall premiere of "Ghosts." After Young Sheldon and The Neighborhood, the fall lineup for CBS includes the return of Bob Hearts Abishola, The Neighborhood, and the first season of CSI: Vegas. The other two dramas premier on October 7 and 2, respectively. We'll see how the fall 2022 premiere dates of these shows are shaping up. We look forward to the return of Ghost in 2022!

Porcupine Tree's new music

After twelve years away from the spotlight, Porcupine Tree has returned with a new album, If I Ruled the World after 2022. This is more of a revival than a phoenix return, however. The band was once one of the most respected and expansive bands in the UK. Then they went quiet, but their 2022 reunion saw the band come back together as a trio. The new album features vocalist Steven Wilson, keyboardist Richard Barbieri, and guitarist Colin Edwin. The result is an album that's the most collaborative of the band's career and one that puts them squarely in the here and now.

The band's lineup has changed considerably since their debut album. In February 2002, they replaced drummer Chris Maitland, and welcomed Gavin Harrison. After the band's debut album, Stars Die: The Delerium Years, Porcupine Tree started recording their first major label album. This time, they pulled together thirty new songs written by Wilson over the previous two years. The band recorded the album in London and New York City, with the help of veteran audio engineer Paul Northfield. The band also included string arranger Dave Gregory.

The band's newest music is set to be released on June 24. It features four EP-length tracks and a 55-minute opus with the title track as its centerpiece. It will also feature four standalone compositions and one full-length song. The band previously released music videos for 'Harridan', 'Of The New Day', and 'Herd Culling'.

If I Ruled the World after 2022 is an eclectic mix of progressive rock and alternative rock. The band's music is often described as progressive rock, but lead singer Steven Wilson has criticized the term, saying he prefers the name 'the old Porcupine Tree'. The new album is much more accessible, and will appeal to fans of 'the new Pink Floyd'.

Porcupine Tree has long remained one of the most influential bands in rock today. Their songs have influenced and inspired many successful artists, including Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, Adrian Belew, Jordan Rudess, and Mike Portnoy. A recent interview with Mike Portnoy in the British magazine The Guardian quoted several of these musicians as being inspired by Porcupine Tree.

If I Ruled the World after 2022 is a timely return for Porcupine Tree, who took their time to make a long-awaited new album. The band's new album, Closure/Continuation, was recorded quietly over the past decade and completed during a period of limited touring in 2020 and 2021. It's a brilliant album that showcases their collaborative talents and the band's innovative use of electronics.

The new album is based on the concept of empires, a concept that has been haunting the band for eight years. Tobias Forge, the band's lead guitarist, has also said that the concept for the album is influenced in part by the book The Rule of Empires, written by Timothy Parsons. To promote the album, the band premiered one of its latest singles, 'Hunter's Moon' from the Halloween Kills album.

If I Ruled the World by Nas

I ruled the world original lyrics

Tony Bennett's 1965 recording of the song had a modest pop chart success, peaking at number 34 on the U.S. pop singles chart and at number 8 on the Middle-Road Singles chart. He returned to the song in his Grammy-winning album Duets: An American Classic, duetting with Celine Dion. In recent years, Bennett has featured the song in commercials for British telecommunications company Vodafone. The song also featured prominently in the 2014 Korean film Night Flight.

Tony Bennett

The Tony Bennett song "I ruled the world" was recorded in 1965. It reached number 34 on the U.S. pop singles chart and number eight on the Middle-Road Singles chart. In the early 1990s, Bennett recorded the song again, on the Grammy-winning album Duets: An American Classic. The song has been featured in numerous adverts, including a TV commercial for Vodafone in the UK. The song was also featured in a Korean film in 2014, Night Flight.


If I Ruled the World is one of Nas's most popular songs. The track has become a cult classic. Nas was born in New York City in the late 70s, and his rapping skills are honed through hard work and determination. Although the song is about the hustler's lifestyle, it also speaks to the negative aspects of it. The rapper is an example of the latter, despite his low-key attitude.

Nas' rap

The video for If I Ruled the World by Nas opens with a rap from 'The Message.' Nas then snaps his fingers to begin the song. The song is a powerful reminder of the downsides of the hustler lifestyle. For those who want to avoid the trappings of fame and materialism, this song is the perfect choice. If you've never heard it, listen to it now and experience the power of this song and its powerful message.

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