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In these new pages, you will find a reference to the Music Box. On the same page, Rose will also reference where she buried this box. She might say something to the effect of where they caught their first bounty or where he proposed. From this point, you need to reference the stories of the memories provided in the first 16 pages.To do this, look at the page that mentions the Music Box. It will mention a specific memory that Rose associated with this box. Just because a memory is listed in the first 16 pages does not mean it is the Music Box's location Match the memory mentioned on the same page as the Music Box with the list below to determine the correct island.


If Rose mentions that she buried the Music Box where they had their first dance, you will be headed to Wanderer's Refuge. It will then instruct you to find the tree to start the dance and mimic the steps they performed. Alternatively, you can just use the image to see the best spot to dig for the box (this is the spoiler section, after all). The tree, and the dig spot, are on the wide patch of land between the two caves. You'll be looking on the western side of the Northeast section of the island.This is a clever little clue that sort of works as two puzzles in one. If Rose says she hid the box where they were married, you'll find the story that mentions that it is two pages of words that don't make a lot of sense. The trick here is to alternate between pages for each word. Eventually, you'll find that they got married on Smugglers' Bay. The book's image shows them on the tip of the natural ramp on the southwestern section of the island. You will see two torches standing out of the ground. The dig spot is a few steps away from these torches.

We also have a few other important things to note about finding these Journals. The first and most important thing to mention is that you can only obtain while the Wild Rose Tall Tale is active. If you find them while it's not active, it will not count towards the Commendation awarded for finding them. Secondly, you do not need to find these in order. Although the only way to find them without a guide is by using clues from the previous book, you can plan a faster route to collect them if you use this guide instead.When you have found all the Journals, you'll unlock True Treasure Commendation! This is one of the seven Commendations you must achieve to truly complete the Wild Rose Tall Tale and obtain the Legendary Commendation. There are several Commendations awarded along the way as you complete the main part of this Tall Tale for the first time. Besides those (and the one you just achieved), there is only one other Commendation you need to achieve, and it requires you to complete Wild Rose five times. Our guide covers all possibilities for what islands may hold the Tall Tale's items, so feel free to go back to the start and use it again! (Source: progameguides.com)


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