Wildflower Sign

Wildflower Sign

Wildflower Sign

Wildflower Way runs 309km from Dalwallinu in the south to Geraldton in the North, passing through Perenjori, Morawa and Mullewa on the way. A series of 21 interpretative sites have been developed to educate travellers as they explore the sites along the way. Each site highlights a diverse and fascinating range of themes and issues. All sites are clearly sign-posted and feature an engaging and informative interpretive panel, and uniquely designed sculpture.All sites are clearly sign-posted and feature an engaging and informative interpretive panel, and uniquely designed sculpture. Following these routes are a great way to explore Wildflower Country. Download your own copy of Wildflower Country’s Self Drive Routes Map, and pick n mix from the sites – or follow one way up and come home via the other.



Work with the county public works department to identify county, state and federal roads with showy stands of wildflowers. Ask your county’s roadside maintenance supervisor and your county’s FDOT maintenance representatives (state, federal roads) for advice about altering mowing practices to allow wildflowers to flourish naturally. Agree on a management plan for each road that includes the mowing extent, width and frequently. Put this in writing from the county public works department and submit it to the appropriate FDOT maintenance representative.John Sibley of the Lee County Roadway Landscape advisory board contacted Pat Moore and Joe Sulak, who direct the action of that board on behalf of the county. They collaborated on the resolution’s language then presented it to Holly Schwartz, assistant county manager. She submitted it to the county commission.

After receiving a copy of the model wildflower resolution and a press release from Lake County, Perry Garden Club president Vivian Sheffield asked for a volunteer to look into getting a wildflower resolution adopted in Taylor County. Volunteer Debbie Ross contacted Florida Wildflower Foundation Executive Director Lisa Roberts for guidance. This lead to a meeting with Cindy Dunkle, assistant maintenance engineer at FDOT’s Perry office, to learn about Florida’s roadway wildflower program. In March, Cindy gave a presentation to Taylor County Commissioners to explain the state wildflower program. The wildflower resolution also was submitted for approval. Commissioners verbally agreed to adopt the resolution, but wanted garden club members to identify a specific site for planting before signing it. After meeting with County Administrator Jack Brown, a planting site was identified and presented to commissioners. The resolution was signed on May 2, 2011. See a copy of the resolution. (Source: www.flawildflowers.org)



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